FROM THE VAULT: The Three O’Clock – Sixteen Tambourines

The Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines

From the Vault is a reoccurring feature where fearless DJs plunge into the depths of the station vaults to bring you the freshest stuff gone stale! In addition to a massive vinyl collection, we’re also sitting on hundreds and hundreds of 45s, lots of which are super rad and super rare. Enjoy!

Here’s a gem from the WOBC vault. A good friend of mine showed me this record at the end of last year and, sure enough, a copy was buried in the pop vault.

The Three O’Clock were a part of the Paisley Underground scene in L.A. during the early 1980s. Young bassist and frontman, Michael Quercio, coined the term “Paisley Underground” as a joke meant to distinguish bands like Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade, and the Bangles (early days) from the hardcore punk scene prevalent at the time.

Sixteen Tambourines was the first full length released by The Three O’Clock under that name. A different lineup led by Michael Querico played earlier under the name The Salvation Army. The band continued to record until the late ’80s releasing their final album in 1988. However, Sixteen Tambourines is by far the most enjoyable of their releases. A great pop album. Michael Querico’s vocal melodies and the occasional horn lines are highlights. -Will Floyd

–Side One–
Jet Fighter
Stupid Einstein
And So We Run
Fall To The Ground
A Day In Erotica

–Side Two–
In My Own Time
The Three OClock – On My Own
The Three OClock – When Lightning Starts
Seeing Is Believing

Also, check out this strange roller rink inspired music video for “Her Head’s Revolving,” 
the single off of their 1985 album, Arrive Without Travelling.

Senate Joins House in Passing the Local Community Radio Act

wobc radio tower

WASHINGTON, DC – Today a bill to expand community radio nationwide – the Local Community Radio Act – passed the U.S. Senate, thanks to the bipartisan leadership of Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and John McCain (R-AZ). This follows Friday afternoon’s passage of the bill in the House of Representatives, led by Representatives Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Lee Terry (R-NE). The bill now awaits the President’s signature.

These Congressional champions for community radio joined with the thousands of grassroots advocates and dozens of public interest groups who have fought for ten years to secure this victory for local media. In response to overwhelming grassroots pressure, Congress has given the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a mandate to license thousands, of new community stations nationwide. This bill marks the first major legislative success for the growing movement for a more democratic media system in the U.S.

“A town without a community radio station is like a town without a library,” said Pete Tridish of the Prometheus Radio Project, the group which has led the fight to expand community radio for ten years. “Many a small town dreamer – starting with a few friends and bake sale cash – has successfully launched a low power station, and built these tiny channels into vibrant town institutions that spotlight school board elections, breathe life into the local music scene, allow people to communicate in their native languages, and give youth an outlet to speak.”

The Local Community Radio Act will expand the low power FM (LPFM) service created by the FCC in 2000 – a service the FCC created to address the shrinking diversity of voices on the radio dial. Over 800 LPFM stations, all locally owned and non-commercial, are already on the air. The stations are run by non-profit organizations, local governments, churches, schools, and emergency responders. Continue reading Senate Joins House in Passing the Local Community Radio Act

Ben Sharp of Cloudkicker – Live Interview Sunday December 5th at 11am

Live Radio Interview Sunday December 5th at 11am with Ben Sharp, the man behind the music of Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker, the solo project of Ben Sharp, features complex compositional styles blending into vast emotional soundscapes along the lines of progressive post rock/shoegaze/metal. Cloudkicker stretches the limits of modern musical production and distribution. Continually posting all his music on the internet for free, Cloudkicker represents one man’s true artistic expression. With three EPs and two full-length albums including the recently released album Beacons, Cloudkicker is rapidly gaining the recognition it deserves.

Cloudkicker is the most epic, creative, and mind-blowing music I have listened to in a long time and is definitely worth a listen. All the music made by Cloudkicker can be downloaded for free at Check out the music and tune in on December 5th at 11am to hear Ben Sharp speak about his music!

