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In Regards to the Election

Dear Station,

Regarding the recent election, we feel that WOBC has a unique place on campus to make voices heard far and wide in a way that is needed so desperately right now. In light of this, we are implementing some new procedures so that we can be on top of things that are happening on campus as they are cropping up.
We are working on having more remote broadcasts of events, we are working on new programming that features professors, activists, and others who are weighing in on the changing political sphere.
*** Because of the importance of the immediacy of featuring news, events, and experiences we may contact you asking that we use your show time for a remote broadcast or special program. ***
We deeply respect all of your shows and programming, and so we hope you understand why the only reason we would ask you to donate your show time to one of these events is because we want to make sure we are involved and reacting to what is going on in the most active way we possibly can.
We are open to more conversation about this, and we would love to hear more ideas about ways that WOBC can make a difference in empowering voices that are threatened by the changing political climate.
If you need any assistance organizing your show in a new way, and you want to talk about logistics of resources, equipment, or inviting guests, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help!
Yours in struggle,
 the WOBC board