WOBC News 10/31/2011

In today’s news Ness Smith-Savedoff speaks with School Superintendent John Schroth and a report from Dan Lowes over Fall Break.

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WOBC News 10/20/2011

On the news today hear Alison Kozol speak with international students about Oberlin’s Politics and a report from Abigail James on last week’s Safer Sex Week & Dance.

WOBC News 10/20/2011


WOBC News 10/19/11

Listen in as Ariel Goodman reports on active duty students at Oberlin and Ness Smith-Savedoff covers the Lorain County Bike Fair.

WOBC News 10/19/2011


WOBC News 10/18/2011

Today’s news from WOBC features a look at the on campus Sex Toy Sale reported on by Austin Cope and interviews on recent voting laws from Veronika Edwards.

WOBC News 10/18/2011


WOBC News 10/17/11

Here is the first installment of WOBC News for the semester!

WOBC reporter Dan Lowes covers the composting initiative at Stevenson Dining Hall and Amanda Nichols reports on Occupy WallStreet.

WOBC News 10/17/2011


Democracy Now! covers #OccupyWallStreet

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Hanson Records: Oberlin’s Secret Record Store

Hanson Records

Located in Oberlin, Hanson Records' small private record shop is open only by appointment.

Originally published by The Oberlin Reivew, May 20, 2011
by Adrian Rew

Oberlin, Ohio is somewhat of an anomaly. Despite being home to a world-class conservatory of music and allocating more than $100,000 each year to student organizations devoted to booking bands, the town is — at first glance — not home to a single record store. However, with a little searching one reveals itself. A simple Google search comes up with a mailing address only: Hanson Records, MPO Box 73, Oberlin, Ohio, 44074.

Started when he was still in high school in Brighton, Michigan, musician Aaron Dilloway has been running Hanson Records, primarily as a distributor and record label, since 1994. Hanson was initially birthed out of frustration. While waiting for another label — Bulb Records — to release a record by his band Galen, Dilloway decided to fund the project himself. Bulb ultimately co-released The Heroin Bench with Hanson, and there has been a steady stream of releases ever since. Notable releases have included albums by Baltimore’s Nautical Almanac, Dilloway’s own successful industrial band Wolf Eyes, noise overlord Kevin Drumm, sound poets Blood Stereo, power electronics creep Prurient, Cincinnati violinist C. Spencer Yeh, avant-dementoids To Live and Shave in L. A. and Cleveland kosmische droners Emeralds. Although the label focuses primarily on noise music, there are also some surprises. One Andrew Wilkes-Krier got his start releasing weirdo sound collages with little indication of the party metal he would later coin as Andrew W. K.

Another significant artist on Hanson’s roster is Oberlin resident Robert Turman. Turman is an accomplished solo musician, working primarily with tape, electronics, noise, guitar and, most uniquely, the electric fan-driven rotoguitar. Turman was also a founding member of pioneering industrial band NON with the controversial High Priest of the Church of Satan and renowned prankster Boyd Rice in the late ’70s. In addition to touring, Turman plays frequent shows in Oberlin both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians such as Aaron Dilloway.

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