Intramural Bowling League

Ava Prince covers the Oberlin Intramural Bowling League.


The Film Co-op

Sophie Kemp interviews the new leadership of the Oberlin Film Co-op: Izzie Levinson and Isabella Miller.


Harry Potter Alliance Scavenger Hunt

Claudia Baker, winner of this year’s Oberlin Harry Potter Alliance Scavenger Hunt, covers the event. Truly magical reporting.



The Visit: A Review

Sophie Harari interviews Joe Suihkonen about his opinions on M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit


Culture and Community Fest

Anna Rose Greenberg interviews people at Oberlin’s annual Culture and Community Festival


OSCA Presidential Election

Claire Kotarski of WOBC News heads an in depth interview with the two candidates for this year’s OSCA President. Be sure to vote in your co-op from Monday, September 28th to Wednesday, September 30th!


OBIE Awards: Recognizing the College’s Athletes

Student reporter Louis Naiman interviews director of student athlete services Jason Hudson on the semester’s Obie awards, a ceremony for student athletes.

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