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Listen to CRUSHED, Thursdays 4-5pm on WOBC.

What is your show?
CRUSHED is our show.

How would you describe the show?
Crushed is an hour long weekly exploration of romantic entanglements. We like to talk about unrequited love, heartbreak, and occasionally the warm and fuzzy parts of romance – although we usually make fun of that, because happiness and contentment do not make for very interesting radio. We feature interviews with students and community members, and read each week from the anonymous “missed connections” submissions that we receive online. (You should do this too! And interspersed throughout is some really catchy music about love and loss and lust and like-like-ing (if you don’t know what that means, listen to the show or watch Hey Arnold.)

How would you describe yourselves?
“so cute it hurts,” – The Grape.

We’d like to add that we’re great and we smell good and we are very easily enthused… and that we are prone to at least two relatively major technical difficulties per show.

What inspires you to do your show?
Tru luv and deep-seated, personal bitterness. – Kitt
The never ending need to find other people to commiserate with on campus. I feel so much better about my own love life when I realize that most people’s are just as awkward, upsetting, and downright weird. – Sophie

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
The sweet, dulcet murmurs of eager academics in Azariah’s….and the Thermals, who are teeth grindingly, teen angst-ily good.

What is your favorite show on WOBC?
We’re often throwing things together last minute, which means we hang out in the studio the hour before our show. As a result we get to listen to the amazing Young, Gifted and Black. It’s thought provoking, hilarious, and we’re consistently jealous of their incredibly well-curated playlists and expertly-blended transitions.

Favorite foods?
Black River Brunch, every Saturday and Sunday and sometimes Tuesdays when we skip class. Kitt gets two eggs over easy with homefries and rye toast. Sophie gets an everything bagel with cream cheese, bacon and one scrambled egg. It is literally the same almost every time.

Favorite holidays?
4th of July. With Sophie’s entire extended family (yes, Kitt goes too.) It’s an experience.
*not valentine’s day, obviously, because it is actually the worst. same for new years. kissing makes us want to throw up.*

Final thoughts?
Listen to our show, because we seek SO much external validation and we’re known for giving embarrassing, overly-emotional shoutouts to specific listeners. Also, send us your stories – we’re always on the hunt for a good crush.

TOP 30 5/7


The Top 30 is a weekly section of the WOBC blog where we highlight the 30 most-played new albums each week. Check out what our DJs are spinning!

1 MILK MUSIC Cruise Your Illusion
2 OS MUTANTES Fool Metal Jack
3 DEAD C / RANGDA Dead C Vs. Rangda
5 THE KNIFE Shaking The Habitual
6 SOURCE FAMILY The Source Family
9 THEE OH SEES Floating Coffin
10 WIRE Change Becomes Us
11 FELA KUTI The Best Of The Black President 2
13 REPLACEMENTS Songs For Slim
14 BARDO POND Rise Above It All
15 DAVID BOWIE The Next Day
16 KURT VILE Wakin On A Pretty Daze
17 ICEAGE You’re Nothing
18 THE MEN New Moon
19 AARON DILLOWAY Corpse On Horseback
20 JANDEK Richmond Sunday
22 JOHN ZORN The Mysteries
23 AUTRE NE VEUT Anxiety Software
24 SUN CITY GIRLS Eye Mohini
25 FLAMING LIPS The Terror
26 DEERHUNTER Monomania
27 GHOSTFACE KILLAH Tweleve Reasons To Die
30 JAMES BLAKE Overgrown

TOP 30 4/30

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The Top 30 is a weekly section of the WOBC blog where we highlight the 30 most-played new albums each week. Check out what our DJs are spinning!

1 BARDO POND Rise Above It All
4 JAMES BLAKE Overgrown
5 LANA DEL REY Paradise
7 WIRE Change Becomes Us
10 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE The 20/20 Experience
11 SODOM Epitome Of Torture
12 SONIC YOUTH Smart Bar Chicago 1985
13 ANDREW BIRD Hands Of Glory
14 NEW ORDER Lost Sirens
15 M83 Oblivion
16 BLEACHED Ride Your Heart
17 SUFJAN STEVENS Silver And Gold
20 BLUE HAWAII Untogether
21 BABIES Our House On The Hill
23 DAVID BOWIE The Next Day
25 TOKIMONSTA Half Shadows
26 AARON DILLOWAY Corpse On Horseback
27 MILK MUSIC Cruise Your Illusion
28 AUTRE NE VEUT Anxiety Software

Bill Callahan live at Oberlin + ticket giveaways

This Saturday, May 4th, American folk master-songwriter Bill Callahan (formerly of (SMOG)) will be gracing The ‘Sco’s stage. The appearance will be his first in years and Callahan will be debuting songs to be released on an upcoming album on Drag City Records. Tickets are still available at the Wilder desk ($7 with OCID, $20 without) and at but they are going fast so be sure to pick one up soon if you want to attend the concert. Doors are at 10PM and tap dancer Flat Foot is opening. WOBC is giving away 5 pairs of tickets this week at the following times (included are short anecdotes each participating DJ contributed):

Creep-o-Rama, 8PM Tuesday

after obsessively listening to bill callahans music for a few years, i went to a concert my senior year of high school and, by lurking around the venue after the show was over, got to meet him and talk to him for a bit. Probably the best moment of my 17 years of life.

