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Well, the King of Pop has triumphed once again. Elvis beat Ingrid Michaelson with the original version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Honestly, Michaelson’s version is great, but it’d be difficult to come from left field to beat the King himself.

This Week: Animal

This week the battle is between Miike Snow and Sky Ferreira. Miike Snow is a band from Stockholm formed in 2007. Two of the members, Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, have been friends since childhood. While they were working on writing a new Britney Spears album, they met Andrew Wyatt. The three decided to collaborate and thus Miike Snow was born. Sky Ferreira, on the other hand, is an American singer, songwriter, and—who would’ve guessed?—model and actress. She grew singing gospel songs at her church and was acquainted with the music industry from an early age through her family friend Michael Jackson. She sent Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg a message through a social networking site and they saw enough promise to decide to work with her. This was all she needed to jump into the industry. The song this week is Ferreira’s cover of Miike Snow’s “Animal.” Has Ferreira risen above and beyond the band who discovered her?

Miike Snow – Animal
Sky Ferreira-Animal (Miike Snow Cover)

Show of the Week: Le Whatever

            Every Wednesday morning at 11 here on WOBC , Le Whatever flails every which way, and somehow, someway, whatever it is you want to feel, seems to curl its way under those folds and seams of your summer T-shirt.  Somber and strolling as it is, this cartographic venture pays homage to a milieu of genres and times.  Its sophistication lies in its seeming arbitrariness.  Becca Nieto’s show is certainly eclectic-tronic, twenty minutes in you think it must be top heavy, but it perseveres.  So strong.  ESG’s Hold me Right: no strings attached here, holds on so tight.  Synthy Blondie-inspired bopping, electrifies your nervous system.  This hump-day roster is catalytic energy, light at the end of the work/school-week tunnel.  Exuma’s Dambala has that circle-chanting energy, ‘Melts Down Our Walls’.  Lyric after lyric, total sway-your-head vibes here.  The stuffing of this curatorial form exudes ‘the world is your oyster’.  Esoteric Tapioca makes us remember just how deep those big (hardly-cliché) piano chords hit us in the stomach.  And then Yo La Tengo hits.  Coffee spills at this heart-clench.  But don’t worry WOBC, Whatever has its bases covered.  Fleetwood Mac’s appearance takes us back to our station, ironically poses that we have come right back to one of our all-timers.  Heart’s ‘Crazy on You’, with its frisky guitar riffs, takes us back to early peaks into the coming-of-age, the after-school car rides, your favorite soundtrack, whatever.  Sleater-Kinney sweeps up this kitchen, it’s the grunge sweater that you put on top of that messy pile.  And Le Whatever is perhaps best described as a pile, a materialization of past and present icons that choreographs via improvisation, that circumlocates around a generational schema  that cannot be isolated through words, but perhaps through these songs.

Nina Simone- Angel of the Morning
The The- This is the Day
Blue Hawaii- Blue Gowns
Tennis- Origins
ESG- Hold me Right
Exuma- Dambala
Hazel- Day Glo
Excuse 17- 5 Acres
Esoteric Tapioca- Stay
Yo La Tengo- You Can Have It All
Fleetwood Mac- Can’t Go Back
The Fruit Bats- So Long
Heart- Crazy on You
Aimee Man- Save Me
Sleater-Kinney- Modern Girl

Knomadik Live on WOBC

Knomadik live on WOBC 4/28/2012
Last week the annual WOBC Block Party was moved indoors due to rain. But Knomadik didn’t let that dampen our spirits: the septet broadcast live on the air from the lounge at the WOBC studios to an audience of dedicated WOBC listeners and DJs. The band creates a unique sound borrowing elements from hip-hop, electro, funk, gospel, progressive rock, and jazz. Check out their live set on WOBC below!

Knomadik live on WOBC 4/28/2012

Knomadik is…
De’Sean Jones: Saxophone, EWI, Synth
Aaron Janik: Trumpet, Effects
Conrad Reeves: Electric Guitar, Effects
Chase Jackson: Vibraphone, Electric Bass, Synth
Shea Pierre: Keyboards, Synth
Matt Adomeit: Electric and Upright Bass
Peter Manheim: Acoustic and Electronic Drums

Recorded using AKG C214 stereo pair as room mics.

