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Winter Term’s right around the corner, folks! Time to start thinking about what you wanna do for your awesome winter radio shows!

Applications are due January 7th, and programming runs from January 9th-January 30th.

Please note that our winter term broadcasting hours are from 10am-10pm on weekdays, noon-10pm saturdays, and noon-5pm sundays.


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Radio Show Profile: Pre-Post-Regional

Will Gautier, host of Pre-Post-Regional on WOBC, doesn’t like Drake. Although that alone may be enough to dismiss his musical tastes, Will does indeed know good music. I hear it often coming out of his quad in South, and if that is any indication, Pre-Post-Regional is probably an enjoyable hour of freeform.

Will Gautier, right, Age 5, 1997

I caught up with Will to talk about his show:

What is your show?
My show is called Pre-Post-Regional. It’s on Wednesday at 3 AM. Basically, each week I choose a different city and play some of its music. It’s mostly pre-2K, underground music, because the regional scene had definitely declined by that time with the advent of the internet. Typically, I’ll include some commentary and talk about the city and its musicians–I go for a little bit of coherence at least. I guess the point is to recreate a city’s music scene, as a musically-aware citizen would have experienced it.

How did you decide to focus on this particular genre/type of show?

Well WOBC has always impressed me with its commitment to freeform radio, so I wanted to do a show that would reflect that. I also like to know where a band comes from and how they fit in so I wanted to integrate that somehow. There’s no grand plan behind it, I just thought I would be fun to focus on the regional music scene. I guess it allowed me to take my own interest a little bit further, too.

How did the name come about?

I finished the WOBC application about five minutes before the deadline, so I just slapped a name on it. I like to think it makes pretty good sense, though.

How has the experience been?
It’s been a lot of fun. The show’s late, but I get some people out west, and I know I have some European listeners. I’ve had some interesting callers, including this drunk graduate from Madison, which was refreshing. I’ve also learned a lot about the music scenes in the cities I’ve profiled.

What can we expect to hear this week?
Louisville is next for me. I usually start with some pretty well-known musicians, so I’ll play some Slint and Will Oldham, although which of his many projects I’ll choose, I don’t know. You’ll definitely hear Soul, Inc.’s “Ultra Blue,” Four Fifty Six’s “The Mystery of Our Underpants”, Circle X’s “Tender”, and Poor Girls’ “(I Just Wanna Go) Pelvic”, but beyond that I haven’t really decided. In the meantime, everyone should hear the songs I just mentioned, so either tune in or look them up on YouTube, whatever is best.

Any other thoughts?

Dear Vinyl Workgroup–

“I still like you, but I don’t trust you anymore.”

We chose this music for you.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Lady BJ Crosby is from New Orleans. She is also a singer.

Here are her sweet tunes. Below you see a picture of Lady BJ.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This singer, Michael Quatro, sounds like Bowie and Queen AND a glass of iced Malibu that has been left on the table since 1976. It’s good. We hope you like it.. He is pretty cute, then and now.

Then                                                                  Now

TOP 30 12/4

The Top 30 is a weekly section of the WOBC blog where we highlight the 30 most-played new albums each week. Check out what our DJs are spinning!

1 CUT HANDS Black Mamba
4 EMERALDS Just To Feel Anything
5 DAN MELCHIOR The Backward Path
6 NON/BOYD RICE Back To Mono
7 CULT OF YOUTH Love Will Prevail
8 FLYING LOTUS Until The Quiet Comes
10 CAN The Lost Tapes
11 AVETT BROTHERS The Carpenter
12 ZS ZS
13 ANDY STOTT Luxury Problems
14 THE ORB The Orbserver In The Star House
15 TYVEK On Triple Beams
17 MARSHALL STACKS Mannequin Dojo
18 BAT FOR LASHES The Haunted Man
19 THEO PARRISH Hand-made [EP]
20 MICHAEL HURLEY Back Home With Drifting Woods
21 TIMES NEW VIKING Over And Over [EP]
22 ALICE COHEN Pink Keys
23 MOUNTAIN GOATS Transcendental Youth
24 TY SEGALL Twins
25 DEATH GRIPS The Money Store
27 SCOTT WALKER Bish Bosch
30 SHANNON AND THE CLAMS “Gremlins Crawl” [Single]

Final(s) Thoughts

Finals are coming: What are you listening to?

I had a lot of work due right before Thanksgiving break; it wasn’t terrible, but it reminded me that finals are approaching. I know I’m going to be barricaded in the library soon, so it’s really important to have some music to listen to. Some people can work to music, others can’t, and I find myself in between. I can’t really read as I bump Drake, but I can write as I bump to Drake, albeit a little bit slower. I find it a reasonable trade-off, mainly because music helps relieve some stress and it’s great for keeping time, in the “I’ll take a break when this song is over” sense.
In picking music, it’s important to listen to something familiar. I’m all for finding new stuff, but it’s probably not ideal to catch up on some “Best New Music” when you’re swamped with work. Listening to new music requires divided attention, and it’s hard enough to focus on your work without any distractions; stick with what you know.

I already have some music lined up for my busy weeks. Here is some stuff that I think is work getting familiar with:

“Guillotine”, Death Grips – The musical equivalent of “I-smoked-two-packs-of-cigarettes-and-drank-too-much-coffee.” However, pretty good for subtly “going hard” in the library.

“Marvin’s Room”, Drake – Marvin’s room is just R&B, crooning Drake, which is great easy listening. He gets pretty emotional too.

“Vomit”, Girls – Girls broke up, which is terribly sad. So is this song, but it is definitely pop oriented and kind of perky in some parts. Make sure to check out the guitar solo around the 2 minute mark of the song.

“Last Kiss”, Jay Frank Wilson – This song was released in 1964, so it’s fairly dated. It’s really catchy and it’s generally an exciting, old, simple song. The bass is pretty cool too.

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