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WOBC- Live From Studio B 004- Cereal Banter

Live From Studio B 1

WOBC is proud to present the fourth episode in the Live From Studio B series- Cereal Banter!

Download this set and more on the Live From Studio B mediafire page Here.





Tune in next week on Sunday at 1PM!

Danny Brown: Toothless Rapper Extraordinaire

I went to Cleveland for the second time, Friday. There was rap and more rap and more rap at the House of Blues. It was a new experience; I had never been to a rap show before. But I really like Danny Brown. A$AP Rocky, with Schoolboy Q, headlined the show, which was fine, excitable even, but Danny Brown was my motivation. He opened, went on at 8:00 and was backstage with a 40 before 9:00. The set was short, but Danny Brown played what you needed to hear, maybe not as his fan, but as someone who wanted good music.

Danny Brown is unique to his genre of music; he once claimed 50 Cent refused to sign him to G-Unit Records because he wears skinny jeans. I believe him. He doesn’t look like a rapper, but he is, no question about it. Every song he performed at the House of Blues exuded arrogance, every line ego, and everyone loved it. Although the crowd was initially sparse, Danny filled the void with energy, playing favorites such as “Monopoly” and “I Will” as the crowd grew and closed in around him. When the audience was ready, Danny finished with “Blunt After Blunt.” Everyone knew it would be his closer, but yet it was still unexpected. He snarled and wailed his way through the song, pausing only to allow the crowd the option to fill the chorus. We did; everyone screamed until they couldn’t, gathering air while he rapped another verse, waiting to unleash another Blunt After Blunt.

As Danny Brown finished, and as Schoolboy Q began to set up, there was a short intermission, with the majority of the crowd filed outside for a quick cigarette. Although everyone eagerly awaited the show’s continuation, Danny Brown’s performance had clearly captivated the audience. You could feel it. I met this guy from Florida who articulated it best, claiming “I came for A$AP. I didn’t know who Danny Brown was, but, yo, that motherfucker was sick.” And as people smoked cigarettes, Danny Brown really was the only thing worth talking about.

A Message From WOBC's Metal Department

This message from Bill at Auburn Records concerning their 25th Anniversary Concert on December 12 at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio:

We have just confirmed some new additions to our Auburn Records 25th Anniversary Concert on December 12 at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. An official announcement will soon be forthcoming.

Thank you for all of your complimentary messages of support to both me and the label. It really means a lot to me, especially during these very difficult economic times we are living in. I am doing the best I can to keep things going. Sometimes things do not happen as fast as I would like but there is a lot going on behind-the-scenes as to the reasons for any delays. I choose to keep those reasons private, stay positive and keep moving forward. I operate the label solely out of my love for the music and finance the operation entirely by myself. There are no big investors involved with Auburn Records. The money really means nothing to me. As long as I have enough to keep going, I am okay. Any money the label generates is recycled into more projects. I run a very artist and fan friendly label. Producing a quality product is very important to me. I have been criticized by some of my music industry peers as being too generous. It’s the way I choose to run things and will never change. I am still here after 25 years so I must be doing something right, right? haha…

We have been working very hard to put this special 25th anniversary concert together for you. It has been quite a challenge to organize and coordinate. This event has been taking up a lot of my time but I wanted to make sure we assembled a strong and great line-up for the fans. I decided to make this concert free as a small token of my appreciation to the fans for all of their support over the years. I am fronting all of the production and marketing costs, while the bands are donating their time to perform. Special thanks to my Team Auburn crew and the Beachland Ballroom for their support too. Working together we are going to deliver a first class festival you are not going to forget.

Hope to see you in Cleveland on December 12!