WOBC News 11-9-12

wobcnews 11-9-12 Matan Zeimer interviews the founding members of Stereocure


WOBC News 11-6-12

wobcnews 11-6-12 Adah Hetko talks to Oberlin community members about their plans to celebrate Halloween, despite the weather.


WOBC News 11-5-12

wobcnews 11-5-12 Austin Emerson looks into the travel issues caused by Hurricane Sandy.


WOBC News 10-30-12

wobcnews 10-30-12 Katie Thornton talks to protesters outside of a new hydraulic fracturing well site outside of Youngstown


WOBC News 10-16-12

WOBC News 10_15

Dan Krack begins his series on businesses at oberlin with an interview with Joe Wexler, a student that runs a tea bar out of his apartment


WOBC News 10-15-12

wobcnews10-15-12 Austin Emerson speaks with students in Mudd Library about the various projects that the are involved in.


WOBC News 10-12-12

wobcnews 10-12-12
Adah Hetko explores the experience of international students at Oberlin College during the election period.