Staff Picks, Vol. MMXIV, Book 1

The Fall 2014 programming season is now underway, and that means a new staff to get to know! Here are the first staff picks of the year – some of their favorite tunes from their respective genres.

Mayowa and Marcelo from International: The AfroBeatles – Get Back vs. Colonial Mentality

In Mayowa’s words, “It’s part of a larger project called the AfroBeatles, which is sort of an alternate reality where Fela and the Beatles merge and travel across the world promoting peace, freedom from political corruption, and lots of other dope things.”

Ivan from Freeform: U.S. Maple – Letter to ZZ Top

Nate from Classical: Leontyne Price sings Samuel Barber’s “The Monk and his Cat”

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WOBC is back!


WOBC Oberlin, 91.5 FM, Oberlin College & Community Radio is back! Fall programming has commenced and WOBC is still:

  • 24/7
  • community-driven
  • 100% freeform
  • airing Democracy Now! weekdays at 4 PM
  • airing returning WOBC favorites like Live from Studio B, the World Famous Meeko Show, Chameleon Radio, Big Surf Radio, and more
  • airing original news segments  about Oberlin and the world
  • full of themed nights – punk on Wednesdays, electronic on Thursdays, hip-hop on Fridays, and metal on Saturdays
  • giving voice to more than a hundred student, faculty, staff, and community DJs

Plus, we’ve got some new things in store this semester, like new themed sections (International block weekdays 1-2 PM, and the Wednesday morning talk block), guest speakers, new community events, and of course many, many awesome new shows.

Tune your radio dial to 91.5 FM in and around Oberlin, or listen online. For more info, you can contact us.

Apply For Our Summer Cover Band Showcase!


(oh hello it's andy warhol y'all!)
(oh hello it’s andy warhol y’all!)
We will be having our next installment of our COVER BAND SHOWCASE on Saturday, July 26th.  if you would like to participate, please email us at with:
the people in your band
the band/musician you would like to cover
your band name (historically these have been spin offs of the original name, such as Shakir A’Neal, the Shakira cover band) 
your set list
*by this friday, July 18th* 
(this will give bands a week to practice)
*We cannot guarantee spots to all who express interest, so please be thoughtful in your selections* 
 Also, please know that people applying DO NOT have to have a summer or be affiliated with the station! So if you have some kids you tutor who you wanna do a band with, or you know your grandma would be down to perform her rendition of a the clash, or you just have friends you know are interested, by all means, let them know.  

Happy Summer! New Music 6.19 ! ! !

it’s getting hot outside and our AC is working! stop by, say hi, we’re reaaal friendly.

these are some artists whose new LPs we like a lot.  they’re available for download in our station on the new music shelf.

PHOX — Slow Motion ::: omg omg, this whole album is amazing, it’s like sea salt caramel for your ear drums.

FUR CUPS FOR TEETH — Buffalo ::: a really, really solid femme punk band with pretty sparkles of electronica.

KAN WAKAN — Forever Found ::: dreamy, i-am-a-strong-independent-emotionally-complex-lady music.  loving this record.

DOM LA NENA — Golondrina ::: a beautiful, sparse, eloquent tune.  Her EP also has a National cover on it that’s preeeeetty cool.  

THE BOMBAY ROYALE — Henna Henna ::: super rad genre bending compositions with heavy bollywood influences, as well as funk, soul and electronica.  

<3 <3 <3 Sophie


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