Album Review: Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

Nothing is Wrong is the second album released by the Laurel Canyon natives who make up the band Dawes. The quartet includes a sibling pair (classic rocking siblings) and their equally talented (and did I mention foxy) band mates. The Dawes sound comes out of a heavy tradition of  singer-songwriters and rockers  who found inspiration in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon neighborhood during the 60’s and 70’s. To name a few: Joni Mitchell, CSN (Crosby, Stills, and Nash), Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, and Jackson Browne. The album relies heavily on the poignant vocals of lead singer Taylor Goldsmith matched with consistently on-point harmonies. The lyrics echo a search for identity, home and love familiar to any twenty-something but voiced in a refreshing and decidedly sensitive way. Classic rock with contemporary alt country undertones- lovin’ it.

Find Nothing is Wrong on the folk new shelf.

1. Time Spent in Los Angeles
2. If I Wanted Someone
3. My Way Back Home
4. Coming Back to a Man
5. So Well
6. How Far We’ve Come
7. Fire Away
8. Moon in the Water
9. Million Dollar Bill
10. The Way You Laugh
11. A Little Bit of Everything

-T Hoffman

Transmitter Maintenance Complete: Listen at 91.5-FM &

This morning starting at 9am, WOBC’s terrestrial FM signal will cease broadcasting for two hours for scheduled maintenance. However, our programming will continue via our online stream. We ask that you help support this station and show some Oberlin pride by listening online: a great excuse to sign up & listen to WOBC online at

As you may have heard through our incessant internet chatter, excessive postering, and excited conversations around town, WOBC is in the midst of a fierce listenership competition at “a crowd-sourced, show-specific way to enjoy independent radio. All of the stations [on soundtap] are non-commercial (college or community) radio stations and all of the shows are added by users.” Soundtap is a really great site that allows you to listen to the best independent radio stations all in one place.

Soundtap is running an 18-day tournament that pits dedicated listeners against other dedicated listeners to see which of the “top sixty-four non-commercial radio stations in the world” can log the most hours of “air play” on the site. In the first round, WOBC held off WLUW of Loyola University in Chicago. We’re now up against WFMU, the longest running freeform station in the US, broadcasting from Jersey City, NJ (and repeated in New York). Thanks to all of you, we’re now holding on to a narrow lead. However, we have to last one more day against this freeform behemoth to move on to the next round.

Due to scheduled maintenance on our radio tower atop Wilder Hall this morning, we’ll be shutting off our FM signal briefly today. So turn off those radios, turn on your wifi gadgets, and sign-up & listen to WOBC at

– Will Floyd, Station Manager

FROM THE VAULT: The Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage: Animation Music

The groups involved with Georgia’s Elephant 6 collective sure have some strange names. Until recently, I only knew three: of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Apples in Stereo.

Then, one night, I found this song, off of the album Black Foliage: Animation Music.

The Olivia Tremor Control – I Have Been Floated

The Olivia Tremor Control mixes jagged noise and primary-colored pop tunes, with excellent results. I’m definitely late on the punch with these folks, as these reviews indicate. But on the odd chance you haven’t heard of them, check them out. Check them out now.

-Love, Uncle Mike

Album Review: Grimes – Visions

Grimes – Vowels = Space And Time

Musician-artist-icon Grimes (Claire Boucher) is looking down at the rest of our own top 30 charts, and the music video from her smash hit single Oblivion is YouTurbulence in the making.  A lot to celebrate for someone who turned 24 this past St. Patrick’s day. This ascending star is devastatingly alluring.  Her climb has been inevitable: Who can resist the quirky girl in a cloak with pink hair squeaking electronic gasps into the part of our hearts we didn’t know existed?

-I plead guilty.

