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WOBC-LFSB 003: Beer Shits

Live From Studio B 3

Proud to present the third installation in Live From Studio B, Beer Shits!

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See videos of Babes, Bunk Acid, and Theme Song (Beer Shits) below!





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Thursday, November 29

Zs and Nagual @ the Sco.

Sam Hillmer’s experimental project Zs returns to Oberlin to perform at the Sco along with Oberlin duo Nagual (Ian McColm ’13 & David Shapiro ’12). The show is FREE and starts at 10 PM. There’s sure to be some crazy stuff go down. Rumor has it drum-powerhouse Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy, Guardian Alien) will be joining Zs this time around, which makes prospects of the show even more exciting.

+++ Zs will be giving a masterclass on Friday, 11/30, in the Kohl Building (room #106) in the Conservatory. The masterclass will happen at 2 PM.
+++++ Zs will be playing a house show FRIDAY NIGHT at 107 E. College St starting at 8:30 PM.

If you don’t get your Zs fix this week, you’re messing up…
more info here


Friday, November 30



Brooklyn electronic producer Slava will bring his fast-paced juke dance act to the Sco this Friday. He will be joined by NJ electronic duo Beggars in a New Land, who will equally be sure to drop some awesome trap/house beats on the unsuspecting minds of Oberlin students.

This one is not to be missed. It will be DOPE.
It’s FREE and starts at 10 PM.

more info here

This Weekend in Oberlin: Genesis P-Orridge, Traxman, Scopitone Party

An action-packed weekend of musical events is coming up this weekend in Oberlin. On Friday night at the Sco, Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV (pictured above) will be performing accompanied by Oberlin’s own Aaron Dilloway (!!!). An opening set will be performed by Robert Turman (former member of Non). In addition to the show, Genesis will present their lecture in Mudd 050 entitled “Breaking Sex” Saturday at 4 PM. More information can be found here

Saturday night Traxman and Deejay Manny perform at the Sco. Footwork music’s been popular on the airwaves this year, and these two guys are some of the best in the game. This one is not to be missed! Free for students, $5 for non-students. More information here
>>>>>>>editor’s note:

On Sunday, the Feve will be transported back to the 60s during the Scopitone Party. Scopitones were 16mm film jukebox machines used mainly in Europe in the 1960’s and were the precursor of music videos. Lots of Goofy Rock and Roll, Go-Go Dancing, French Pop Ye-Ye, and more. Free.

Underground System Afrobeat at the Sco, 10/11

On Thursday, October 11 at 10 pm, Underground System Afrobeat will bring their Brooklyn-ized stamp on the classic afrobeat style to the ‘Sco. An 11-piece ensemble led by trilingual frontwoman Domenica Fossati (vocals, flute, percussion), the band packs a ton of energy into their performances and is sure to turn the Sco into an all-around get-down. The show is free and open to the public.

Danny Brown: Toothless Rapper Extraordinaire

I went to Cleveland for the second time, Friday. There was rap and more rap and more rap at the House of Blues. It was a new experience; I had never been to a rap show before. But I really like Danny Brown. A$AP Rocky, with Schoolboy Q, headlined the show, which was fine, excitable even, but Danny Brown was my motivation. He opened, went on at 8:00 and was backstage with a 40 before 9:00. The set was short, but Danny Brown played what you needed to hear, maybe not as his fan, but as someone who wanted good music.

Danny Brown is unique to his genre of music; he once claimed 50 Cent refused to sign him to G-Unit Records because he wears skinny jeans. I believe him. He doesn’t look like a rapper, but he is, no question about it. Every song he performed at the House of Blues exuded arrogance, every line ego, and everyone loved it. Although the crowd was initially sparse, Danny filled the void with energy, playing favorites such as “Monopoly” and “I Will” as the crowd grew and closed in around him. When the audience was ready, Danny finished with “Blunt After Blunt.” Everyone knew it would be his closer, but yet it was still unexpected. He snarled and wailed his way through the song, pausing only to allow the crowd the option to fill the chorus. We did; everyone screamed until they couldn’t, gathering air while he rapped another verse, waiting to unleash another Blunt After Blunt.

As Danny Brown finished, and as Schoolboy Q began to set up, there was a short intermission, with the majority of the crowd filed outside for a quick cigarette. Although everyone eagerly awaited the show’s continuation, Danny Brown’s performance had clearly captivated the audience. You could feel it. I met this guy from Florida who articulated it best, claiming “I came for A$AP. I didn’t know who Danny Brown was, but, yo, that motherfucker was sick.” And as people smoked cigarettes, Danny Brown really was the only thing worth talking about.

Art Brut at the 'Sco: Nov.11.09(!!)

(some of) The British are coming! (to the Sco!)

Next Wednesday, Nov. 11th, indie favs Art Brut  bring their wry brand of punkish, angular (British) rock to the ‘Sco. Associated (by Press powers that be) with Franz F. and Bloc Party in the early Oughts, Art Brut stood apart by virtue of their ironic “it’s not irony, it’s rock’n’roll” attitude. They’re touring behind their third album “Art Brut Vs. Satan” which is pretty sweet and has songs about comic books and Paul Westerberg being pretty much old. 

The line between the charmingly self-aware/depreciating and the woefully obnoxious draws mighty thin. Art Brut, though, manages to stay on the sunny side, getting away with lines like: “I can’t stand the sound of the Velvet Underground…the second time around” and “we’re gonna be the band that writes the song that makes Israel and Palestine get along” because we feel like we’re in on the joke. (They’re talking to us, right? We understand irony and rock and roll! And having crushes on people too!)

Plus, they’re probably the kind of sarcastic British people we like, so come out to the ‘Sco as an act of reconciliation and good will. We’ll forget about that whole Revolutionary War thing, they can thank us for the Ramones and we’ll all just get on with it.

It’s fun, it’s (usually) smart and it’s only $7 with yr OC ID ($12 without).

Art Brut-Emily Kane