WOBC Live From Studio B 002- Novice

Live From Studio B 3

We from Live From Studio B present the second installment in the show, Novice!


Check out these videos and more on the WOBC LFSB channel here–


This Set and more available for download here!–



Latin@ Heritage Month Presents: WAVY SPICE @ The Sco 9/27

wavy spice

Come out and support Latin@ Heritage Month with Wavy Spice, a Latina MC all the way from Spanish Harlem, NYC. Enjoy bachata, merengue, salsa, and reggaeton for the rest of the night.





Live From Studio B On the Air

Today marked the first On-Air session of Live From Studio B!! We kicked it off with Novice, an Oberlin based, high energy Math-rock group. Keep your eyes/ears pealed for footage and recordings of the session!

And keep listening to Live From Studio B! Sundays 1-2!

Live From Studio B


WOBC Live From Studio B 001- Nagual

Live From Studio B is a new show on WOBC featuring live sessions of great local and touring bands!

Every Sunday at 1pm well go live on FM 91.5 and on WOBC.org with a new and exciting act playing just for you! Each session will be recorded and videotaped so after you listen on the radio, you can come to WOBC.org and watch the session as well as download the music!

The inaugural session comes from Nagual. Nagual is a musical duo formed in Oberlin in 2010. It consists of David Shapiro (Guitar, Loops) & Ian McColm (Guitar, Voice, Loops, Drums).

Tune in at 1pm on sundays (beginning on september 22) to catch the next installment!

This and all recordings made available for download here.


Audio Grassroots, or Why I Love Community Radio



I grew up listening to college radio.  From reggae to radio skits, my local stations always played things I had never heard, and that I never would have on commercial radio.  When I was in middle school, I experimented by listening to a Top 40 station for a week, and heard the same 7 teeny-angst anthems over and over and over.  Some people joke about how stations like these have a super-short playlist that they use constantly, and at the end of that formative week, I became convinced that corporate radio is a mind-numbing tool to keep us down.  I switched the dial on my boom box and resolved to keep community radio thriving.

Community radio is like an aural public library where all the authors, illustrators, journalists, and scientists are reading aloud to you.  I believe in alternative news sources, in underground music, in audio grassroots.  Public radio is a stellar platform for social justice [if you haven’t heard of the Prometheus Radio Project you should absolutely check it out], a powerful tool for inciting positive change.  For all y’all who are moved by music and spoken word, put that passion on the airwaves and help bring that power to the people.

Here’s to the revolution,




New deadline for applications for fall programming: sunday at 11:59 pm

After applications are in, we will post the final schedule by 10pm on wednesday sept 11 outside of WOBC.

All DJs are required to then attend the all station meeting, at 9pm on thursday sept 12.

Fill out the application here: wobc.org/apply


Apply for Fall Programming!


Radio fans, the time has come: the new semester is upon us and thus we are commanded to rock the airwaves, fall ’13 style.

Interested in having your very own show? Just fill out an application at wobc.org/apply by Friday, September 6! No experience necessary!

Got a question? Contact us here.