-noah jones


F 1-2pm

Fridays 1-2pm, Eilis O’Neill, with producers Jake Purcell and Joanna Johnson, develops an international news show analyzing various world events to attempt to broaden Oberlin students’ understanding of these events. They get 2-3 guests on-air per show, so the show is ridiculously awesome (and intellectually stimulating!). Show of the week status granted.

1.  How would you describe yourself?

I’m a senior from Seattle.  I like producing radio, moving (between cities), reading, and running.

2.  How would you describe the show?

In Context is an international news analysis show.

3.  What inspires you to do your show?

I think that the international news coverage in most U.S. news outlets is pretty slim, so I try to talk to people who can help my listeners and me understand the complexity of the world’s events

4.  What are you listening to right now?

I just finished listening to some interviews I did yesterday for a NewsCorps piece about the regional cross country meet.

5. Favorite foods?

I am awfully fond of smoked salmon.

6. Favorite holidays?

My favorite holiday is Christmas, because it is the only time of year when my siblings and parents and I are all in one place.

7. Sample show?

This week, we are discussing the current political crisis in Italy for half the show and the issue of detainee rights (in Guantanamo and other U.S. detention centers around the world) for the second half.

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SHOW OF THE WEEK: Heavy Tweaks

F 5-6am

Fridays 5-6am, Jack Patterson drags himself out of bed and to WOBC and to play “variegated, scintillating ‘vibes'” with “damaged pop sensibilities.” (FROM THE PROGRAM GUIDE — PAPER COPIES AVAILABLE NOW). We know he’s got listeners all over the area every week, so show of the week status granted.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m a freshman. I’m from Baltimore. No major. Vibe out hard 2 alot of soundz.

2. How would you describe the show?
I play music I like: psych and electronic, noise/free improv occasionally; I’ve been trying to keep a mix of agreeable vibes and harsher confusing stuff. It’s also fun to layer music on music there in the station, mixing stuff together on the spot.

3. What inspires you to do your show?
1) The death of chillwave. 2) Lil B the Based God, his based world, and based lifestyle (serious about my respect for Lil B and his music, for his extreme levity and experimentation).

4. What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
Van Dyke ParksSong Cycle

5. What is your favorite show on WOBC?
Tower of Blood/Infinite Valley

6. What is your favorite food?
Korean seafood pancakes.

7. Favorite holidays?

8. Sample Playlist?
Cluster – Hollywood
Fennesz – Made In Hong Kong
Lil B – Ready for Battle
DJ Dog Dick – Lap Dog
Faust – Mamie Is Blue
Sun Araw – Deep Temple
Fenn O’Berg – Floating My Boat
Oval – Storecheck
Oneohtrix Point Never – Zones Without People

9. Final Thoughts?

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SHOW OF THE WEEK: I Walked On Your Face

W 2-3am with Ari Orenstein
W 2-3am with Ari Orenstein

Wednesdays 2-3am, Ari Orenstein plays energy-boosting music ranging from the trashy to oldies to pure awesomeness– making you feel like you’ve walked on the moon. (Get it?) Show of the week status granted.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m an Orenstein, which means my pinkies are abnormally long, my forehead is tilted back slightly, and I am chronically spacey.

2. How would you describe the show?
It’s pretty silly. I mean, how serious are songs about the moon, anyway?

3. What inspires you to do your show?
The moon.

4. What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
The gurgling of my radiator and the beeping of a truck backing up. And also Blue, by good ol’ Joni Mitchell.

5. What is your favorite show on WOBC?
It’s a toss-up between Gathering Hope House Radio and Sexxx Luthor’s Grab Bag.

6. Favorite foods?
Bacon, mozzerella cheese, dark chocolate with espresso, and strawberries are all delicious (but probably not when they’re mixed together, if I had to guess).

7. Favorite holidays?
My favorite official holiday is probably the fourth of July–I love fireworks. But I also love celebrating unbirthdays; they’re totally underrated.

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