She’s a one-woman band, but it is not clear band is the right word here.  She paints her own album art, she directs her own music videos, etc.  She and her ex-boyfriend tried to float down the Mississippi River in a house-boat with potatoes, and they got as far as Minneapolis.  And she’s not quite pursuing a noise so much as a generational anthem. Take her video for example: in Oblivion she sings to herself in headphones alongside shirtless jocks at a motocross track, a high school football game, and in a men’s locker room.  Lean with a few dreadlocks, she is a sore thumb, and loving every second of it.  Her glance is hopelessly lost in the grime of twenty-first century, but her voice has a reconfiguring, transformative power.  The long chipmunk squeals turn the jumps of the motorcyclist into heaps of optimism.  The letters painted on the brutish football fans scramble into poetry.  In her own othering and her impeccable immanence, she unites the Montreal landscape and grasps a collective identity deemed impossible in late capitalism.  We are now together as grimes, rather than mere grime. Continue reading Album Review: Grimes – Visions

CarnivOINC Celebrates Improvisation at Oberlin

Last week, the Oberlin Improvisation and Newmusic Collective (affectionately known as OINC) hosted CarnivOINC: a series of lectures, workshops, and concerts on campus, focusing on the art of improvised music. Visiting Professor of Electronic Music Per Bloland, Director of OINC, organized the five-day event, and helped to bring professional improvisers to campus to work and perform with students. These special guests included duo Tim Feeny and Vic Rawlings, duo Mike Strauss and Dana Jessen, duo Mike Bullock and Seth Cluett, and local musician Aaron Dilloway (founding member of the noise group Wolf Eyes).

From Tuesday through Saturday, the visiting improvisers worked in various capacities with Oberlin students, members of OINC, and community members. Public workshop events included an electroacoustic instrumentation and hardware workshop with Vic Rawlings, and a lecture entitled “Rehearsal Techniques of the BSC” given by BSC members Rawlings and Tim Feeny. The visiting professionals also worked privately with OINC members and TIMARA students in rehearsals and workshops throughout the week, showing examples of their work both inside and outside the realm of improvisation.

The first CarnivOINC concert took place Wednesday night in Fairchild chapel. The show began with a set from Feeny and Rawlings, and was followed by a set from the duo with eight members of OINC. Thursday night’s show featured one set from Mike Strauss and Dana Jessen with seven members of OINC, and Friday night’s show featured a set from local ensemble WAM (Women’s Art Music), followed by a set from Mike Bullock and Seth Cluett with seven members of OINC. Saturday night’s concert was the CarnivOINC grand finale, beginning with a set by Aaron Dilloway with nine members of OINC, followed by two sets from Dilloway with the OINCestra, which featured every member of OINC alongside all of the event’s visiting guests.

This legendary event was the first of its kind at Oberlin, and did an extraordinary job of both showcasing and strengthening Oberlin’s improvised music scene. Find more information about CarnivOINC here.

-A Hirsch

The Mosaic’s Cover of the Week

Gotye vs. Walk Off The Earth: Results!

So I know you all have been lying in uncertain agony on your dorm room floors after the battle between Gotye and Walk Off The Earth. Well, I’m glad to announce I can finally end your suspense and declare (drumroll) BOTH bands as victors of last week’s caged match. I wasn’t totally surprised with that outcome. Walk Off the Earth’s rendition is so similar to Gotye’s I sometimes forget which I’m listening to. I am, however, somewhat partial to Walk Off The Earth’s because the female singer (I still don’t really know any of their names) puts all the other singers—in both versions—to shame. Give it another listen if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

This Week’s Battle: Elton John vs. Ellie Goulding

Elton John, the man who merits no introduction. He made all the papers a couple months ago for his boxing match with Madonna at the Golden Globes. Just some good old-fashioned American entertainment. (It wasn’t a real boxing match in case you were wondering. How awesome would that be though?) Anyway, he’s a pretty cool guy from what I’ve heard. I have to judge him from what I’ve heard because strangely I don’t know him personally. Okay enough with the silliness.

This time, the match is with Ellie Goulding, a pretty fresh face in the music world. She’s British (Those Brits. They’re all so much cooler than us. Sometimes I think Emancipation wasn’t such a good thing after all.) She took a gap year from University of Kent. I’m guessing she never went back because it never says anything about her getting her bachelors. Fun Fact: She runs six miles a day. If I ran six miles a day, I’d never have time to eat let alone be a super cool musician. But there ya go.

Here are the respective sound clips. Send in your vote before March 19 at or just leave it down there in the comments!

Elton John – Your Song

Ellie Goulding – Your Song


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