Teengirl Fantasy – “Koi Pond” from full-length 7AM

TEENGIRL FANTASY – KOI POND (Ivy Meadows Visual Dub) from Camilla Padgitt-Coles on Vimeo.

Oberlin’s own Teengirl Fantasy–a.k.a. Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi–recently released their debut full-length, 7AM, on True Panther Sounds. Check out this SWEET CUT off that LP, “Koi Pond,” and a visual dub from Camilla Padgitt-Coles.

You can grab 7AM, LP and mp3 from true panther, also iTunes. — will


Every Tuesday 8 to 9pm, Janna Powell & Saige McNeal come and play their favorite tunes, discuss Oberlin town and college, and have an all around good time. We like to hear them chat about life and music, SO show of the week status granted!

1. How would you describe yourselves?
Janna: Well, I’m pretty short and I’m attempting to dread my hair. Just the typical Obie I suppose. But yeah, other than that I just like to think I’m just a pretty chill girl.
Saige: Uh, lets just say…It’s best to meet me in person. I like for people to form their own opinions (yea I know…super lame)

2. How would you describe the show?
Janna: I think our show is often just a time where despite what type of day we had, we like to chill, have fun, and enjoy the hour we have to share music with others over the airwaves. Saige and I both have a love for all types of music…so you never really know what to expect. Just listen. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂
Saige: I believe that “The tOwies” represents who we are day to day and our take on our surroundings. AND! the music we play is a reflection of two very different people from different places coming together in one very special place thinking…”damn! We are musically compatible!”

3. What inspires you to do your show?
Janna: I started working with Meeko Israel on his show last fall when I moved to Oberlin. He immediately was family and became a mentor to me. After spending so much time in the station with him just sharing our love for music and watching how he expresses not only himself, but the common struggles within the human race, I began getting really interested. Eventually he started pushing me to get a show, and I went with it. He’s been my big radio inspiration thus far.
Saige: MUSIC, Oberlin, Janna, and the future.

4. What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
Janna: Aminals by Baths. Soooooo good for the ears!
Saige: CNN..haha

5. What is your favorite show on WOBC?
Janna: The World Famous Meeko Show (Sundays 3-5, tune in!)
Saige: Electronic Fantasy Seduction because I like Electrónica…I like Fantasy…and I like Seduction…

6. Favorite foods?
Janna: Pizza. But from back in Philly…not here.
Saige: Korean FOOD!

7. Favorite holidays?
Janna: Christmas! Not because of the presents…but snow, friends, bon fires, apple pie, train rides! Gah, I love it.
Saige: Other peoples’ birthdays!

8. Final thoughts?
Janna: This song is SO good!
Saige: Listen to the tOwies on WOBC on Tuesdays from 8-9pm. The show is filled with good music, random conversations, and is hosted by the none other than Saige and Janna.

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Nation Beat Plays the ‘Sco

On Thursday September 29th, as we celebrated the first month of school, the group Nation Beat played at the Sco. They are known for mixing together sounds from northeastern Brazil and the southern United States. “They are rhythm gatherers, harvesting the fruit of 500 years of cultural crossbreeding, which is why the sounds of the northeast of Brazil and the southern United States blend together so seamlessly (www.nationbeat.com/)”. Nation Beat originally hails from Brooklyn, New York and were just returning from two world music festivals, one in Chicago and one in Iowa. They played classic country tunes tunes like Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonely I Could Cry” as well as popular, Brazilian, carnaval tunes such as “Morena Tropicana”. To the western songs they added Brazilian maracuta drumming and instruments like Pandeiro and Oboe (I’m guessing the oboe is a Brazilian thing?). To the Brazilian songs they added appalachian fiddle music.

While they were here they also taught a singing and drumming class at the Conservatory, and in the middle and at the end of the concert they invited the con jazz kids up on stage to play. The stage, filled with a mixture of new and familiar faces, made an adorable family style picture, and the music they produced sizzled. Nation Beat is known for collecting and synthesizing rhythms, and that night they managed to collect and synthesize our very own Oberlin Conservatory sounds with the rhythms and languages of their own cultures. Several times the members of Nation Beat gave the Conservatory students the opportunity to break out into a solo. The electric guitar, played by WIll Darity, a jazz guitarist, jived particularly well with the Brazilian grooves, and it really blew everyone away at the end. This music was great to dance to, and the lead singer, Liliana encouraged us to clap and even taught the audience a few Brazilian dances.

Liliana was mesmerizing on stage in her colorful, full body traditional gown, dancing and entreating us to enjoy ourselves. Her opening statement sums up nicely what Nation Beat is all about. “The United States and Brazil, making music together, to put the world a little better.”

— Clay Contee

Dom – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP

DOM - Living In America

This one’s been out a few months, but it’s so much fun to write and think about that I can’t choose anything else for my first review on this blog. A quick rundown of awesome things about this band that don’t include the music:
• The album title (considering the whole band is a bunch of skinny, pasty kids from Worcester, MA)
• The album cover (containing the lead singer’s cat, Bochicha, for whom a song on the album is named)
• The lead singer’s willingness to lie and say ridiculous things in Pitchfork interviews (like claiming that the song “Bochicha” is a stadium anthem for a semi-pro hockey team near the band’s hometown)

Already this band has my attention. Throw in the singer (we’ll just call him Dom, since he won’t reveal his last name out of fear of debt collection), who sounds more convincingly like a chick than any guy I’ve heard in a long, LONG time and writes hilarious songs about how sexy it is to be “Living in America” and wanting to do ecstacy and make out with “Jesus” in a movie theater, and I’m in the band’s corner.

The reason I’ve skirted around the subject of the actual music to this point is that Dom (the band) is exceedingly hard to pin down, beyond a general umbrella of lo-fi indie pop. They are absolutely made of catchy hooks, like the huge synth sound of “Living in America” and the earworm of a guitar line running through “Rude as Jude”, but they’re surprisingly versatile; amazingly, the pan flute-copping synths of “Burn Bridges” share album space with “Bochicha”, which actually wouldn’t sound too out of place as a stadium sing-a-long, now that they mention it, considering the guitar line, ripped straight from the Troggs’ “Wild Thing.” Bottom line, Dom is worth your time if you like fun. They sound like they invented it. – Matt Rothstein AKA DJ Tronic

Dom – Living In America

SHOW OF THE WEEK: Desert Island Discs, Fridays 10-11am

pictured: oberlin in winter

Pictured: Oberlin in winter

On BBC radio-meets-WOBC program Desert Island Discs, DJ Nate Frishberg asks his guests one question: “What 10 Songs would you want with you on a desert island?” Whoa.

Show of the week status granted.

1. How would you describe yourself? I’m a senior, psych major, soul and blues music junkie, or something.  I can’t really describe myself.

2. How would you describe the show? On Desert Island Discs, guests come on the show with a ten-song playlist of songs they would want to have with them if stranded on a desert island.  Guests range from students to professors, from president Marvin Krislov to family and friends outside Oberlin.

3. What inspires you to do your show? A genuine interest in hearing and sharing music that people love and could hear over and over again.

4. What are you listening to RIGHT NOW? Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the True Loves

5. What is your favorite show on WOBC? I’d be a jerk if I said any of my own shows (present or past)–but I suppose I just implicated myself as a jerk for wanting to do it in the first place.  If I had to choose just one to listen to this week, though, I’d have to vote for “Make Me An Instrument” with David Greenberg.

6. Favorite foods? I’m the easiest person to please with food, but I do love a good Maryland crab cake.

7. Favorite holidays? Thanksgiving is pretty great.

8. Final thoughts? Listen to WOBC!

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