You Are Invited, 2AM Friday

when I graduated from high school a teacher that I was really tight with gave me a CD with “Riding for the Feeling” on it. It’s a sad song about leaving people & it makes me think about leaving high school and this teacher that was a really important dude for me. I love that song

hobo deli, 2PM Friday

i heard “to be of use” once playing from the window of someone’s room on north pleasant street and it made me cry and i could never figure out what song it was but i thought it was one of the most beautiful songs i had ever heard and it drove me crazy for a couple months so on the radio i described it and someone finally called in and told me what it was and it was a rando person listening we ended up hanging out and i was very sad at the time but we went to blue sky and got chocolate malted shakes it was very strange that was last year kinda the end of winter but i ended up listening to smog all the time through the summer until everyone i lived with wanted to kill me except john michael cause he was so into it. i decided i wanted to make amends with people id hurt and lost touch with like friends, enemies etc. so i sent them all smog songs. mostly i break horses or blood red bird or one find morning or baby’s breath, i was also obsessed with the apocalypse a little (pre december 2012) and realized that bill callahan’s latest album was called apocalypse and didnt really stop listening to it for about half a year. i also have a big crush on him, but thats fairly uninteresting.

Victory Lap, 3PM Friday

Bill Callahan’s music is inseparable from my experience of freshman year at Oberlin. Between the Wilder Desk, WOBC, the speakers in decafe, and my own room, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle still stands as a major component of the soundtrack to my first year in Oberlin. Though perhaps his music doesn’t play as often as it did then in Oberlin, one thing that has remained consistent over four years is the rumor that “Bill Callahan is coming.” I’m glad it’s finally happening.

Kold Kutz, 9PM Friday

Bill Callahan has been one of my favorite artists since I first heard “Knock Knock” when I was 13. I bought every Smog album, became a little obsessed with him, and I remember writing an article about him for the school paper as a high school freshman. I still listen to all of those albums consistently, as well as his more recent stuff as Bill Callahan. Having missed a couple opportunities to see him in the past, i’m really excited about this show.

TOP 30 4/23


The Top 30 is a weekly section of the WOBC blog where we highlight the 30 most-played new albums each week. Check out what our DJs are spinning!

1 KURT VILE Wakin On A Pretty Daze
2 GUIDED BY VOICES The Bears For Lunch
3 JAMES BLAKE Overgrown
4 WOLF EYES No Answer : Lower Floors
5 WIRE Change Becomes Us
6 JANDEK Richmond Sunday
7 MILK MUSIC Cruise Your Illusion
9 THE KNIFE Shaking The Habitual
11 SUN CITY GIRLS Singles Vol. 3
12 SONIC YOUTH Smart Bar Chicago 1985
13 BARDO POND Rise Above It All
14 NEW ORDER Lost Sirens
15 OF MONTREAL Daughter Of Cloud
16 AARON DILLOWAY Corpse On Horseback
17 TIMES NEW VIKING Over And Over [EP]
19 GHOSTFACE KILLAH Adrian Younge Presents: 12 Reasons To Die
21 PERE UBU Lady From Shanghai
22 DUCKTAILS The Flower Lane
27 THEE OH SEES Floating Coffin
28 DEERHUNTER Monomania
29 DAVID BOWIE The Next Day
30 FUSHITSUSHA Mabushii Itazura Na Inori

Guitarist Erik Lindmark (Deeds of Flesh, Unique Leader Records): The WOBC Interview

Erik Lindmark is the remaining founding member of the brutal death metal band Deeds of Flesh, and is a co-founder of Unique Leader Records, both based out of Los Osos, CA. I spoke with Erik to discuss both the record label and Deeds of Flesh’s upcoming eighth full-length, Portals to Canaan.

WOBC: Hey Erik. Can you give us a little background about Unique Leader?

Erik Lindmark: Yeah, it started back in ’99, with Jacoby [Kingston, former Deeds of Flesh bassist and vocalist] and myself. We used to work for a CD manufacturing plant and there were some investors that wanted to start a label. They knew that we had a name that could start the label, so they gave us an offer and a hefty advance to run the label and to release… at the time it was “Path of The Weakening” – and they wanted us to bring in other bands and basically work the label, which we did. And it kind of all fell apart, where Jacoby and I ended up buying them out. From then, we built the roster that we have now. And a few years ago, I actually ended up buying out Jacoby. He just ended up doing something different with his life; we’re still friends and everything but it was his time to part ways with the whole music scene. So yeah – we specialized in technical, brutal, extreme death metal, and we’ve stuck with that niche ever since the beginning. We’re here today and we have about 90 releases and thing are going good!

 deeds of flesh band photo


WOBC: You guys have a new album coming out this June. It’s been 5 years since Of What’s To Come – what’s changed for you guys since then?

