New Video: Sons of an Illustrious Father

Check out this new music video of Glass Nor Stone by Sons on an Illustrious Father, a 5-piece “heavy-meadow” band originally from the Hudson Valley of the State of New York. Directed by college senior Rafe Scoby-Thal, the video features some beautiful people and the serene summer landscape of Oberlin, Ohio. According to Sons guitarist and vocalist college senior Lilah Larson, the video does “a great job connecting visual movement to the song’s progression and cadence,” and that the unity and divergence of the girls throughout the video successfully embodies the song’s meaning.

Find out more about Sons on an Illustrious Father at their website and bandcamp.


#OccupyWallStreet Occupies the Airwaves

People all over the country are standing up against the wealthiest 1%, the corporations, and the banks that control our political system and our jobs. To join the movement and take action in your city go to occupytogether.org. We are the 99% and our voices will be heard.

Check out these radio public service announcements about Occupy Together. They feature the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City by the NYC General Assembly.

Visit occupywallst.org and occupytogether.org for more information.

For those of us in Northeast Ohio, check out occupycleveland.com.


Occupy The Airwaves (1:22 w/ Music)

Occupy The Airwaves (2:45 – Dry)

Occupy The Airwaves (1:17 – Dry)


October: Pop Group's Picks

Pop Workgroup here! We’d like to share with you some hits you can hear on our radio shows:

 Name: Alison Kozol
Show: Magic 91.5, Sundays at 10PM
Favorite Recent Song: Mariah Carey, “Emotions”

This is one of those perfect freakout moments when most don’t register the weirdness within the pop hit. Mariah hits this one note which must be something like a quadruple high C, and then she sings her own harmony with it. Pop perfection.

Name: Rachel Ishikawa
Show: What I Found, Fridays 8PM
Favorite Recent Song: St. Vincent “Cheerleader

The song gets me every time. As Annie Clarke moans about  adolescent woes, I melt. Sexy guitars paired with charming vocals; fulfills my pop dreams.

Name: Kalila (Kaylee) Holt
Show: Nomad (Or What!), Fridays 7AM
Favorite Recent Song: St. Vincent “Cruel”

This entire album is fantastic (I’ve been listening to it non-stop) and this is the first track off it I got obsessed with. I really like the dreaminess of it mixed with the guitars. St. Vincent is pretty much my idol.

Name: Michael Stenovec
Show: Uncle Mike’s Party Van, Thursdays 4 AM
Favorite Recent Song: The Middle East “The Darkest Side”

Although breathy harmonies and fast-strummed nimble fingerpicking are well-trod territories, The Middle East manages to sound fresh, desperate and beautiful. It’s catchy and morose, without wallowing in self-pity. Give it a shot.

Name: Aria Dean
Show: Tales & Tunez, Wednesdays 7 AM
Favorite Recent Song: Youth Lagoon “17”

This week as a fall chill swept through Oberlin, I broke out my sad, ambient pop playlist. This quickly led to me listening solely to Youth Lagoon. On this song in particular, Trevor Powers’ affected vocals get me every time.

Name: Fiz Poliks
Show: DREAMWAVEZZZZ. tues @ 10AM
Favorite Recent Song: “Oh My God,” Cults

Sugary-sweet, wistful song to sway to. Makes you think about growing up, running away, getting out, and proving everyone wrong.

Name: Anais Stewart
Show: Girls and the Big 4, Sundays @ 3 AM
Fav Recent Song: “A Long Time” by Mayer Hawthorne

A great song that talks about life struggles. Sounds sappy, but the music is pretty pop and bubbly.

Name: Zoë Madonna
Show: Permanent Wave, Wednesdays @9AM
Fav Recent Song: “Madder Red,” Yeasayer

Songs about the slow death of love should not be this catchy. This Yeasayer cut off of most recent album Odd Blood will have you humming all day. Beautiful and disturbing video starring Kristen Bell and something with lots of vestigial limbs.

