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Interview with AAArt collective organizers

Interviewer Sammie Smiley speaks with organizers for the 3rd annual biennial celebrating a weekend of art activism and education by Asian students at Oberlin

The Asia America Art (AAArt) Collective gathers a broad range of artists working across a broad range of mediums who identify within or are influenced by the Asian/Pacific Islander Diaspora (A/PID). The name “Asia America,” as opposed to “Asian American,” is an intentional choice to facilitate dialogue between Asia and America, and to explore the nuances of identity specific to Diaspora or falling somewhere in between.


Interview with The Oberlin Project’s Sean Hayes

WOBC News reporter Scott Medwid interviews Executive Director of The Oberlin Project Sean Hayes about the team’s future plans and ways students can get involved.

According to the project’s website,

“The Oberlin Project is a joint effort of the City of Oberlin, Oberlin College, and private and institutional partners … to revitalize the local economy, eliminate carbon emissions, restore local agriculture, food supply and forestry, and create a new, sustainable base for economic and community development.”