EL: Yeah, it’s been about four and a half years or so. I wouldn’t say much has changed since that album. I would say our change came with Of What’s To Come, where we really took a different approach in working with the concept and concentrating a bit more on the second guitar. Every album before Of What’s To Come, we wrote with the mindset that we were a three-piece, because in the past, we have been a three-piece. We’ve had lots of live guitarists, but we usually tour as a three-piece, and we never wanted to do anything on our albums that we couldn’t recreate live. It just sounds hollow to me when you have lead work going on with the bass backing it up; it just doesn’t fly for us. So what we decided to do [on Of What’s To Come] was take the approach that we would always be a four-piece from now on, and worked a bit more on adding that second guitar and really bringing it to the forefront of our writing.

The vocals were a bit different too; since Of What’s To Come, we’ve approached them where it’s a bit more in-your-face. When we wrote the vocals before, we’d kind of play the riff and just kind of see how the vocals would fit while playing guitar at the same time, whereas recently we made up patterns and made them flow better rather than just changing as the guitar changes. There are a lot more syllables, and counts, and measures. I’d say those are the biggest changes from our previous albums until Of What’s To Come and this album. This one definitely takes off where Of What’s To Come left off. And of course, we have a couple new members – Craig Peters and Ivan Mungula from Arkaik. There were no hard feelings with the old guys – it was just their time to move on from music, which is fine. With Erlend [Caspersen, bassist of Spawn of Possession], it was a little different. We kind of wanted to be closer together if we needed to practice, or if we wanted to get together for band shots, or do one-off shows or whatever. But with Erlend being in Scandinavia, and us being here in the United States, it was kind of difficult to do. Now we’re all in California and it’s a bit easier, so that was the reason for that decision. Craig and Ivan are good guys and hard workers, and they shred.

WOBC: You had tendonitis last year – did that affect your writing process at all?

EL: Yeah, unfortunately I’m still battling that, which is why we haven’t done any shows. We’re still deciding what to do. I was trying to just let it heal, and now that the album is done, I’ve just been staying away from playing guitar and using my arm in any strenuous way. That’s the reason for the live hiatus. But as far as writing and recording went, it didn’t affect me because I was still able to play. I just couldn’t play for an extended amount of time. At about a minute and a half to two minutes in, if I’m playing a song straight through, it just starts to burn and burn to the point where I can’t get any pressure on the frets, and it just gives out. But when you’re recording, you record in sections, so if I’m doing 30-second sections or whatever, I’m able to do that.

Playing live, and playing songs all the way through, is unfortunately impossible right now. If the arm heals, we’ll probably go back to using another frontman vocalist like we were going to do originally. It was going to be Corey from Flesh Consumed, who was a huge help in the concept and the writing of the album. At the time, I didn’t have the problem, so he was going to take Jacoby’s spot as the vocalist and I’d be able to focus more on guitar and maybe background vocals. If the arm doesn’t heal, I’ll probably do vocals, and we’ll get a second guitar player. It’s still up in the air, but that’s why we haven’t been going out on the road or playing any shows. At least right now, we can still put out albums and write.


WOBC: Can you go over some of the gear you use?

EL: Over the years, it’s varied. I’ve used rack gear – Mesa, ENGL – as far as cabs I just use Marshalls. There’s some direct stuff I use. For the last album we ended up using a mix of the Dual Rectifier and the ENGL Special Edition, and it worked really well. It was an idea that Zach [Ohren] of Castle Ultimate Studios had. I’d say my favorite head that I’ve used is probably the ENGL Special Edition, just because of how cutting and razor-sharp the notes are rather than being a more open woofy sound like a Rectifier has. We blended the two – best of both worlds.

WOBC: Any favorite guitars?

EL: Well, I’m endorsed by Jackson. I like the Soloist, and I like the R1T. Another thing I forgot to mention that we did on this album that we haven’t done before was the incorporation of seven-strings. We have that low end going on, which we haven’t used before.

WOBC: Anything else you’d like to add?

EL: I hope people like the new album; we put a lot of effort into it. Stay patient with us as far as getting out on the road. That’s the biggest thing we really want to do again. Thanks for the support.

Portals to Canaan comes out June 25 on Unique Leader. Preorder packages are available here. The 9th annual Bloodletting North America tour, featuring Unique Leader artists Gorod, Inanimate Existence, and Kamikabe, will be stopping in Lakewood on May 13. Full dates available here.

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