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Music Reviews from WOBC staff. Includes Best New Music and From the WOBC Vault.


All of staff made a playlist for you!! They like you! They really like you!



Alison (Music Director): Blanche Blanche Blanche – Talk Out Loud

Sivan (Vinyl): The Great Plains – Serpent Mound

Nick (General Punk): Tony Molina – Change My Ways

Rebecca (International): Future Islands – Back in the Tall Grass

Jenny (Classical): ACRONYM – Bertali Sonata a 6 in d minor

Chuck (Freeform): Ann Guthrie – Branching Low and Spreading

Charles (Studio B): Untotooku – Chiemi Manabe

Adam (Studio B): Celestial Shore – Valerie

Michael (Station Manager): Royal Trux – Liar

Andrew (Hip Hop): Drake – Draft Day

Ivan (Pop): Faust – Chère Chambre

Asher (Pop): The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

Nina (Folk): Hurray for the Riff Raff – Look Out Mama

Emma (Outreach): Frankie Valli – Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright

Will (Electronic): Griot Galaxy – Androgeny

Jack (Treasurer): IndigoChildRick – 4sho

Aria (Promo): Shamir – If It Wasn’t True

Sophie (Talk): Lisa LeBlanc – Du Duvet Dans Les Poches

Ali (PD): Linda Perhacs – Hey, Who Really Cares?

Eve (Promo): Josh Gad – In Summer


name of show and time: 
sex positive hip hop / hip hop i like. sunday nite/monday morning 2-3a
sample playlist:
bad- wale/rihanna
do for love- tupac

thats what im looking for- da brat
how many licks- lil kim
could be well in- the streets
age aint nothing but a number- aaliyah
motivation- kelly rowland
all the time- jerimah ft. lil wayne
ride- ciara
best friend- 50 cent/olivia
ready or not- the fugees
i just wanna love u- jay z
dilemma ft kelly roland- nelly
your show in three words?:
sexy dance hiphop
best live show you’ve ever seen?:
i used to have fun with ratatat
what’s your favorite show on wobc?:
disco nite re: morgan + joey (Ed Note: Thursday 7-9 PM)
what do you hope listeners take away from your show?:
~~~the mood~~~
best atmosphere to listen to your show?:
monday 2am, yr bed
what celeb would u want to meet?:
Got a show you’d like to nominate for Show of the Week? EMAIL MUSIC@WOBC.ORG


Sound & visual power pair Oneohtrix Point Never and Nate Boyce are coming to the ‘Sco April 5th.



Brooklyn-based electronic sound artist Daniel Lopatin produces trance-like, vapor-wave sounds as his alias Oneohtrix Point Never. His stimulating tunes are reminiscent of a 22nd century orchestra. The culmination of his sounds invokes a reliquary experience, as well as one that is strongly visual. Installation and video artist Nate Boyce often toys with digital spaces and sculptures in his videos, creating imaginary landscapes unbound to any 4D confinements. Boyce will be creating live visuals in conjunction with Lopatin’s sounds. It might be a numbing experience. It might be like stargazing but cooler.

(video: Boyce)

(video: Boyce)

(video: John Michael Boiling)



WOBC Showpaper #6 4/1 – 4/7


Tuesday, April 1



Mac Demarco + Amen Dunes @ The ‘Sco, 10 PM, $6 OCID / $10 WO

Gonna be a weird night.

Senior Recital: Luke Adamson (Cello)
Junior Recital:
Daniel Nitsch (Guitar)

Wednesday, April 2



Chick Corea + Bela Fleck @ Finney Chapel, 8 PM, SOLD OUT!!

Unique fusion spanning billions of genres. If you don’t know you don’t need to know.


Gallagher, Johnson, Van Horne + Feltner, Stephen Palke + Guillermo Pizarro @ 3 Door Studio, 9pm, $5

Industrial drone by Pizarro, minimal freaky electronics by Palke + something V experimental from the rest.

Thursday, April 3


Kendrick Scott Oracle @ Cat in the Cream, 9 PM, Free

Jazz drummer. Subtle, intense, spiritual. Hints of gospel, R+B + soul.

Junior Recital: Virginia McDowell + Hannah Parkins (Oboe + Horn)

Friday, April 4



Electronic Musc From Osaka: Seiho/Magical Mistakes/And Vice Versa @ Sco, 10 PM, Free w/OCID, $5 WO

Straight from Osaka — sample-heavy freakout dance electronics

MD22 - 1

Oberlin Sinfonietta: Timothy Weiss, Conductor @ Warner Hall, 8 PM, Free

Performing Schmitt, Enescu, Mozart, Ligeti. Will be webcast live!!!!

Senior Recital: Hallie Parkins (Cello)
Senior Recital: 
Jacob Hammond (Jazz Piano + Hammond Organ)

Saturday, April 5



Oneohtrix Point Never w. Nate Royce + Rone @ ‘Sco, 10 PM, $4 OCID / $10 WO

Experimental + noisey w. moments of ethereal bliss. Nate Royce with live visuals.


Oberlin Chamber Choir + College Orchestra @ Finney Chapel, 8 PM. Free

Performing: Chamberlain, Bloch, Haydn. Solo by Charles Colwell.

Junior Recital: Tim Daniels (Oboe)
Senior Recital:
Gigi Brady (Oboe)
Senior Recital:
Michael Patterson (Tenor)
Senior Recital:
Gabriel Benton (Harpsichord)

Sunday, April 6


Susan Graham & Bradley Moore @ Finney Chapel, 4PM, Free

Performing: Purcell, Berlioz, Schubert, Schumann, Listz, Tchaikovsky, Duparc, Wolf, Horovitz + Poulenc. Mezzo Soprano + Piano

Senior Recital: Boris Popadiuk (Violincello)
Senior Recital: Daniella Theresa Wilson (Violin)
Senior Recital:
Jennifer Carpenter (Cello)
Junior Recital:
Jieying Zhao (Violin)



The weather is super sad and so are you. You have like three papers and two tests and you have to leave campus pretty soon.. Here’s some freak-folk to get you through the rough times.


The Tower Recordings – Q Delmak

90s bedroom folk. includes members of mv + ee. almost trip-hop, but instead stripped, subtly rhythmic and lo-fi. loses it’s own place towards the end and tapers out with an ambient/noisey outro. 

Lau Nau – Painovoimaa, valoa

for those who like grimes’s baby voice, imagine it desolate and fuzzy in an open field. add weird assortment of instruments, both traditional and outlandish and oh yeah everything is in Finnish too.

Espers – Rosemary Lane

Philly psych folk. this album, the weed tree, is comprised of covers of the likes of blue oyster cult and nico. this one covers Burt Jansch and takes his loopy picking to a synthesized fantasy realm. kinda nerdy but i don’t mind.

Fursaxa – Sunhead Bowed

not as overdubbed as most of her vocal performances, yet still quite powerful. acid folk from PA. despite a lack of instruments, this song is able to build an intense and dynamic wall of sound. it never gets too loud, but it feels very loud.

Palace Music – Viva Ultra

bonny is the ultimate pro of strategically creating nostalgic AND foreign melody with little material. everything here is necessary and nothing more.