WOBC News 11/2/2011

On air today, Ariel Goodman on Pessimism at Oberlin and Amanda Nichols reporting on the Oberlin Concerto Competition.

WOBC News 11_2_2011


WOBC News 11/1/2011

Tune in as Veronika Edwards addresses the recent animal escape in Ohio and Austin Cope explores halloween on the Oberlin College campus.

WOBC News 11_1_2011


WOBC News 10/31/2011

In today’s news Ness Smith-Savedoff speaks with School Superintendent John Schroth and a report from Dan Lowes over Fall Break.

WOBC News 10_30_2011


WOBC News 10/20/2011

On the news today hear Alison Kozol speak with international students about Oberlin’s Politics and a report from Abigail James on last week’s Safer Sex Week & Dance.

WOBC News 10/20/2011


WOBC News 10/19/11

Listen in as Ariel Goodman reports on active duty students at Oberlin and Ness Smith-Savedoff covers the Lorain County Bike Fair.

WOBC News 10/19/2011


WOBC News 10/18/2011

Today’s news from WOBC features a look at the on campus Sex Toy Sale reported on by Austin Cope and interviews on recent voting laws from Veronika Edwards.

WOBC News 10/18/2011


WOBC News 10/17/11

Here is the first installment of WOBC News for the semester!

WOBC reporter Dan Lowes covers the composting initiative at Stevenson Dining Hall and Amanda Nichols reports on Occupy WallStreet.

WOBC News 10/17/2011