Rachel’s show is very good. READ ONchococone
what/when is your show?
六年代(rokujunendai) on Mondays @6 PM.
The show name means “the sixties” in Japanese. I play a lot of garage and psych music from East Asia, as well as from Southeast and South Asia. I have a heart for ballads though, so it can be very sentimental at times. Sometimes i speak really bad Japanese on the show. I often get scared that my dad is listening.
what is the best live show you’ve ever seen?
When I was 15 I went to an Of Montreal concert in New York City. They really know how to entertain – there was a white horse on stage, and Kevin Barnes sat on it while wearing tiny metallic gold underwear.
what inspires your radio program?
Shout out to my roots. I was living in Japan last semester and got involved in the Tokyo electronic scene. I came back to the states and thought, “What was the stuff my dad listened to while growing up?” I like listening to old Japanese pop songs, a lot of it can be really bad though, so I started checking out other music coming from Asia during that time period. Indonesia killed it with garage music. Korea has some wonderful more balladic music that features really strong women vocals.
if your radio show was a flavor of ice cream, what would the flavor be?
I think it would be dark chocolate, but that’s just because I like it.
what’s the best mix cd u ever got?
From this person who was crushing hard on me. The person almost exclusively listened to punk, and chose the best, most sentimental songs. Kitchen’s floor and Little Joy were both on the mix! I was in love…except I really wasn’t.
what’s your fav radio show?
Really hard, but I enjoy Bruxxels Radio. One time they were having a give away to the 4th caller. I called in, and I am pretty sure I was not the 4th caller, but the show was going to end soon. They sent me a mix cd and some creepy blue smurf candies. Smurfs are the worst.

sample playlist:

papa wa mama ni ikareteru the peanuts

crying in a storm, emy jackson


tak mau, the singers

그녀의 입술은 달콤해, the key boys

tumpas, adnan othman

no no boy, the spiders

teluk bayar, ernie djohan


The Kings Collective Radio Show, Sun 9-10 am

Print block by Naomi Garber

The Kings Collective Free Form Radio Show airs Sunday mornings from 9:00am-10:00am on WOBC, Oberlin College and Community Radio.

This show seeks to serve as a resource and nexus of information for local community members who are affected by incarceration, both personally or through family and friends. Shows vary weekly, with interviews from community members who are currently organizing against mass incarceration and involved in re-entry work in North East, Ohio. This show is a platform for incarcerated individuals in the surrounding area to submit their writings to be read over the air.

Each week our playlists are created in collaboration with people who are currently incarcerated. Calls from family and friends who are reaching out to individuals incarcerated within the broadcast width are welcome and encouraged to call and have their messages of love played during the show.

Prisons are powerful because they silence and disappear the people that they lock away. Finding ways to hear those voices is an act of resistance and love.

By creating new and expressive ways to communicate, little by little, we break down those walls through the air waves. While communities may be separated by bars, we hope that we can use the radio to connect those on the inside with those of us who are on the outside.

For more information, contact Kaela Sanborn-Hum at ksanborn@oberlin.edu or Jamie Gerber at jgerber@oberlin.edu

Hear the November 3 show here:


WOBC’s Top Ten CMJ Playlist 11/18/13



1. Kelela – Cut 4 Me 

2. Nate Young – Regression – NNA Tapes

3. Drake – Nothing Was The Same

4. Cass McCombs – Big Wheels + Others

5. Death Grips – Government Plates

6. Ducktails – Wish Hotel

7. Chastity Belt – No Regerts

8. Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now

9. Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart 

10. Courtney Barnett – The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas

Call in requests @ 440-775-8139





Cymbals Eat Guitars + Stagnant Pools 

10 pm

The ‘Sco

$3 OC ID / $8 WO

We’ve all heard of Cymbals Eat Guitars, but what about Stagnant Pools? DJ Alex has the “inside scoop”:


Stagnant Pools are one of those bands I found through another band that I found through another band on Facebook. This was a few years ago, at the height of my My Bloody Valentine phase, and not long after my brother and I started our two-piece band, The Gentlemen Broncos. So of course I was excited by two people playing something like shoegaze. The song “Consistency” really struck a cord with me. The swirling distortion was everything I loved about shoegaze, and proof that two people could make that sound. Plus the opening line (“This i the last place that I want to be…”) is dramatic in all the right ways. My brother and I never actually wrote any shoegaze, but this song is still super groovy. What a tune from some fellow dudes trying to make it.



The Backspace on WOBC! Saturdays 2-3 PM




WOBC is working with the Backspace, a youth program at the Bridge (Oberlin’s Community Technology Center), to bring a group of middle school students into the station every saturday from 2-3 pm. The students choose the music, come up with DJ names, and talk on the air. Check out the second show here! Featuring: DJ Savage Nemo, DJ Happy Badger, DJ Double Bubble, DJ Minecraft, DJ Spongebob, and DJ Sincere

Email outreach@wobc.org with questions, suggestions, or if you want to get involved.






Local teens will be paired with WOBC DJs in the genre of their choice and will have the opportunity to experience the *chills* and *thrills* of having a radio show. Buddies will be taught how to use station equipment, learn each ! and every ! aspect that factors into a weekly radio show, be encouraged to explore deep into the WOBC vaults, and will interact with real LIVE station members, getting the chance to encounter new music and share their own gems.

INTERESTED??? Email outreach@wobc.org to sign up to be a host DJ or buddy 



Congrats, Jamie H! Show of the week champ!!




what’s your show called and when is it?

It’s called Horse Saliva. It’s Mondays 8pm-9pm

your show in 3 words

released this week

compare your show to a movie… why that movie?

The Indiana Jones movie with Sean Connery in it because it’s also about looking for treasure that you’ll only find if you have a pure heart. Also sometimes I feel like a kooky old knight.


sample playlist:

Here’s some of the best stuff so far:

Electric Cars-The Heurs

All Confused-Cult Babies

I Keep My Wallet in My Back Left Pocket-Andrew Jefferies

Shop Drop-King Champion Sounds

Don’t Hold My Hand-Back Pages

Superstardome-The Artificial Flower Company

Cassie (Come Home) The Royal Wees

Constantly In Love-Younghusband

Pin Me Up-Mavis Gary

Sad Songs-Girl Brains

Green Fire-King Virus and the Bubbling Foggy Eye

Fylingdales-The Vaporettos

Robinhood Loves Shooting Arrows for Nothing-Bison

The Joneses-Zapoppin’(w/ Julian Gaskell and Dave Hart)

Police Academy VII-Ermine Coats

your favorite WOBC show (when and which dj)

Truly a hard question because we’re shreddin’ this semester. Earwax is always excellent (DJ MJ, Tuesdays 4-5 pm). Junky Bea’s got great taste and is super fun ‘cause you never know when she’s gonna be popping in for a set. 12-Inch Single (Steve Friday’s 6-8) is the perfect soundtrack to get you jazzed for the weekend. But I’m honestly most excited about Live From Studio B because it’s as good as anything any “professional media outlet” puts out and also I love Oberlin bands and TV.

favorite band right now

Probably Game Theory. They’re not new or anything but they’ve got a big catalog of weirdo pop songs, kind of a midway point between 80s pop and the work of the late Lou Reed. Recommended for weirdos.

who in the world do you wish would listen to your show (dead or alive)?

Somebody that can pay me to do this. Ryan Schreiber? Carles? The eBay dude?