Radio Diaries from the Community Radio Exco


Check out the first finished assignment from the Community Radio exco!

The Last 4th Meal – Arcadia Rom-Frank

untitled – Taia Kwinter

Gnome More Loneliness – Sarah Chesire

News Director Sophie Hess and I are teaching the community radio exco this semester. For this project, we asked members of the exco to collect audio in a 24 hour time period and produce a 3-5 minute narrative piece with it. 

We were inspired by Radio Diaries, a project that gives people tape recorders to document their everyday lives – they call it “citizen journalism.”

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Check it Out: History!

Check this out! It’s the original draft of a transmission line map for KOCN, the first established radio station at Oberlin. It would later become known as WOBC when call-letter standards changed!  This drawing was penned in 1949, back when a small committee of students was writing up plans to submit to the college and the FCC. Below is a picture of first KOCN engineer Bill Thurber, station manager Bob Chamberlain, and Bob Stark putting up KOCN transmission wires in 1950.

Original Transmission Line Map from 1949 KOCN Station Proposal
Original Transmission Line Map from 1949 KOCN Station Proposal
Putting up KOCN transmission wires in 1950
Putting up KOCN transmission wires in 1950

Interested in learning more about WOBC history, or in helping out the historian? Get in touch!


Run For WOBC Board!

Dear Station,
As of today, we are accepting statements of interest for the WOBC Executive Board of 2014-15. Please include in your statement all relevant radio or leadership experience, a description of your past involvement with WOBC, why you’re interested in the position, and pretty much anything else you think provides a convincing argument for why you should have this job. Remember, this is an election process in which the entire station participates, so be sure to tailor your statement to your audience.
Board members are paid 10 hours a week at minimum wage, although the job often demands more time.
Please send applications to this email address by Saturday April 19 by 11:59pm.
If you have questions about the application process, or would like more detail about what the jobs entail, please do not hesitate to contact one of the board members or drop in during office hours.
Unfortunately, only Oberlin College students are able to run for board positions. Staff positions, on the other hand, are open to all. Keep an eye out for those applications in the weeks to come.

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