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A Conversation with Emily Nussbaum ’88

During the WOBC News Hour on Sunday, April 23, we had a fun and interesting interview with Emily Nussbaum ’88.

Emily is the television critic for The New Yorker, and in 2016 won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism. She has written about “The Good Wife,” “Girls,” “Mad Men,” and “Scandal,” among other shows. Previously, she worked at New York Magazine for seven years, editing the Culture Pages (and creating the Approval Matrix) and writing both features and criticism.

Our original conversation was a full 45 minutes long, full of long tangents and tv recommendations. You can hear an abridged version right here!

(***10:40 min)

Elyn Saks during Neurodiversity Week

Olive Sherman covers “My Journey Through Madness,” A Skype Talk by Elyn Saks, which occurred on April 21. This event was a part of Oberlin’s Neurodiversity Week 2017.

Elyn Saks is associate dean and Orrin B. Evans Profesor of Law, Psychology, and Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at USC Law School, an expert in mental health, and a MacArthur fellowship winner. Saks lives with schizophrenia and has written about her experience in her autobiography.