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Songs that make you feel like you’re in the Summer Beach (and why):

1. Kiss — Prince: “If i could be any person besides myself i’d be prince”– Pat Sweeny
2. Kenosha— Swearin’: “idk i was born in Wisconsin which is where Kenosha is”
3. Slow Country– Gorillaz “Makes me feel like i’m stuck in a heat wave”
4. Mojave — Antonio Carlos Jobim “driving around the car in hawaii.  i needed beach music”
5. Digits — Fan 3 “the hook is hey papi can i get those digits… idk how it fit into the shark tale movie”
6. Down by the Water — PJ Harvey “it’s about water and the beach has water”
7. This is what Dreams are made Of —- Hilary Duff “i saw a drag queen perform it over the summer and it was amazing”

WOBC Zine Submission Deadline Extended!!

The deadline for the WOBC Zine has been extended until the end of November. We want playlists, art, essays, opinions comics, interview, show listings, concert reviews. Whatever works! Send submission/questions to by November. Submissions boxes will also be in Mudd and the station, if you want to drop off a physical copy. Leave your name and email on copies that you want returned!


WOBC Program Guide is Here!

The promotions directors are happy to announce that the program guide is printed! There is a small booklet version, where the cover is the schedule and also a larger poster version of the schedule to hang up. Both versions are around campus at Azariahs, Wilder Desk and Decafe. Distribution will continue to locations in town, let us know at if you have suggestions as to where. We hope you enjoy and tune in!

STAFF&BOARD final (1) copy

Submit to the WOBC zine! Submit a WOBC merch design!

wobc3The WOBC Zine, now in its third year, is our very own publication of all sorts of anything that can be printed. It is interesting, it is fascinating, it is very interesting, it is… The WOBC Zine. Playlists, art, essays, opinions, comics, interview, show listings, concert reviews. Whatever works! Send submission/questions to by October 31.

Hey, you. Yeah, you like art, right? Somebody told me you like art. Is that true? It is? Well, WOBC is also looking for merchandise designs – and you can create the art for it. Any image you think would look cool on a T-Shirt or patch – the only requirement is that it says “WOBC” and “91.5 FM” somewhere. Send submissions/questions to by October 18.