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WOBC Now Hiring

If you are interested in working here at WOBC, now’s the time to apply. Beginning next semester we will have several staff positions opening up, all of which are open to students and community members alike. Prior experience at WOBC is preferred, but not required, so don’t hesitate to apply. If you are interested in any of the following positions, e-mail a statement to wobc (@) describing your qualifications, experience and goals. Duties include:

Punk Director: Manages punk workgroup, contacts labels, helps select punk shows for scheduling.

Funk/Soul Director: Manages Funk/Soul workgroup, contacts labels, helps select Funk/Soul shows for scheduling.

Librarian: Manages Library work group, WOBC vaults, maintains order.

Traffic Director: Manages the flow of music in the station, catalogs new music, gets new music to genre directors.

Blog Director: This is a new position. You’ll be in charge of managing the blog, making posts and helping with our web presence.

Treasurer: Also a new position, the Treasurer will be in charge of managing WOBCs finances and will act as a liaison between WOBC, SFC and other groups concerned with finances. This job is PAID and TOTALLY ESSENTIAL.

Holding a staff position is a great way to get more involved in the station, see how we work, make changes and be heard. We need all these positions filled for the station to keep running smoothly, so send those statements in by Dec. 8th at 5pm!

Questions about anything? E-mail us at wobc (@)