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In Regards to the Election

Dear Station,

Regarding the recent election, we feel that WOBC has a unique place on campus to make voices heard far and wide in a way that is needed so desperately right now. In light of this, we are implementing some new procedures so that we can be on top of things that are happening on campus as they are cropping up.
We are working on having more remote broadcasts of events, we are working on new programming that features professors, activists, and others who are weighing in on the changing political sphere.
*** Because of the importance of the immediacy of featuring news, events, and experiences we may contact you asking that we use your show time for a remote broadcast or special program. ***
We deeply respect all of your shows and programming, and so we hope you understand why the only reason we would ask you to donate your show time to one of these events is because we want to make sure we are involved and reacting to what is going on in the most active way we possibly can.
We are open to more conversation about this, and we would love to hear more ideas about ways that WOBC can make a difference in empowering voices that are threatened by the changing political climate.
If you need any assistance organizing your show in a new way, and you want to talk about logistics of resources, equipment, or inviting guests, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help!
Yours in struggle,
 the WOBC board

Tune in to Turn Up! The Radio ! ! !

Turn Up! The Radio features the incredibly talented voices of Oberlin high schoolers and middle schoolers as they share their music, their opinions, and their experiences.

Tune in every // Wednesday from 5-6pm \\  for the most fun hour of radio that WOBC has to offer!  

We have some awesome updates to share!  We are super excited to announce a partnership with the Oberlin Boys and Girls Club, who broadcast every other Wednesday.  Big thanks to Ms. Ty, all the Boy and Girls Club staff, and, especially, all the kids!  Their first broadcast from last Wednesday is up on the Turn Up! Soundcloud.  That’s right, we have a Soundcloud!  So, if you ever miss a show, don’t sweat it, they’ll all be up right after broadcasts.  Here’s the link:

Also, check out this article at the Oberlin News Center that goes a little deeper into how this program started and how it works. Click here.

Finally, tune in this Sunday (October 11th) at noon to hear The Boys and Girls Club and Apollo Outreach Initiative Radio Extravaganza! It’ll be an hour of interviews, singing, rapping, and music made during the AOI residency at the Boys and Girls Club from the last few weeks. It promises to be awesome.

Remember, tune in Wednesdays 5-6pm! 

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 5.01.17 PM

(so much fun happening)



Apply For Winter Term Board at WOBC



Looking for something to do this winter term?

Wanna be on campus?

Wanna earn college credit?

Interested in radio management, audio engineering, community outreach, and/or music?

If so, we’d love for you to consider applying for one of WOBC’s winter term staff positions! We are looking for a winter term station manager and engineer to keep our station running smoothly. Both of these positions are non paid but count as a full credit winter term project.

Here are the Job Descriptions:

General Manager The General Manager (GM) is the spokesperson for WOBC, and is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization as a whole. The GM, in conjunction with the other Board members, oversees the station, its assets, its broadcasts, and coordinates the activities of WOBC staff and DJs. Most importantly, the General Manager ensures that tasks set forth by the board are accomplished and that those delegated those tasks have the resources they require. The station manager keeps frequent office hours and is on call 24/7.

Student Engineer WOBC has a contracted engineer who is called in when we have problems with the transmitter, but any smaller repairs around the station of headphones, turntables, the main board, etc. are handled by the student engineer. The student engineer is on call, and must be able to be up at the station the day that a problem occurs, and is reported.

To apply, please send an email to with the following subject line:

winter term board application

in the message, please include: your name year past experience with WOBC why you’re interested in the position one project idea you have for winter term.
This could be anything, from more upkeep oriented (for instance, archiving, organizing, or fixing) outreach oriented (a concert, event, fundraiser), social media based (blog concept?) or, well, anything else you can dream up.

while any current oberlin college student is welcome to apply, we especially encourage (and likely will prioritize) non senior students.

apps must be submitted by Wednesday, November 5th at 8pm.

email sophie at with any questions.

Radio Diaries from the Community Radio Exco


Check out the first finished assignment from the Community Radio exco!

The Last 4th Meal – Arcadia Rom-Frank

untitled – Taia Kwinter

Gnome More Loneliness – Sarah Chesire

News Director Sophie Hess and I are teaching the community radio exco this semester. For this project, we asked members of the exco to collect audio in a 24 hour time period and produce a 3-5 minute narrative piece with it. 

We were inspired by Radio Diaries, a project that gives people tape recorders to document their everyday lives – they call it “citizen journalism.”

Continue reading Radio Diaries from the Community Radio Exco

Check it Out: History!

Check this out! It’s the original draft of a transmission line map for KOCN, the first established radio station at Oberlin. It would later become known as WOBC when call-letter standards changed!  This drawing was penned in 1949, back when a small committee of students was writing up plans to submit to the college and the FCC. Below is a picture of first KOCN engineer Bill Thurber, station manager Bob Chamberlain, and Bob Stark putting up KOCN transmission wires in 1950.

Original Transmission Line Map from 1949 KOCN Station Proposal
Original Transmission Line Map from 1949 KOCN Station Proposal
Putting up KOCN transmission wires in 1950
Putting up KOCN transmission wires in 1950

Interested in learning more about WOBC history, or in helping out the historian? Get in touch!


Listen Up, Listen In

*trigger warning, this post speaks about sexualized violence*

I’ve listened to the song Oblivion, by Grimes, bazillions of times.  I waltzed back and forth to it in my freshman dorm on saturday nights, cooed along with it while doing my homework, defended Grimes when people started to say she was a lame sugar coated fairy princess and she wasn’t doing anything original (whatever guys, I still luvvv her)

Then, a few months ago, one of my friends told me that the song is actually about Claire Boucher’s experience with a sexual assault.  Boucher gave an interview to Spin Magazine in which she said that she sings this song at every one of her shows.  She talks about her identity as this super feminized, sweet kind of girl, and how this song quietly subverts that image.  Says Boucher:

 “Oblivion” embodies that kind of archetype, going into this masculine world that is associated with sexual assault, but presented as something really welcoming and nice. The song’s sort of about being — I was assaulted and I had a really hard time engaging in any types of relationship with men, because I was just so terrified of men for a while.

Blue Stockings published a wonderful piece that goes into this more — they say it better than I can.  However, I wanted to share this song with you all as we reach our half way point in our station wide Sexual Harassment workshops. Thank you to all who’ve attended, and if you haven’t please do — not only is it actually mandatory, but it is also something that is super meaningful and relevant to our community.  One thing that we’ve talked about at all of these workshops is the meaning of rape culture, and I think that this little song really drives it home.  Rape culture it not something that we engage with every once in a blue moon — it’s a part of our daily lives.  It’s a culture that reinforces racism, sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, ableism, and many other forms of marginalization and oppression.  And it’s a culture that comes precisely from the places we don’t expect, like music.

As DJs at this community station, we make the choices about what we play, and the messages we put into the airwaves.  As you put together your playlists this week, remember this: we have the amazing, beautiful freedom as media makers to reject and transform the things that piss us off, and to celebrate the things that make us feel powerful.

I’ll be playing a little bit of Grimes.

–Sophie, News Director

Below you will find a digital, color version of our zine, Listen Up, Listen In.