WOBC’s Top 10 CMJ Playlist 11/11/13

^ 10 nu @1Bum$


1. Arcade Fire – Reflektor


2. Drake – Nothing Was The Same


3. Sebadoh – Defend Yourself


4. Raspberry Bulbs – Deformed Worship


5. Shannon and the Clams – Dreams in the Rat House


6. Nguzunguzu – Skycell


7. Courtney Barnett – The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas


8. Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven


9. DJ Rashad – Double Cup


10. Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio 2


Apply to be Winter Term Station Manager

Dear Station,

Looking for a Winter Term project? We urge you to apply for the Winter Term Station Manager or Winter Term Engineer positions at WOBC. You will be responsible for programming and operation of the radio station. It is a great opportunity to get more involved with the station, and you will earn a Winter Term Credit.

Please send to me a short statement of interest that includes your previous experience with the station and a few words about why we should choose you.


The WOBC Executive Board



Everybody’s favorite Brazilian psychedelic tropcalia-punk band OS MUTANTES is coming to the ‘Sco tomorrow night!


Os Mutantes + Capsula

10 PM

The ‘Sco

$5 OC ID / $12 WO

WOBC was very lucky to give away two pairs of tickets to the show. DJs that gave away the tickets wrote a lil somethin’ bout their favorite Os Mutantes song to get ready for the show:


“Deculpe, babe” … a song I first heard the summer after 10th grade. I was very sad that summer, listening almost exclusively to the Velvet Underground and Yo La Tengo. Walking by the train tracks at dusk, trying to teach myself to whistle and be “ok on my own”. It was relatively fruitless, but that’s hard to tell when you’re ****** all the time. Then I found this song. A friend showed it to me. I lay down with my hands behind my head and closed me eyes. It was late at night. The words were sweet and sonorous, but the energy was sweeter. Have you ever watched that movie Enter the Void? When I listened to this song, the vinyl crackling hypnotically behind the rhythms, the guitar line drifting fluidly through my brain, I felt like what happens in that movie. Except it wasn’t fucked up or tragic or depressing or scary. It was peaceful, sublime, transcendent. It was a release, a solace, a sensual bliss that seemed to dissipate my sorrows from right before my eyes, like when you wake up startled and confused and wipe the crusty film that formed while you slept from your eyes. My depression was the film; “Desculpe, babe” was the hand smearing the film away. – Plett


My favorite Os Mutantes song is “Que Tem Medo de Brincar de Amor”, from their 1970 album “A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado.” It’s a perfect mix of Os Mutantes’  psychedelic rock sound and a more pop-rock, Beach Boys-influenced sound, in terms of its usage of various sound effects (a la “You Still Believe in Me” and many of the other tracks on “Pet Sounds”) and the California-esque accent that Rita Lee takes on at various points throughout the track. – Melissa 


The burst of manic laughter that begins A Minha Menina is the perfect way to start a song that sounds sort the Black Lips if they had been playing in the 60’s… and were Brazilian. So maybe not that much like the Black Lips after all. But that same sense of a wild good time is there. A Minha Menina (My Girl) is a song for those days when nothing gets done, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.-Alex


WOBC LFSB 005: Justice Coin

Live From Studio B 2

Live From Studio B welcomes Justice Coin to the studio with the Fifth Live From Studio B Session!!


Live From Studio B Also now has a Bandcamp! So you can listen to and download each and every set as they come up!







Keep listening Sundays at 1pm for more live music!


Show of the Week – “90’s Array”

Jamie has a good show. It is during punk night. Here is what the inside of his brain looks like:

what’s your show called and when is it?
it’s the “90’s Array,” 7pm//Wednesdays

your show in 3 words

indie rock orgy

compare your show to a movie… why that movie?

toy story because it makes you want a jetpack

sample playlist:
Man Or Astro-man? – Tomorrow Plus X
Don Caballero – Fire Back About Your New Baby’s Sex
Silkworm – Yen + Janet Forever
Unwound – Envelope
Shellac – Paco
Songs:Ohia – Farewell Transmission
The New Year – The Company I Can Get
Silver Jews – The Frontier Index
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Cup of Dreams
The Sound – The Fire
Six Finger Satellite – Parlour Games
Big Black  – Kerosene
favorite band right now:
slint guitarist david pajo’s solo project Pajo
your favorite WOBC show:

Orly Vermes//It came from the garage//1 AM Thursday

who in the world do you wish would listen to your show (dead or alive)?
my dog because he lives to rock

Great Cover Debate Pt. 1

Tomorrow” : The Durutti Column vs. Espers


Winner: The Durutti Column

Not a clear win by any means, but The Durutti Column‘s original version is flawless. The intro seems to drag on forever, but it totally works. Sort of goes by the idea of just enough, no more + no less; sparse strings, sparse vocals + the overall being deserted on your honeymoon in a cabana vibe. Compare this to Espers‘s take — the wind pipe or whatever… very nice. Psychedelic, airy, but a bit too “emotional”. I prefer the original — super melancholic but not too burnt about it. That said, the wooden chimes at the end are pretty cool too.


WOBC Showpaper #3 11/4 – 11/12

SO much coming up ! 11/12 looks especially promising..

Tuesday, November 5



Cat in the Cream Open Mic : @ Cat in the Cream, 8 PM, free

Come at 7:30 to perform, 8:00 to hear an assortment of Obie acts!

Friday, November 8


Stereocure Fall Tour Finale : Novelty Daughter, Kuh-Lida, THiNK @ ASK FOR ADDRESS, 9 PM

No way to describe all these artists — see it 2 believe it

Saturday, November 9



Don GK’s Flight to Brazil : @ Slow Train, 9 PM, free

“Bossa Nova, samba, Tropicalia, and Choro” — I like all of these things

Sunday, November 10



Dope Body: Dope Body + Raspberry Bulbs @ The ‘Sco, 10 PM, $3 OCID/$10 W.O

Super energetic punk metal noise RAWWHHHK

Tuesday, November 12



Keith Rowe Residency : Keith Rowe @ Fairchild Chapel, 8 PM, FREE

Prepared guitar, endless improvisations, surprising instruments



Mutual Benefit : Mutual Benefit, Countless Others, Dear Commonwealth + 10HL @ 3 Door Studio, 8 PM, Donations Recommended

Ultra-satisfying DIY :  a lil twee, a lil psychedelic, a lot of harmonies



Os Mutantes : Os Mutantes + Capsula @ The ‘Sco, 10 PM, $5 OCID/$12 W.O

NOT TO BE MISSED; legendary Brazilian feel-good, sounds-good, dances-good music!!

Got any additions? Send to: music@wobc.org

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