CMJ Top 10 9/30/14

Here are the top 10 new releases played last week by WOBC DJs:

Michael Gira

Michael Gira of Swans

1. Swans – To Be Kind

2. Aphex Twin – Syro

3. FKA Twigs – LP 1

4. De la Soul and J Dilla – Smell the Da.I.S.Y.

5. Ava Luna – Electric Balloon [ed. note: watch their Live from Studio B appearance below!]

6. Krill – Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into Tears [ed. note: Krill plays at the ‘Sco October 16th!]

7. Speedy Ortiz – Real Hair [EP]

8. Sango – Da Rocinha 2

9. Alex G – DSU

10. Busdriver – Perfect Hair



Show Paper: 9/23-9/27

The first show paper of the year is here! It’s no surprise, we know, but it’s a completely jam-packed week of music. Thought we missed one? An e-mail to music at wobc dot oh-are-gee will do the trick.

The World is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die plays at the Oberlin 'Sco on Friday, Sept. 26.

The World is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die plays at the Oberlin ‘Sco on Friday, Sept. 26.

Tuesday, Sept. 23

Oberlin Sinfonietta, 8 PM, Warner Concert Hall [link] – FREE

The absolutely-not-to-be-missed-highlight-seriously-we-mean-it: legendary French composer Olivier Messiaen’s breathtaking Couleurs de la Cité céleste. It’s not every day you hear this wonderful piece. Chen Yi and Zhou Long, both composers-in-residence, will be residing in the concert hall for their pieces Happy Rain on a Spring Night and Bell Drum Towers, respectively. Also, Oberlin Percussion Group, eternal favorites, play Mantle Hood’s Implosion.

Wednesday, Sept. 24

Deafheaven / No Joy, a drive’s away to the Grog Shop in Cleveland – $10

Two critically acclaimed bands: One, a trailblazing metal band “with shoegazing influence”, and the other 100% concentrated shoegaze.

Also, it’s Rosh Hashannah.

Thursday, Sept. 25

Okkyung Lee & Maria Chavez, 8 PM, Fairchild Chapel [link] – FREE

Two very special musicians collaborating for what should be a special night. Okkyung Lee is at the forefront of contemporary cello improvisation; we will bet some substantial amount of money that she will make sounds come out of the cello you did not think were possible to come out of a cello. Maria Chavez is a sound artist and DJ with a highly unique turntable technique.

Oberlin Chamber Orchestra, 8 PM, Finney Chapel [link] – FREE

If you’re tight with the Teutons, you’ll love the Chamber Orchestra’s all-German program. It begins with some drama: music from Beethoven’s Fidelio overture and Wagner’s Seigfreid and Forest Murmurs. That’s right, Wagner in the concert hall, not in the opera house – not an every day occurrence. It closes with Felix Mendelssohn’s “Reformation” symphony, no. 5, if you’re keeping count.

Mount Eeerie / Hundred Waters, 10 PM, The Oberlin ‘Sco [link] – $7 w/ OCID, $15 w/o

Mount Eerie is the the captivating project of Washingtonian Phil Elverum. It seems to occupy some manageable area (indie folk; avant-folk; contemporary folk; singer-songwriter folk) and then quickly spreads its musical tentacles to many fascinating regions. Meanwhile, Hundred Waters compliments them – we hear from an inside source that they are “very talented musicians”.

Friday, Sept. 26

Contemporary Music Ensemble, 8 PM, Warner Concert Hall [link] – FREE

It’s CME time again! Contemporary classical music! Composers-in-residence Zhou Long and Chen Yi have two more of their pieces performed. Also featured, a very recent (2013) bassoon concertino called Bassoon Concertino by Augusta Read Thomas and a quite old (1974) collection of scherzi called Scherzi by Bernard Rands.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, 10 PM, The Oberlin ‘Sco [link] – $5 w/ OCID, $8 w/o

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a long band name, but by the time you say their name, it only takes that short amount of time to fall in love with this band. They’re sometimes called “emo-revival”; they have 8 members; they have a cellist. What else do you need to know?

Saturday, Sept. 27

Oberlin Orchestra, 8 PM, Finney Chapel [link] – FREE

A pre-20th century free program for the Orchestra – a 1954 piece by Alberto Ginastera, a world-premier (!) of Ricardo Lorenz’s “Olokun’s Awakening” and… surely America’s favorite piece of music ever written for the orchestra, with the possible exception of the theme from Jaws, George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue! They’re playing it! Faculty piano soloist Sanford Margolis plays the trombone. Just kidding, he plays the piano.


Staff Picks, Vol. MMXIV, Book 1

The Fall 2014 programming season is now underway, and that means a new staff to get to know! Here are the first staff picks of the year – some of their favorite tunes from their respective genres.

Mayowa and Marcelo from International: The AfroBeatles – Get Back vs. Colonial Mentality

In Mayowa’s words, “It’s part of a larger project called the AfroBeatles, which is sort of an alternate reality where Fela and the Beatles merge and travel across the world promoting peace, freedom from political corruption, and lots of other dope things.”

Ivan from Freeform: U.S. Maple – Letter to ZZ Top

Nate from Classical: Leontyne Price sings Samuel Barber’s “The Monk and his Cat”

See more staff picks after the jump.

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WOBC is back!


WOBC Oberlin, 91.5 FM, Oberlin College & Community Radio is back! Fall programming has commenced and WOBC is still:

  • 24/7
  • community-driven
  • 100% freeform
  • airing Democracy Now! weekdays at 4 PM
  • airing returning WOBC favorites like Live from Studio B, the World Famous Meeko Show, Chameleon Radio, Big Surf Radio, and more
  • airing original news segments  about Oberlin and the world
  • full of themed nights – punk on Wednesdays, electronic on Thursdays, hip-hop on Fridays, and metal on Saturdays
  • giving voice to more than a hundred student, faculty, staff, and community DJs

Plus, we’ve got some new things in store this semester, like new themed sections (International block weekdays 1-2 PM, and the Wednesday morning talk block), guest speakers, new community events, and of course many, many awesome new shows.

Tune your radio dial to 91.5 FM in and around Oberlin, or listen online. For more info, you can contact us.


Apply for Fall 2014 Programming!

wobccommunityInterested in hosting a radio show? Applications for fall programming are now online! As always, no experience necessary. The deadline is Friday, September 5, at 11:59 PM.

You can find applications at: http://www.wobc.org/apply/

Got a question? Shoot us an e-mail at wobc@oberlin.edu.


Programming is Over! Long Live Programming!

Hey DJ —

Official programming has ended until the fall semester. Interim programming will engage on August 26.

Thanks for the killer summer!



— Mikey


Apply For Our Summer Cover Band Showcase!


(oh hello it's andy warhol y'all!)

(oh hello it’s andy warhol y’all!)

We will be having our next installment of our COVER BAND SHOWCASE on Saturday, July 26th.  if you would like to participate, please email us at wobc@oberlin.edu with:
the people in your band
the band/musician you would like to cover
your band name (historically these have been spin offs of the original name, such as Shakir A’Neal, the Shakira cover band) 
your set list
*by this friday, July 18th* 
(this will give bands a week to practice)
*We cannot guarantee spots to all who express interest, so please be thoughtful in your selections* 
 Also, please know that people applying DO NOT have to have a summer or be affiliated with the station! So if you have some kids you tutor who you wanna do a band with, or you know your grandma would be down to perform her rendition of a the clash, or you just have friends you know are interested, by all means, let them know.