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*trigger warning, this post speaks about sexualized violence*

I’ve listened to the song Oblivion, by Grimes, bazillions of times.  I waltzed back and forth to it in my freshman dorm on saturday nights, cooed along with it while doing my homework, defended Grimes when people started to say she was a lame sugar coated fairy princess and she wasn’t doing anything original (whatever guys, I still luvvv her)

Then, a few months ago, one of my friends told me that the song is actually about Claire Boucher’s experience with a sexual assault.  Boucher gave an interview to Spin Magazine in which she said that she sings this song at every one of her shows.  She talks about her identity as this super feminized, sweet kind of girl, and how this song quietly subverts that image.  Says Boucher:

 “Oblivion” embodies that kind of archetype, going into this masculine world that is associated with sexual assault, but presented as something really welcoming and nice. The song’s sort of about being — I was assaulted and I had a really hard time engaging in any types of relationship with men, because I was just so terrified of men for a while.

Blue Stockings published a wonderful piece that goes into this more — they say it better than I can.  However, I wanted to share this song with you all as we reach our half way point in our station wide Sexual Harassment workshops. Thank you to all who’ve attended, and if you haven’t please do — not only is it actually mandatory, but it is also something that is super meaningful and relevant to our community.  One thing that we’ve talked about at all of these workshops is the meaning of rape culture, and I think that this little song really drives it home.  Rape culture it not something that we engage with every once in a blue moon — it’s a part of our daily lives.  It’s a culture that reinforces racism, sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, ableism, and many other forms of marginalization and oppression.  And it’s a culture that comes precisely from the places we don’t expect, like music.

As DJs at this community station, we make the choices about what we play, and the messages we put into the airwaves.  As you put together your playlists this week, remember this: we have the amazing, beautiful freedom as media makers to reject and transform the things that piss us off, and to celebrate the things that make us feel powerful.

I’ll be playing a little bit of Grimes.

–Sophie, News Director

Below you will find a digital, color version of our zine, Listen Up, Listen In.  

Who ARE Nick Hennies and Bromp Treb?

Nick Hennies, Bromp Treb, and the Stranahan-Miralia duo are playing at Fairchild Chapel on March 17 at 9:30 PM. FB Event.

Nick Hennies

Why should I watch a man play nothing but a single snare drum for twenty minutes? Because that man is Nick Hennies.

Nick Hennies is about as versatile as someone who bangs on things  for a living can get. Classically trained, he studied with renowned contemporary music guru Steve Schick at UC-San Diego. He then found himself in Austin, where he co-founded critically acclaimed band The Weird Weeds. Meanwhile, he also became known for his performances of experimental contemporary music by composers like John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger, and even revered outsider artist Jandek. He’s also a composer in his own right. So saying Nick Hennies would be doing nothing but playing a single snare drum for twenty minutes is like saying you’d be doing nothing but listening to a single Pink Floyd album for twenty minutes. Yes, I am saying that a single snare drum can equal a Pink Floyd album in depth and complexity. If you’re not a huge fan of Pink Floyd, it will surpass it easily. Just don’t expect him to do any covers.

If Nick Hennies is the stoic liberator of hidden sounds, Bromp Treb is the court jester peddling the wonderful and weird. Perhaps you know him as a member of celebrated avant-rock masters Fat Worm of Error (Oberlin visitors just a couple years back). Bromp Treb is a surprise at every turn, a ritual-like hodgepodge of noises and dramatic gestures, mixed up so much until you’re not sure what is man and what is machine.

WOBC’s CMJ Top Ten Playlist 3/10/14




  • Angel Olsen  – Burn Your Fire For No Witness
  • Mac DeMarco – Salad Days
  • Tim Hecker – Virgins
  • Marissa Nadler – July
  • The Roots – & Then You Shoot Your Cousin
  • Garrett Walters – Winter Tour Demo 2014

  • Sharon Jones + The Dap-Kings – Give the People What They Want
  • Beck – Morning Phase

  • Perfect Pussy – I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling
  • Julianna Barwick – Nepenthe


what is your show? When is your show?
My show is Saudade, 7-8 Wednesday mornings.
describe your show in three words:
Soothing, refined, nostalgic
what would your show smell like if it were a perfume/cologne?
Waters of March Fragrance
who introduced you to the music you like?
A friend gave me an Astrud Gilberto album in high school.
sample playlist:
Berimbau – Astrud Gilberto

