WOBC News 4-10-12



Katie Thornton reports on the attempts of protestors in Columbus, Ohio to gain access to research on the potential health risks of fracking being withheld by the Ohio Division of Natural Resources


WOBC News 4-9-12




Nick Kuipers reports on the science of swearing in collaboration with Oberlin College’s newest science magazine “The S ynapse”




WOBC News 4-6-12



Babaak Parcham reports on attempts to get the “Personhood Amendment” on the ballot in Ohio, the appropriation of civil rights language among its supporters, and the implications of the amendment for reproductive rights.


WOBC News 4-5-12

WOBC News 4-5-12

Abigail James reports on eco-friendly infrastructure in Columbus, Ohio and its connections to ongoing projects of sustainable construction here in Oberlin.


WOBC News 4-4-12

WOBC News 4-4-12

Veronika Edwards reports on a panel discussing the relationship between Oberlin college and the greater Oberlin community


WOBC News 4-3-12

WOBC News 4-3-12


Amanda Mummery Reports on the Oberlin Underground Railroad Society and the Soul Soup Fridays Project


WOBC News 3/23/2012

Molly Stein and Alex Tell discuss the importance of arts, and the local groups that provide it to the Oberlin community with artist James Peake.

WOBC News 3/23/2012