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Show of the Week: WE CAN STILL GET THESE LEBRONS BACK with Doc Gooden


Every Thursday this summer tune into 91.5 FM, Oberlin College and Community Radio, at 3PM to catch Doc Gooden’s latest sports wisdom on WE CAN STILL GET THESE RUNS BACK. Broadcasting from WOBC’s sports desk, Gooden covers the biggest stories in the wide world of sports from the World Cup of Soccer to your favorite Lake Erie Crushers baseball.

In this week’s special episode, WE CAN GET THESE LEBRONS BACK, Gooden was joined by longtime personalities Tommy Morello and Matt Orenstein to discuss the future of Lebron James. The show also featured a play-by-play reenactment of Wednesday night’s “Keep LBJ in CLE” Crushers’ game. (The final score was Freedom 5, Crushers 4 in 12 innings.) Other highlights include a brief appearance by Coach Orenstrong to promote a newly created sport called “basketball,” and the weekly Weekend Box Office Roundup.

Lebron College and Lebron Community Radio presents: M.A.P.M – Next Year’s Our Year, a punk rock cover of a Cav’s favorite by Michael Stanley.

Visit voiceof2million.com to join the stay Lebron campaign.