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Radio Diaries from the Community Radio Exco


Check out the first finished assignment from the Community Radio exco!

The Last 4th Meal – Arcadia Rom-Frank

untitled – Taia Kwinter

Gnome More Loneliness – Sarah Chesire

News Director Sophie Hess and I are teaching the community radio exco this semester. For this project, we asked members of the exco to collect audio in a 24 hour time period and produce a 3-5 minute narrative piece with it. 

We were inspired by Radio Diaries, a project that gives people tape recorders to document their everyday lives – they call it “citizen journalism.”

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Show of the Week: Seoulbeats

Seoulbeats, a WOBC staple, has been on the air for two years now, supplying Oberlin with a steady stream of high-energy, fun-loving Korean pop. Tune in Mondays from 9-10pm to hear DJs BuhmBuhm and SamSamLoveMyBabe kill it on air!
psy gentleman.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large
Tell me about your show. What general kind of music do you play? How do you see your show as unique in the WOBC program?
In a simple sentence, we play all/any/only Korean music. We generally play recent(2000s and after) K-Pop music of all sub-genres(ballad, rock, rap, indie, soul, etc) although we include other Korean music such as traditional Korean music, older Korean pop songs (1950s and after), etc as well. We think of our show as unique in that since the creation of the show in 2010 Fall, we have consecutively been the only WOBC radio show that exclusively provides Korean songs to Lorain county and the Oberlin community. So far, we have earned great feedback from the community by song requests. We hope that the community will help us improve more by giving us general suggestions as well!
What’s your favorite show on WOBC?
Our favorite show on WOBC is Age of Aquarius by DJ Bad and DJ Good. Their show is currently right after ours and all of their first songs that they have played as we faded out our last songs have brightened up our nights.
Do you have a favorite WOBC memory?
Our favorite WOBC memory this semester was when we received a phone call from a gentleman asking the name of an artist in the midst of us playing a song that we didn’t particularly enjoy. We were intrigued to know if more people had different opinions about that artist. Two weeks later, we played another song from the same artist and that very person called again. Interesting was that he was not aware that he had called to the same show for the same artist. He said he had called simply because he was hearing such a beautiful voice. We learned the significance of diverse music interpretation that day.
Do you have anything else you want to add? Are you working on any interesting projects?
We are looking for a new DJ for next semester since Alix(DJ Samsamlovemybabe) will not be at Oberlin next year! DJ BuhmBuhm is especially looking forward to working with a female DJ whom has interest in K-Pop.
What’s one song or album you’re super into right now?
We are into “Gentleman” by PSY, a new song by the artist that produced the phenomenal “Gangnam Style.” At first, we were disappointed by this new release. This song is ALMOST a parody to his own song(“Gangnam Style”) in that so many aspects of the two songs are similar. However, the more we listen to “Gentleman,” the better it gets!

New Music: Teen-Age Riot Records

The No Tomorrow Boys - Jimmy, Matt, and Danny

When Matt Miller went to Oberlin he was Music Director and Punk Director here at WOBC and played in so many rock ‘n’ roll bands that he was basically responsible for almost all the fun I had in Spring ’09. Now two of his bands’ 7-inch records have arrived to the WOBC punk vault! Both released on Teen-Age Riot, they are killer additions to our collection.

Based in Portland, Oregon, the No Tomorrow Boys remember why seventies punk rockers wanted to look like greasers. They have hairdos! They have matching leather jackets! And they’re punk as heck.

No Tomorrow Boys – (Do The) No Tomorrow Twist

No Tomorrow Boys – Neanderthal For Your Love

The Miniskirts and the Itchies were a couple of Matt’s Oberlin projects, and these tracks were recorded here in town. “That’s Cool, That’s Trash,” fronted by the Miniskirts, is one of my favorite songs of all time not just because of lines like “There ain’t gonna be no kissing on the dance floor (that’s trash!)/There ain’t gonna be any dancing on the kissing floor (that’s cool!),” but also because punk rock with lady vocalists that is especially for dancing rules. As a matter of fact, all of these songs are especially for dancing and we should all dance to them.

The Miniskirts – That’s Cool, That’s Trash

The Itchies – Shake It Down

Stay sick, turn blue,

-Stella Byrne

College and Community Radio Under Attack

This week on “Radio On!” Sophie Hess and Katie Thornton investigate threats to college and community radio, discussing corporate consolidation of media, College Radio Day, and the platforms that stations like WOBC provide. The show features an interview with WOBC’s faculty advisor, Tom Lopez, originally broadcast on College Radio Day 2011, and a live phone interview with DJ and youth coordinator Zach McCormick of University of Minnesota’s Radio K.

Listen to the show: Radio On! 3/12/12

Tune in to “Radio On!” every Monday from 6:00-6:30pm on WOBC 91.5FM.