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What is Community Radio?

This Spring, WOBC is hosting an Experimental College class (ExCo) on community media. The class is studying various community media models as they exist in theory and practice.

This class collaboratively produces a weekly half-hour public affairs show called “Radio On!” to share our research and discussion, and expand WOBC’s network of interconnectivity as a community media outlet. The show airs on Mondays from 6:00 to 6:30pm here on WOBC, 91.5FM in Lorain County and on this website.

Ryan Caruso and Veronica Burnham created this week’s show, which looks at different community radio models around the country, including Neighborhood Public Radio and the Prometheus Radio Project.

Listen to the first show here: Community Radio Show 2/27/12

Raphael Jiménez, Oberlin Chamber Orchestra on WOBC

On March 15 at 7:00pm, WOBC will broadcast a concert directed by the new Director of Orchestras for the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Raphael Jiménez. Tune in at 91.5FM in Lorain County or listen online.

The program features excerpts from Maestro Jiménez’s debut with the Oberlin Chamber Orchestra: Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony and three movements from the Shostakovich Violin Concerto No. 1, featuring violinist Nathan Lesser, currently a senior at Oberlin. It was originally aired on WQXR New York as part of the McGraw-Hill Companies Young Artist Showcase.

Program details:

Schubert: Symphony No. 8, Unfinished
— The Oberlin Chamber Orchestra; Raphael Jimenez, conductor.

Shostakovich: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Scherzo, Passacaglia and Burlesque movements)
— The Oberlin Chamber Orchestra; Raphael Jimenez, conductor; Nathan Lesser, violin.

Thanks to WQXR and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

Rip Smops Documentary

Rip Smops

WOBC DJ Rip Smops (Smops Weekly Radio, 2pm on Tuesdays) is the subject of a documentary by Oberlin College students Sam Phillips, Jenny Miller, and WOBC Promotions Director Arielle Edelman.

RIP SMOPS: THE SOUND NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR premiers on Friday, December 16 at a Cinema Studies screening in West Lecture Hall in the Science Center, located on West Lorain Street in Oberlin.

Watch the trailer here:

Tom Green Interviewed on WOBC

Actor and comedian Tom Green called in an interview on WOBC this Friday 12/2 at 11:30am.

“You know Tom Green from his anything-goes run as the funniest, most unpredictable personality on MTV, and his unforgettable, deliciously loony roles in uproarious film comedies including ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Freddy Got Fingered.’ He’s graced the cover of Rolling Stone, commandeered the coveted guest-host chair on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ and conquered the World Wide Web with his free-wheeling, wildly popular internet talk show, ‘Tom Green’s House Tonight.’ Now, Tom brings his unique brand of hilarity to the art of stand-up comedy…”

Tom Green will be headlining at Hilarities Comedy Theater in Cleveland December 1-3 as part of his world stand-up tour.

Listen to the interview, conducted by WOBC DJs Curtis Cook and Shalena Wallace, here:

Tom Green Interview 12/2/11

OB Teen Radio

OHS junior Megan Tuckosh sings live on the show, 11/7

One of WOBC’s new shows this semester is OB Teen Radio, a program recorded and produced at The Backspace at The Bridge, Oberlin’s community technology center. During the week, middle school and high school students record their show, which airs on Mondays 6:30-7:00pm. Students DJ collaboratively, record station IDs, and record original vocal recordings over a favorite song instrumental. The show is a forum for the youth of Oberlin to share new music, opinions, pertinent news, school events and humor.

Check out the back episodes of OB Teen Radio, below, and be sure to tune in Mondays at 6:30!

OB Teen Radio 1

OB Teen Radio 2

About The Backspace :: The back computer lab at The Bridge, The Backspace, provides a more relaxed atmosphere open to teenage patrons (grades 6-12) weekdays, 3- 6 pm.  The space is equipped with 10 computers with Internet access, couches, tables, TV/DVD, school supplies, and resources available to help students prepare for the SAT/ACT & OGT, learn how to type, and receive help with homework through our free drop-in tutoring program.  The Backspace is also equipped with digital music and film editing programs as well as a digital keyboard, mixer,and a microphone.  Throughout the school year, we also offer various educational and recreational programs in which students can participate.  In the past, these have included activities such as crafts (pumpkin carving for Halloween or mural painting in the Backspace, etc.), software education (Photoshop, Garage Band, Microsoft Office, etc.) or movie late nights.

-Stella Byrne

Apply for WOBC Staff 2011-2012

Interested in being more involved at WOBC? Apply to be on staff for the 2011-2012 school year! Send a statement explaining why you should be selected for one of the positions described below to by this Saturday, April 30 at 11:59pm.

Here are the positions:

Genre Directors, News Editors (PAID and for CREDIT), Public Affairs Director, Vinyl Director, Promotions Director, Music Librarian, Web and Computer Technician (PAID), Engineer (PAID), Traffic Directors, Station Historian, Studio B Recording Engineer, Outreach Director, Party Planner

ALSO, Summer Station Manager and Summer Engineer (BOTH PAID).