Track 01 – Knomadik Live on WOBC
Track 02 – Knomadik Live on WOBC
Track 03 – Knomadik Live on WOBC
Track 04 – Knomadik Live on WOBC

-Will Floyd

New Music: Shlohmo – Vacation EP

Listening to Vacation is like taking a nighttime walk through a dark forest and breaking up with your girlfriend at the same time. It’s soft, slow, perfectly melodic and filled with organic nature sounds. With only 3 songs and just under 15 minutes, Shlohmo’s gives us his tokened low-fi beat junkie nod-alongs, but in a more cohesive way than ever before.

It has been less than a year since the young L.A. producer’s Bad Vibes was released but the improvement is clear. The 3-song EP takes his producing to a new level. Rather than a full album that is filled with long stretches of ambient noise relatively inaccessible music, Shlohmo gives us a shorter set that is pure melodies and hazy beats.

“The Way U Do” opens the album with a driving beat and the trademark synth-guitar melody, reminiscent of “Places”. “Wen uuu” and “Rained the Whole Time” are slower, less driving beats, but maintain a constant feeling throughout the album. Give it a listen.


  1. The Way U Do
  2. Wen uuu
  3. Rained the Whole Time

“The Way U Do” Video

FROM THE VAULT: Sum 41 – All Killer, No Filler

This is what all my sexy faces look like

This is an album that I completely forgot existed until it magically appeared on my new ipod. The knowledge that I did not listen to it at all for several years pushes me into a deep despair and feeling of loss that can only be rectified by listening to this album.

Unlike many pop-punk albums, “All Killer, No Filler” doesn’t try to be anything but itself. It’s not hardcore, and doesn’t pretend to be. None of the members have any sort of real life experience to write about, and it shows in the lyrics. The album was clearly fun to write (“Pain for Pleasure” was allegedly written in several minutes on the toilet) and fun to record, and because of this, is fun to listen to as well. Everything, from the joking (I hope) introduction to the unnecessary and disjointed ending track, to the continually self-depreciating lyrics contributes to a cacophony of nostalgic experiences and pure enjoyment.

Listen to “All Killer” again, and pay particular attention to “Fat Lip”, recounting the feelings of intense identification and teenage rebellion that you felt listening to the song when it first came out, even though you were like 11 years old, and the furthest you would actually go in begin rebellious was maybe not spending as long as you should have on your math homework that you were doing a couple of days early just in case. Also ignore that fact that Whatshisface, the lead singer, married Avril Lavigne. That shit’s just embarrassing.

All Killer, No Filler
01. Introduction to Destruction
02. Nothing on My Back
03. Never Wake Up
04. Fat Lip
05. Rhythms
06. Motivation
07. In Too Deep
08. Summer
09. Handle This
10. Crazy Amanda Bunkface
11. All She’s Got
12. Heart Attack
13. Pain For Pleasure

-Petra Seitz

Staff Applications 2012-2013

Wilder Hall WOBC Oberlin

Please consider applying for a position on the WOBC staff! WOBC is soliciting applications for the 2012-2013 staff positions as well as Summer 2012 staff. Descriptions of the positions are after the break below. In addition to each position’s individual responsibilities, all staff members are also expected to attend regular staff meetings and help out with some of the station’s bigger projects, such as the Annual Block Party and Big Parade.

To apply for a staff and/or summer position, please submit a short statement about your qualifications, goals, and anything else you want us to know and email it to by Saturday, May 12 at 11:59pm. Staff positions are available to Oberlin students as well as residents of the greater Oberlin area; however, stipends are available to students only. Applications will be reviewed by the outgoing and incoming boards.

** Please note that positions labeled as paid include a 10 hour/week minimum wage stipend. The stipends for New Editor positions and the Computer and Web Technician have been cut by SFC; however, WOBC leadership is committed to having the stipends restored. **
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