Name: Asher Kaplan
Show: Mothers of Motown, Sundays 4-6am
Fav Recent Song: “A Cold Freezin’ Night,” The Books

An audio sample of a sibling rivalry is chopped up and sprinkled over a skittery beat on this track from The Books latest, The Way Out. Check out the music video too–nothing I’ve ever seen looks or sounds quite like it.


Upcoming Shows in Cleveland 9/27 – 10/23

We at WOBC wanted to give you the heads up on some rad upcoming shows in Cleveland

9/27 Tune-Yards at Beachland Ballroom

9/29  Dirty Beaches & Frankie Rose and the Outs at the Happy Dog (free!)

9/30  Porcelain Raft and Yuck at the Grog Shop

9/30  Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall at Beachland Ballroom

10/5  Battles at the Grog Shop

10/6  John Maus at our very own ‘Sco

10/12  Those Darlins at the Grog Shop

10/15  Purity Ring and Neon Indian at the Grog Shop

10/23  Cymbals Eat Guitars at Beachland Ballroom


Democracy Now! now on WOBC, Weekdays 5PM

Democracy NowWOBC is excited to announce that we will be broadcasting the internationally syndicated program Democracy Now! every weekday from 5:00-6:00pm.

Democracy Now! is an independent news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez that airs on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States. WOBC is the only station in Lorain County to broadcast this award-winning program, and we are happy to join the network of community radio stations and public access television stations across the country that support independent journalism and progressive media.


Venus X Live on WOBC Thursday – Friday 1AM

Venus XFresh off a big Fashion Week, New York DJ, performer and founder of one of NYC’s most forward-thinking and exciting parties, GHE20G0TH1K, Venus X will be DJing live and being interviewed at 1 am tommorrow night after She and GHE20G0TH1K partner $hayne open up for Gang Gang Dance.


TOP 30 9/20


Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact // This Thursday at the Sco!

top 30 is a weekly section of the WOBC blog where we highlight the top 30 most-played albums at the station that week. all of these albums are in the station, and most of them are on the new music shelf, so check them out!! they are good!!

1 GANG GANG DANCE – Eye Contact
playing this thursday at the sco, with chart mates laurel halo. sick~
2 GIRLS Father, Son, Holy Ghost
fresh from the new music shelf, the second full-length from the first guys to capture the spirit of girlfriends, pizza, and bottles of wine does not dissapoint.
3 JOHN MAUS We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves
filling the sco with dark synth arpeggios, just for you, on october 6. don’t miss this, dudes!!
4 BEIRUT The Rip Tide
zach condon’s masterful blend of balkan pop has only gotten tighter over the years.
we love these guys!! hazy pop-punk from san fransisco; perfect vibes.
6 SLEEP OVER Forever
7 TORO Y MOI Freaking Out [EP]
8 PURE X Pleasure
9 WASHED OUT Within And Without
11 TY SEGALL Goodbye Bread
12 PATTI SMITH Outside Of Society
13 ST. VINCENT Strange Mercy
14 BRIAN ENO Drums Between The Bells
15 OTIS REDDING the very best of otis redding
16 MOONFACE Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped
17 CHEVEU 1000 mile
18 TWIN SISTER “Bad Street” [Single]
19 TUNE-YARDS Whokill
20 D’ANGELO brown sugar
thank you to all the sex-jam r+b shows responsible for bringing d’angelo back to the charts.
21 PICTUREPLANE Thee Physical
22 DIVA The Glitter End
23 THE BANDANA SPLITS Mr. Sam Presents The Bandana Splits
24 PETER WOLF CRIER Garden Of Arms
25 R KELLY 12 play
26 FRUIT BATS Tripper
27 LAUREL HALO Hour Logic
28 WU LYF Go Tell Fire To The Mountain
29 ARMY NAVY The Last Place
30 MALE BONDING Endless Now
stay tuned for more charts as our broadcasting season continues!!
-devra freelander