WOBC News 11/14/2011

News from Amanda Nichols on students registering to vote at home or in Ohio and Dan Lowes on creative writing at Oberlin.

WOBC News 11_14_2011


WOBC News 11/4/2011

WOBC News Reporter and Editor Jamie Helmsworth on OccupyWallstreet from Zucotti Park.

WOBC News 11_4_2011


WOBC News 11/3/2011

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WOBC News 11/2/2011

On air today, Ariel Goodman on Pessimism at Oberlin and Amanda Nichols reporting on the Oberlin Concerto Competition.

WOBC News 11_2_2011


WOBC News 11/1/2011

Tune in as Veronika Edwards addresses the recent animal escape in Ohio and Austin Cope explores halloween on the Oberlin College campus.

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WOBC News 10/31/2011

In today’s news Ness Smith-Savedoff speaks with School Superintendent John Schroth and a report from Dan Lowes over Fall Break.

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WOBC News 10/20/2011

On the news today hear Alison Kozol speak with international students about Oberlin’s Politics and a report from Abigail James on last week’s Safer Sex Week & Dance.

WOBC News 10/20/2011