Run For WOBC Board!

Dear Station,
As of today, we are accepting statements of interest for the WOBC Executive Board of 2014-15. Please include in your statement all relevant radio or leadership experience, a description of your past involvement with WOBC, why you’re interested in the position, and pretty much anything else you think provides a convincing argument for why you should have this job. Remember, this is an election process in which the entire station participates, so be sure to tailor your statement to your audience.
Board members are paid 10 hours a week at minimum wage, although the job often demands more time.
Please send applications to this email address by Saturday April 19 by 11:59pm.
If you have questions about the application process, or would like more detail about what the jobs entail, please do not hesitate to contact one of the board members or drop in during office hours.
Unfortunately, only Oberlin College students are able to run for board positions. Staff positions, on the other hand, are open to all. Keep an eye out for those applications in the weeks to come.

REMEMBERING FRANKIE KNUCKLES: Rest in Peace, Godfather Of House Music



For anyone that has listened to any contemporary electronic dance music since

the early 1980’s until now (whether good, bad or neutral), you can almost certainly thank

Frankie Knuckles for developing the original sound of house music that has influenced

thousands of DJ’s worldwide since Knuckles began spinning at the now-defunct

“Warehouse” in Chicago in 1977.

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Five songs that I have thought about putting on to ‘make out’ to.


A quick word about “making out”–It’s complicated. You don’t want the song to do too much of the work, because then its like, “what are we doing, the song is already doing the work.” This is why only really cheesy older people make out to “Sexual Healing.”

                              ___  _// \
                            _/   \/__|_ \
                           /  __//_/==\_| ___
                         / | / /|// == \ \   /
                         |  | |\|| //_\ | |_/
                          \  \ \\ / \_/| || \
                           \___/\\| _  ///___\
                             \__|\_\=//_// _\_|
                               !! \____/
                    ___      -(!!      __ ___ _
                   |\|  \       !!_.-~~ /|\-  \~-._
                   | -\| |      !!/   /  | |\- | |\ \
                    \__-\|______ !!  |    \___\|  \_\|
              _____ _.-~/|\     \\!!  \  |  /       ~-.
            /     /|  / /|  \    \!!    \ /          |\~-
          /  ---/| | |   |\  |     !!                 \__|
         | ---/| | |  \ /|  /    -(!!
         | -/| |  /     \|/        !!
         |/____ /                  !!)-

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Pøp Picks 4/7/14


‘things we thought were cool’ by various members of the POP! workgroup 2014:

Pure X – Angel

Some nice, quiet music from/for some nice, quiet boys. Sometimes, I hear a voice in my head say “turn down for what”? Turn down for this. The airbrushed full moon night inside of a melting heart on the album’s cover ain’t no joke –– Angel is a sugar-sweet ride through a tunnel of love. The album is far from sappy, though; more tender, and tasty, and super-enjoyable-sexy-great.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Wig Out at Jagbags

I want to know what/where a Jagbag is. I would totes wig out at one. This album, decorated simply with Edwardian Script and a succulent strawberry, is simply good fun. For those fans of one of the dopest bands of all time, Pavement, yr in luck. Ya boi Steve and his Jicks sound just like the good ol’ days Pavement.

Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

So what if there are less obvious post-hardcore-y jams on this album? You gonna doubt this one because Steve Albini didn’t produce it? Well…doubt it all you want – but give it a few headphone-deep listens and Dylan Baldi’s songwriting will make you wish you actually played guitar for longer than 3 months when you were 14. With more Nirvana and Wipers-esque vibes than ever, HANE (what an acronym!) rlly kicks sum ass.

things we thought were wack:

Drake Bell – Ready Set Go


Skaters – Manhattan

This urban-outfitters-core band go hard with their “we have our own zine and three of us wear baseball hats at all times-wave” but they’re signed to Warner Bros so their underground cred is officially null. the blog says “a site so filthy you will have to turn on safe search” but the only unsafe thing on here is their lame poser attitudes.  Not everyone agrees with our assessment—”Dorianiscool19″ gave their album a four star review on iTunes: “so awesome lol. The whole album is pretty chill honestly having cool catchy beats and the lyrics flow quite nice through the whole album.”  Take a listen to this highly polarizing album yourself!

stay tuned for more pop pix!

hehe //

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