~ Apply to be Hip Hop Genre Director Spring 2014 ~

Are you obsessed with hip-hop?


Do you love discussing new releases with friends?


Apply to be WOBC’s Spring 2014 Hip Hop Genre Director!


Some information about the position:
The hip hop genre director should create a weekly chart for their genre detailing newly added music and run a workgroup to process and file new and old music within their genre. Each genre director is responsible for contacting labels and promotion companies in their genre.  Genre directors also are expected to recruit DJs to apply to shows within their genre, work with the Promotions Department to raise awareness about their genre and assist the Program Director in evaluating applications within their genre. Knowledge of musical styles in their genre and familiarity with the community of musicians and aficionados of that genre on campus is a plus in this position.  Genre directors should solicit ideas for projects from the members of the group. Send questions to music@wobc.org. Applications due Friday, February 6th to music@wobc.org

Are you ready for another great year of 91.5 FM? The Spring 2014 Application is online!


We are very excited to get going with all the fun things that WOBC has planned for this spring, including our annual block party, our softball team, and various exciting attempts to expand programming and outreach so that WOBC can be a better resource for everyone.

We know you are all excited to get on the air, some of your for the FIRST TIME, and we can’t wait to see what ideas you have. To apply for a radioshow you can click on the “apply” tab on the website, or click here.

The deadline for applications is 11:59 PM on Friday, Feb 7.

Applying for a radio show, and being a DJ, are not the only ways to be involved with WOBC! We need a lot of help and a lot of people with various levels of skills, expertise and good ideas. If you’d like to learn more about all the possible ways to make WOBC a better resource for the community please come to our All-Station Meeting, which will be in West Lecture Hall (now Nancy Schrom Dye Lecture Hall) at 117 Woodland St. in Oberlin, Ohio on Tuesday, Feb 11.



Apply to be director of Talk & Public Affairs!


WOBC is looking for a Talk & Public Affairs director for the spring semester. This position works with organizations around the college and community to produce Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for the station. As you may know, WOBC is required to play two PSAs per hour, and the station runs 24 hours a day. This means that producing PSAs is essential to keeping the station running properly.

Unlike many radio stations that play pre-written or pre-recorded announcements, WOBC started writing and recording our own PSAs a few years ago in order to provide announcements that are more relevant and engaging to our listenership. We try to maintain a balance of PSAs that refer to upcoming events in and around the Oberlin Community, introduce the listenership to the services and goals of different organizations, and deliver general messages that serve the public interest.

Talk & Public Affairs directors are responsible for: contacting organizations and helping them write PSAs; recording and editing PSAs using Pro-Tools or other audio editing software; running workgroup once a week; and attending regular WOBC staff meetings. If you are interested in this position but do not have experience with Pro-Tools, please still apply – we can teach you!

This is not a paid position. However, it is fun, builds important skills (especially if you plan to continue with radio), and looks great on a resume! If you have any questions, email apost@oberlin.eduTo apply, send a short statement of interest to wobc@oberlin.edu.

Winter Term Show Applications Are LIVE


If you are in the area this January, consider applying for a Winter Term show. It’s a great opportunity to have a show if you’ve never had one before, or to experiment with a theme you’d be too afraid to try during the school year. You can access the application here. Questions? Contact WT managers Zoë and Matan at owobc@oberlin.edu.


Here are some important dates:

11:59 pm, January 7: applications due

6pm January 9: schedule up outside the station

January 10: all-station meeting (time and place TBD)

8am January 11: programming begins



2013: WOBC Staff’s Top Five Lists

I asked the staff to make a top five list of anything music-related in 2013; some DJs were more ‘creative’ than others:

†0p 5 “moments” of 2K13 (in backwards chronological order)
Nick, Engineer, punk director

Note: pic taken before nick made KG smle

1. making kim gordon smile one time 

2. making masami akita (merzbow) smile one time

3. novice,  LFSB: 002

4. summer 2013

5. wildboy live set in hark 312

Top Five Albums of 2013
Liam: Traffic Director    


1. Double Cup–(DJ Rashad/DJ Spinn)


2. Settle–(Disclosure)


3. Send A Prayer EP–(Motor City Drum Ensemble)

4. Boat Party–(Kyle Hall)

5. Caramel–(Connan Mockasin)

Top 5 New Music
Sivan: Vinyl Director  


1. Greg Stuart & Michael Pisaro – Closed Categories in Cartesian Worlds


Julia Holter – Loud City Song


3. Greg Stuart & Joe Panzner – Dystonia Duos

4. Greg Stuart & Antoine Beuger – Sixteen Stanzas on Stillness and Music Unheard

5. Tom Johnson & Samuel Vriezen – The Chord Catalogue; Within Fourths/Within Fifths

“I don’t listen to enough new music, but I do listen to a lot of New Music, i.e. contemporary classical music, which doesn’t usually take its form in albums. Here’s a small collection of what has, though. Greg Stuart is a wonderful percussionist who had an extremely productive year, performing works by Michael Pisaro and Antoine Beuger and collaborating with electronic artist Joe Panzner. He and Panzner will be in Oberlin in March performing their own music and a (different) piece by Pisaro. Julia Holter is now more firmly in the “pop” world, but she studied composition with Pisaro. Her newest album is, this is not really a hyperbole, indescribably good. Her background shows, but only in a good way. Finally, a recording that actually matters of an “old” classical piece (on the label founded by Beuger) – Samuel Vriezen performs Tom Johnson’s 1986 piece “The Chord Catalogue,” which systematically presents every possible chord within a single octave at lightning fast speed.”

