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REMEMBERING FRANKIE KNUCKLES: Rest in Peace, Godfather Of House Music



For anyone that has listened to any contemporary electronic dance music since

the early 1980’s until now (whether good, bad or neutral), you can almost certainly thank

Frankie Knuckles for developing the original sound of house music that has influenced

thousands of DJ’s worldwide since Knuckles began spinning at the now-defunct

“Warehouse” in Chicago in 1977.

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Five songs that I have thought about putting on to ‘make out’ to.


A quick word about “making out”–It’s complicated. You don’t want the song to do too much of the work, because then its like, “what are we doing, the song is already doing the work.” This is why only really cheesy older people make out to “Sexual Healing.”

                              ___  _// \
                            _/   \/__|_ \
                           /  __//_/==\_| ___
                         / | / /|// == \ \   /
                         |  | |\|| //_\ | |_/
                          \  \ \\ / \_/| || \
                           \___/\\| _  ///___\
                             \__|\_\=//_// _\_|
                               !! \____/
                    ___      -(!!      __ ___ _
                   |\|  \       !!_.-~~ /|\-  \~-._
                   | -\| |      !!/   /  | |\- | |\ \
                    \__-\|______ !!  |    \___\|  \_\|
              _____ _.-~/|\     \\!!  \  |  /       ~-.
            /     /|  / /|  \    \!!    \ /          |\~-
          /  ---/| | |   |\  |     !!                 \__|
         | ---/| | |  \ /|  /    -(!!
         | -/| |  /     \|/        !!
         |/____ /                  !!)-

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what is your show? When is your show?
My show is Saudade, 7-8 Wednesday mornings.
describe your show in three words:
Soothing, refined, nostalgic
what would your show smell like if it were a perfume/cologne?
Waters of March Fragrance
who introduced you to the music you like?
A friend gave me an Astrud Gilberto album in high school.
sample playlist:
Berimbau – Astrud Gilberto

Só Tinha De Ser Come Você – Elis Regina, Antonio Carlos Jobim

O Barquinho – Paulinho Nogueira

Dindi – Astrud Gilberto
Sabe Você – Os Cariocas
Chega de Saudade – João Gilberto
Samba de Orly – Toquinho, Chico Buarque

Aguas de Março (feat. Cris Delano) – Bossacucanova

Corcovado – Stan Getz, João Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim
what is the ideal party setting for your show?
Rooftop in Rio
what’s your favorite show on wobc?
Imaginary Landscapes favorite show no competition


We all picked a song just for you! In order of when each staff member emailed back from soonest to latest:

Copyright: Sage Schmett (Her amazing Nail collection)

Sophie (News): Bobby Womack (Feat. Lana Del Rey) – Dayglo Reflection

Rebecca (International): The Ra Band – Messages from the Stars

Ivan (Pop): Drive Like Jehu – Luau

Emma (Outreach): Junior Byles – Curly Locks

Alison (Music Director): Patricia (Feat. Jahiliyya Fields) – Inhalants

Joey (Operations): Michel’le – Something in my Heart

Michael (Station Manager): Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – The December Riots

Jack (Treasurer): Mina Mazzini – Se Telefonando

Asher (Pop): Rich Homie Quan – Type of Way

Nick (Enginner/Some Punk): La Misma – Saudade

Max (Outreach): Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy -Knockturne

Zoe (Talk/PA): Ted Lucas – Plain and Sane and Simple Melody

Charles (Studio B): Guerilla Toss – Kicked Back Into the Crypt

Sivan (Vinyl): Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing

Charles (Freeform): Mohn – Evertplatz 2000

Will (Electronic): DJ Rush – Dance Mania

Arianne (Hip-Hop): K. Michelle – Can’t Raise a Man


Who is DJ Spanish Fly?



Danny Brown + DJ Spanish Fly

Friday the 13th – 12/13/13

10 PM @ The ‘Sco

Dj Spanish Fly didn’t invent gangster rap, but when you go back to the early 80’s and double-check who was pumping 808’s MAD GRIMeY and whose flow was MAD SLoW, he’s at the top of the list. Most well-known for his association with Three 6 Mafia, Spanish Fly’s style has remained the same over time, unstifled by changing fads. His rhymes are creepy, smooth, stoned slow and sly. Spanish Fly still has a slot on Memphis’s Hot 107.1 , recently released a new mixtape and has started touring in various cities across the country.

RBMA:Yeah it seems like that kind of Memphis energy has spread a lot over the past two decades.

SPANISH FLY:Yeah, all over the world, and that’s what I be proud about. I’ll be sitting back laughing every time I hear Drumma [Boy] do something with Drake or [DJ] Paul [of Three 6 Mafia] do something or [Yo] Gotti do something, because it’s just an accomplishment, man. (RBMA)

SPFlyMainWanna win a pair of tickets to see DJ Spanish Fly open for Danny Brown? Olivia S.’s show “We are Floating in Space” will give away a pair at Thursday at 5 AM. Here is what Olivia says about Dj Spanish Fly:

“DJ Spanish Fly reminds me of one of the first friends I made in high school…we would always listen to music together; we both liked music from the south, though I was more into Southern rock/blues while he liked Southern hip hop.  There were artists I knew like Lil Jon and Organized Noize, but I remember him also playing stuff I hadn’t heard before at the time like DJ Spanish Fly…for whatever especially loved the obscure track “Alright” off the A.B.C.D.E. album, and I couldn’t help but think back to that and smile when I heard about the show this Friday.  I’ve since explored more by DJ Spanish fly and can appreciate the simplicity and directness of his music/have much respect for the influence that he had on a lot of the hip hop coming out of Memphis during the 80s-90s.  ”


Dj Spanish Fly’s Facebook Page

Dj Spanish Fly’s Soundcloud

Great Cover Debate Pt. 1

Tomorrow” : The Durutti Column vs. Espers

Winner: The Durutti Column

Not a clear win by any means, but The Durutti Column‘s original version is flawless. The intro seems to drag on forever, but it totally works. Sort of goes by the idea of just enough, no more + no less; sparse strings, sparse vocals + the overall being deserted on your honeymoon in a cabana vibe. Compare this to Espers‘s take — the wind pipe or whatever… very nice. Psychedelic, airy, but a bit too “emotional”. I prefer the original — super melancholic but not too burnt about it. That said, the wooden chimes at the end are pretty cool too.