WOBC News 12/12/2011

Amanda Nichols covers the Oberlin Bowling Championships.

WOBC News 12_12_2011


WOBC News 12/9/2011

Today’s news features a story by News Editor Jamie Helmsworth about financial transparency at Oberlin. The Board of Trustees dissolved the Socially Responsible Investment Committee last Spring, prioritizing investment that returned the highest revenue over ethical investment practices. Annie Lukins, former Student Senator and head of the Socially Responsible Investment Committee, struggles with her decision to leave Oberlin and transfer to a public university.

Visit the Oberlin Transparency Project for more information.

WOBC News 12_9_2011


WOBC News 12/8/2011

A report on the Oberlin Students arrested for protesting at a fracking site in Youngstown, OH from reporter Ness Smith-Savedoff.

WOBC News 12_8_2011


WOBC News 12/7/2011

WOBC Reporter Ness Smith-Savedoff interviews two members of Team 2X, and Ariel Goodman covers women in law inforcement.

WOBC News 12_7_2011


WOBC News 12/6/2011

Today’s news features reporters Amanda Nichols covering Occupy Oberlin and Dan Lowes on Winter Term.

WOBC News 12_6_2011


WOBC News 12/5/2011

Today’s news features stories by New Editors Jamie Helmsworth and Ness Smith-Savedoff, concerning Occupy Wall Street and Professor Volk, respectively.

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WOBC News 12/2/2011

WOBC News 12_2_2011