And descriptions:

Genre Directors (apply for Pop/Rock, Folk/Country, Classical, Electronic, Freeform, Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal, Punk, and/or International): Each genre director should create a weekly chart for their genre detailing newly added music and run a workgroup to process and file new and old music within their genre. Each genre director is responsible for contacting labels and promotion companies in their genre.  Genre directors also are expected to recruit DJs to apply to shows within their genre, work with the Promotions Department to raise awareness about their genre and assist the Program Director in evaluating applications within their genre. Knowledge of musical styles in their genre and familiarity with the community of musicians and aficionados of that genre on campus is a plus in this position.  Genre directors should solicit ideas for projects from the members of the group.

News Editors: The news editors are responsible for training reporters, assigning news stories, editing reporters’ pieces, and producing their own pieces.  Training reporters includes teaching them how to conduct interviews, choose cuts, write scripts, and use sound-editing programs.  Assigning news stories involves keeping track of events occurring on campus and in the community as well as following the stories covered by competing new organizations, such as the Review.  In order to ensure that two editions come out each week, the news editors usually have to complete one story of their own every week or every other week.  News editors should thus expect about ten hours of work a week. You can receive credit for this position. This is a paid position.

Public Affairs Director: The Public Affairs Director is responsible for producing Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and other content for the radio or website that is relevant to the communities within WOBC’s broadcast area. The PA Director works with the Program Director to build relationships and work collaboratively with organizations, events, and projects in Lorain County. The PA Director should have enthusiasm for community media and some skills in audio production.

Vinyl Director: The Vinyl Director runs a weekly workgroup to explore WOBC’s vinyl collection and produces blog posts of particularly good finds. The Vinyl Director also maintains and organizes the vinyl collection and the corresponding digital database.

Promotions Director: The Promotions Director is responsible for raising WOBC’s profile among college and community listeners. The Promo Director coordinates the production and display of advertisements for station events, the design and dispersal of station merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, etc) and organizes promotional material that the station receives.  The Promo Director must be in contact with local venues and the Music Director/genre directors, in order to receive free tickets for DJs and listeners.  The Promo director is also responsible for coordinating the production and distribution of each semester’s program guide.

Music Librarian: The Librarian is responsible for keeping the WOBC music library in order. The Librarian should have extensive knowledge of WOBC’s music library and work to keep WOBC’s digital record of music accurate and up to date. The Music Librarian holds a weekly Music Library Maintenance workgroup, and is responsible for taking initiative to maintain the library as well as initiate new projects to better it. The Music Librarian organizes and runs the Filing Party each semester.

Web and Computer Technician: The Web Tech maintains all of the WOBC computers and manages the WOBC website, server, webcast, and digital music database. The Web Tech is responsible for training WOBC members how to use the website and how to use WOBC’s digital audio production resources. The Web Tech should have a working knowledge of web design (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript) and server administration, as well as some familiarity with audio production. This is a paid position.

Engineer: The engineer is responsible for the upkeep of the equipment in the station. A working knowledge of audio electronics is required. Various machining and woodworking skills are also helpful. Specific duties include repairing broken equipment, purchasing and installing new equipment, and keeping the station clean and organized. The engineer works with the Chief Operator and other contracted professional broadcast engineers to keep WOBC’s broadcast and emergency alert equipment up to code. The engineer also works with the Operations Manager, the Web and Computer Technician, and the Treasurer to manage WOBC’s technical resources. This is a paid position.

Traffic Directors: The Traffic Directors pick up new music in the mail from the Wilder desk, unpack and input album information into the WOBC music database, and sort albums into appropriate genres for workgroups.

Station Historian: The Station Historian is responsible for researching and documenting the history of WOBC. This includes organizing our reel to reel collections, sorting and digitizing old documents, and working to codify and document the overall history of WOBC while establishing documentative processes to record and store current WOBC practices and information.

Studio B Recording Engineer: The recording engineer makes sure that WOBC’s recording and live broadcast studio is working.  The engineers are responsible for coordinating every live broadcast and recording done in the studio.  A good knowledge of recording and live sound is necessary. An  understanding of audio electronics is a plus.

Outreach Director: The Outreach Director’s main priorities are to seek additional support for WOBC – both within the current Oberlin community and through alumni networking – and to increase the station’s listenership.  The Outreach Director works to develop relations with WOBC alumni and produces a newsletter to send to alums. This person is also responsible for creating a WOBC community beyond the station’s current membership and working with the board to coordinate sponsorship from outside businesses and organizations.

Party Planner: The party planner will be in charge of planning the block party and general fundraising house parties and shows throughout the year.  MUST have access to an off-campus house!  Do this if you’re good at delegating tasks and like to have fun!!

Summer Station Manager: The Station Manager is the spokesperson and general manager of the station and is responsible for making sure the station runs smoothly over the summer. This means being in regular communication with Wilder, Safety and Security and other organizations within the college. This also requires constant communication with the 30+ staff members and 150+ DJs.  The Summer Station Manager creates the Summer Program Schedule, maintains all operations, and generally maintains the station. For more information, contact This is a paid position.

Summer Engineer: See description for Engineer. This is a paid position.