Top 5 tracks to ignore-hw-and-hit-the-beer-bong-instead-to
Aria: co-Promo

download (1) 1. “Let it Go” – A$AP Ferg — first track on an all around great album, Ferg’s v recent Trap Lord


2. “Dark Horse” – Katy Perry, Juicy J — better than ur thinking it’ll be, trust


3. “Play” – David Banner — nasty

4. Female$ Welcomed – Trinidad James — a nice gesture

5. Splash Waterfalls – Ludacris — ya

Top Five Albums
Chuck: Freeform Director

images (1)

1.  Stephan Mathieu-   The Falling Rocket   (dekorder records)


2. Pinkcourtesyphone-  Foley Folley Follo   (boomkat)


3. Novi Sad-   Neuroplanets   (subrosa)

4. Mind Over Mirrors-  When The Rest Are Up At Four  (immune)

5. Roly Porter-  Life Cycle Of A Massive Star  (subtext)

Top five hip-hop of 2013
Cornell: hip-hop

download (2)

1. Yeezus- Kanye West


2. OLD- Danny Brown


3. My Name is my Name- Pusha T

4. The Night’s Gambit- Ka


5. Doris- Earl

5. Tape 2- Young Fathers

5.Indigoism- The Underachievers

5.Nostalgic 64- Denzel Curry

Top Five Albums (in no order)
Max: co-Outreach Director


Autre Ne Veut – Anxiety


Speedy Ortiz – Major Arcana


Jai Paul – demos

Kanye West – Yeezus

My Bloody Valentine – mbv

beautiful music/beautiful ladies 2013
Ali Post: Program Director

images (3)

Valerie June, Somebody to Love


Courtney Barnett, Avant Gardener


Angel Olsen, Forgiven/Forgotten 

Laura Mvula, Make Me Lovely

Jessy Lanza (covering Phyllis Nelson), Move Closer 

(okay some of these r mixtapes but whatevz)
Eve P-S: Co-Promo

download (2)








(rly into hip-hop what can i say)

the top 5 worst dance song titles of 2013 
will: electronic director


5) Joy Orbison – Big Room Tech House DJ Tool – TIP! (Nonplus) 


4) Sally Shapiro – This City’s Local Italo DJ Has A Crush On Me (Paper Bag Records) 


3) InnerShades – Nina At The Boiler Room (Creme Organization) 

2) Twinpeaks – Not That Tech House DJ Tool Dropped by Paris Hilton You Were Searching For (Local Talk Records) 

1) Four Tet – The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room (Text Records) 

Top 5 sickest dance records of 2013 that I forgot to buy and are now prohibitively expensive
will: electronic director


1) Various – NDTL Special Edition 2013 (Wild Oats Music)

Slept through the event that the Wild Oats guys were selling this record at… best Kyle Hall tune ever pressed IMO


2) Greg Beato – Apron EP (Apron Records)

3) Stephan Encinas – Disco Illusion (Invisible City Edition)

(arguably) one of the rarest disco records ever got repressed this year / already $100+


4) Willie Burns – Overlord EP (Trilogy Tapes)

5) Kowton – F U All The Time (White Label)

five music things i am so excited about
alison: music director

download (4)

1. perfect p*ssy 


2. profligate


3. russian tsarlag

4. the container video by lsdc

5. people playing music that were hesitant to but now do it and feel good about it


five must-watch vids that describe my 2013
alison: music director


5 songs that I like
jack: treasurer

download (3)



Martha Wash – Now That You’re Gone
L.W.H. ft. Main Attrakionz – Draco Jr. 
Three 6 Mafia – Late Night Tip
2NE1 – It Hurts

my top five (in no order)
Michael: station manager


1. sunbather – deafheaven


2. no regerts – chastity belt


3. zula – this hopeful

4. tim hecker – virgins

5. drake – nothing was the same

Thanks for a great year!!!! WE LOVE ALL OUR LISTENERS!

//WOBC Featured on MTVU’s College Radio Countdown

WOBC was recently featured on MTU’s College Radio Countdown. The Board was asked to prepare a 1 minute video and a 10-song playlist that represented an aspect of the station. The Board took this request and created a super-weird response.

1474361_615187391871232_388035521_n (1)

Check it out here: WOBC ON MTVU

Get More:

Special thanks to Sophie H. and Casey S. for working overtime to make this beauty and to Meg + MTVU for thinkin of us 🙂

WOBC-LFSB 008: Reformer

Proud to Present the 8th installment of Live From Studio B- Reformer!!

Reformer is Mj Robinson, Zakk Bluford, Jamie Helmsworth, Alison Kozol and Michael Stenovec!

Check it out! They were a pleasure to have in the studio and sounded amazing!






Check out the bandcamp too!



Keep listening! Fatalists up this Sunday at 1PM!

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