WOBC News 03.18.2013

WOBCNews, 3-18-13, Sophie & Joey

Sophie Kazis & Joesph Lubitz interview Class Trustees and students who attended the most recent Class Trustee Forum on March 7th.


WOBC News 12-14-12

wobcnews 12-14-12 adah

Adah Hetko interviews Lexie Bean about her recent anthology, “Attention People With Body Parts.”


WOBC News 12-14-12

wobcnews 12-14-12 babaak

In preparation for Oberlin’s Winter Term, Babaak Parcham talks to members of OSCA’s Nicaragua Sisterhood Partnership about what meaningful travel is to them.


WOBC News 12-14-12

wobcnews 12-14-12 veronika

Veronika Edwards talks to Carson Whitmore, a member of Oberlin’s Resource Conservation Team about the group’s upcoming winter swap.


WOBC News 12-13-12

wobcnews 12-13-12 Ali

Ali Post covers issues raised on college sexual offense policy.


WOBC News 12-12-12

wobcnews 12-12-12

Daniel Krack reports on the exclusion of people identifying as homosexual from the Boy Scouts of America.


WOBC News 12-11-12

wobcnews 12-11-12

Kris Fraser talks to students about their feelings on the recent increase in the number of women in the United States Congress.