WOBC PA Reservation

To reserve the WOBC PA, please send the following information to engineer@wobc.org at least one week in advance, and CC studiob@wobc.org if your event requires any Studio B equipment.

You can answer the questions by copying and pasting the following into an email to engineer@wobc.org:

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Cellphone Number:
Event Title:
Event Date:
Event Start Time:
Event End Time:
Have you received PA training, and if not- would you like to be?
The WOBC PA system includes two speakers, a mixer, and a single auxiliary cord. All other equipment must be rented out through Studio B. Available Studio B equipment includes: Microphones, Microphone Stands, XLR Cables, & 1/4″ Cables. Please list all Studio B equipment you require and the quantity of each item.

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