WOBC-LFSB 007: Idol Hour!!

Live From Studio B 2

So so pleased to present the 7th Live From studio B!

Idol Hour Really really killed it on this one. Great band filled with great guys!

Check it out!! Keep listening at 1PM-2PM on sundays!






Next to be posted is Reformer!

Sexualized Violence Awareness Week

A special week of news + programming on the impact of sexualized violence in our community:

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 4.29.08 PM

Programming runs from December 7-14th

Beginning this saturday when FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture comes to Oberlin!

*Interviews with the OSCA SOPAs + OSWELL Sexualized Violence Coordinators,
*Personal narratives
*Interviews with the student body
*Discussion of the changes regarding oberlin’s sexual offense policy
*& more content coming

In partnership with:
Oberlin Sic
Oberlin Oswell
Sexual Offense Policy Advocates
WOBC News + Public Affairs

Tune into 91.5 fm at the top of every even hour to hear news, stories, and information about sexualized violence

If you have questions or would like to get involved, please email apost@oberlin.edu or shess@oberlin.edu

All audio will be archived in an Audio Zine, to be available for download on our website beginning Sunday, December 15th.

WOBC LFSB 006: Sea Pups

Live From Studio B 1

Its been a while since our last Release- But Live From Studio B now presents Sea Pups!! It was a pleasure to have these guys in the studio and they sound awesome!

Live From Studio B would also like to apologize to both our audience as wellas Sea Pups. Because of unforeseen technical difficulties- We regret to inform you we will not be posting any videos of this amazing session.

Keep Listening! Our next release will be Idol Hour!


WOBC LFSB 006: Sea Pups | WOBC 91.5FM- Live From Studio B.


*Recommended by Librarian Zoe G*

Jesse Beef-Patty

what/when is your show?

My show is Jesse’s Juicy Patties. Catch me on WOBC every Friday Midnight to 1 AM (technically saturday morning). I play only the finest hand-selected trax from the collections of the one and only DJ. J. Walnut.  only the hottest r&b cla$$ics, hip hop gold, p funk jamz, irie riddems, & all things tight for your friday night.

sample playlist:
a quick sampling of some Juicy Patties played on my show:
Shake Your Pants- CAMEO
Good Luv’n- BJ The Chicago Kid
Nuttin But Love- Heavy D & The Boys
Saddest Day- Wayne Wonder
Synthesizer – Outkast
Heads High – Mr. Vegas
One Nation Under A Groove- Funkadelic
Get Up Offa That Thang – James Brown
Sim Simma – Beenie Man
Its A Party – Busta Rhymes
Oh My God (Remix)- A Tribe Called Quest
Lodi Dodi – Snoop Dogg
Summer Time (NOLA BOUNCE REMIX) – The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
if you could have anyone alive or dead hear your show, who would it be?
If I could have anyone listen to this show, it would be Funk Master Flex, then he could further my radio career and give me late nights on HOT 97, also Michelle Obama, because I think she would like it alot.  ( I love WOBC though, I wish I could have a show on wobc for the rest of my life.  100% serious, doing my radio show is without a doubt the best hour of my week every week, and I try to make it the same way for my listeners)
is your show more of a dog or cat person?
My show is definitely more of a dog person, atomic dog that is.  or a hot dog, fresh n juicy.
what’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
 the best concert I’ve ever been to?  that’s really tough.  I saw the P-Funk allstars several years ago at the BB King club and I seriously lost my shit at that show.  I saw James Brown a year before he died, and I feel really lucky to have seen that.  As far as oberlin shows go, Freddie Gibbs was really fun, first person I’ve seen to spark a ***** in the sco and he got the whole crowd to shout “**** police” over and over which I found pretty entertaining.  There’s too many good shows to count, and I know as soon as I send this interview I’m gunna remember one thats way better than all these.
if you could only hear one album for the rest of your life what would it be?
 One album for the rest of my life? another tough question but I’ve already thought about this so its easy.  “The Low End Theory” by A Tribe Called Quest.  I think Tribe is as close as you can get to perfect music.  this album fits every mood, I can party to it, chill to it, eat to it, put it on first thing in the morning to get up and goin, or put it on at night before I go to bed, I even lost my virginity to this album.  hands down, The Low End Theory for the rest of my life.  done and done.
got a show you want to nominate for show of the week? email music@wobc.org

Vinyl Finds from the WOBC Vault

Every week, vinyl workgroup dives into the deepest depths of the labyrinthine world of WOBC’s vinyl vault. The collection, stretching back to the 60s, is of a rare kind – it doesn’t just have the hits and the classics, it has the albums singles companies wanted to be hits, the double albums they wanted to be classics, the strange compilations, the complete musical failures that quickly went into obscurity, the undiscovered gems that never saw much light. Here are some particular interesting ones we picked out – and DJs, if you want to play these on your show, you can find them on the “best of vinyl” shelf in the public affairs room.

“Daydreamers” by Nelories, off of Daisy (1994, Sugarfrost) | Japanese alt-indie-ACCORDION-pop duo from the 90s. Weren’t expecting that part, were you.


“Elephant Stone (7″ Single Version)” by the Stone Roses (1988, Silvertone) | An acid indie rock jam.


“Holotelani” by Nelcy Sedibe off of The Indestructible Beat of Soweto (1985, Shanachie Records) | An important compilation from the 80s of a wide variety of South African artists – never disappoints!


Soul to Soul (1971, Atlantic) | Soundtrack from a film of a 1971 concert in Ghana of American soul, R&B, and rock musicians – Wilson Pickett, Ike & Tina Turner, Santana, Roberta Flack, The Staples Singers and more.


Who is Hunx + His Punx?



Hunx + His Punx & Shannon + The Clams

The ‘Sco


10 PM

$5 OC ID/ $15 W.O

Hunx + His Punx is a rush of warped 60’s girl-group harmonies, explicit + tasty lyrics directed towards the glammest, hippest qts + a major disregard for anyone without a certain careless attitude. Seth Bogert + Shannon Shaw (Shannon and the Clams) created the group, and together, they create some weirdly nostalgic, party-ready anthems. Words that can be associated with HahP include: teenage meltdown, tight spandex booty shorts, seven minutes in heaven, mischief night, TP-ing your math teacher’s house, eating a bunch of frosted cupcakes, wearing glitter eyeshadow, stealing your parents’s holiday rum, etc. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Bogert:

REAXI read an article where you made out with a bunch of people in the front row of the audience and you got strep-throat.
HUNX: Oh my god I did.

You heard it here first: you could maybe make out with the hotties in Hunx + His Punx if you come to the show tomorrow night at the ‘Sco!



WOBC’s Top Ten CMJ Playlist 11/25/13


this is what is hot now

1. Tim Hecker – Virgins


2. Songs: Ohia – Magnolia Electric Co.


3. Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs EP


4. Cass McCombs – Big Wheels and Others


5. Arcade Fire – Reflketor


6. Giraffage – Needs


7. Disclosure – Settle


8. Quilt – Arctic Shark


9. Hunx & His Punx – Street Punk


10. Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe


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