Só Tinha De Ser Come Você – Elis Regina, Antonio Carlos Jobim

O Barquinho – Paulinho Nogueira

Dindi – Astrud Gilberto
Sabe Você – Os Cariocas
Chega de Saudade – João Gilberto
Samba de Orly – Toquinho, Chico Buarque

Aguas de Março (feat. Cris Delano) – Bossacucanova

Corcovado – Stan Getz, João Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim
what is the ideal party setting for your show?
Rooftop in Rio
what’s your favorite show on wobc?
Imaginary Landscapes favorite show no competition

WOBC-LFSB 013 and 014!– Krill and Ava Luna

Both of these bands absolutely killed it! Ava Luna played a great show the night before at the Cat and we were really excited to be able to get both Krill and Ava Luna in for a session. They were really a pleasure to have in the studio and we wish them luck in their tour and at SXSW!!





Ava Luna–



As always– You can check out the Whole sessions on the Live From Studio B Bandcamp Page!




We all picked a song just for you! In order of when each staff member emailed back from soonest to latest:

Copyright: Sage Schmett (Her amazing Nail collection)

Sophie (News): Bobby Womack (Feat. Lana Del Rey) – Dayglo Reflection

Rebecca (International): The Ra Band – Messages from the Stars

Ivan (Pop): Drive Like Jehu – Luau

Emma (Outreach): Junior Byles – Curly Locks

Alison (Music Director): Patricia (Feat. Jahiliyya Fields) – Inhalants

Joey (Operations): Michel’le – Something in my Heart

Michael (Station Manager): Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – The December Riots

Jack (Treasurer): Mina Mazzini – Se Telefonando

Asher (Pop): Rich Homie Quan – Type of Way

Nick (Enginner/Some Punk): La Misma – Saudade

Max (Outreach): Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy -Knockturne

Zoe (Talk/PA): Ted Lucas – Plain and Sane and Simple Melody

Charles (Studio B): Guerilla Toss – Kicked Back Into the Crypt

Sivan (Vinyl): Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing

Charles (Freeform): Mohn – Evertplatz 2000

Will (Electronic): DJ Rush – Dance Mania

Arianne (Hip-Hop): K. Michelle – Can’t Raise a Man




Brenda last FM

What is your show called? When is it?

Our show is African Jam Session, Mondays 5-6pm


Describe your show in 3 words:

Crazy. Sexy. Cool.


Sample playlist of show:

1. Pata Pata- Temi Dollface(Nigeria)

2. Skelewu-Davido(Nigeria)

3. Batonga- Angelique Kidjo(Benin)

4. Les disques de Mon Pere– Youssoupha (Congo)

5. Vuli Ndlela- Brenda Fassie (South Africa)

6. Premier Gaou-Magic System (Cote d’ Ivoire)

7. Sorkode- Keche (Ghana)

8. Jika- Mi Casa (South Africa)

9. Come Over- Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania)

10. Kognini- Espoir 2000  (Cote d’ Ivoire)

11. Come on Man- Toofan (Togo)

12. I Found A Way- Werrason ft. Mohombi (DRC)

13. 3 Points- Gasmilla (Ghana)

14. Fere Na Fere-Cheick Tidiane Seck (Mali)

15 Sounsoumba – Oumou Sangare (Mali)

16. Motherland by Yvonne Chaka Chaka (South Africa)


What is the biggest inspiration for your show?

The motherland and the dismal lack of African music you hear being played here in the U.S., while in many parts of Africa the billboards are topped with U.S. artists.


If you could have anyone alive or dead listen to your show, who would it be?

We’re 4.5% sure that Lupita Nyong’o already listens, but if she like called in every Monday and was like “Hey guys you’re the best let’s all party with Jared Leto” it would be super awesome.


What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Mayowa (DJ Pumbaa)- I think I’ll always hold a special spot in my heart for Phoenix, because that was the first concert I went to

Eni (DJ Timon) – BET 106&Park tour It was the best as in it was the cheapest, I got to see Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Young Joc, and some other obscure artists for 10 bucks my freshman year of high school.


What is your favorite WOBC show?

Bruxxsel …we don’t know what the title means, but the music is groovy! Sundays at 9 pm


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