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Baku is in Azerbaijan, although I don't know where that is...

Each year since 1956 a bunch of European countries submit (horrifically bad) songs into a pan-European (plus Israel) contest called Eurovision, which is broadcast all over Europe and according to Wikipedia is one of the longest-running television programs ever.  This year, Exurovision was held in Baku, which is the capital of Azerbaijan, a country you may be familiar with through its appearance in the Peirce Brosnan Bond movie “The World is Not Enough“. Although most of the songs entered into the contest are truly the dregs of the global music industry (Ex: San Marino’s 2012 entry, The Social Network Song ), there are occasionally a few acceptable songs. The following is a personal ranking of the best five songs of this years contest, complete with their official contest rankings:

1) Sweeden: “Euporia” by Loreen – Eurovision 2012 winner, and winner in my heart too – Catchy dance-y tune, simple performance and no stupid gimmicks (an Eurovision rarity)

2) Ukraine : “Be My Guest” by Gaitana – 15th place – I would consider visiting Ukraine if it looks and sounds like this music video. I don’t think this is representative of the country, though. A fun, summery dance track.

3) Ireland: “Waterline” by Jedward – 19th place – Hot Irish identical twins. Funny hairdos. Catchy beat which will grow on you until you find yourself humming it at inopportune times. See previous post on Jedward for more info.

4) Iceland: “Never Forget” by Greta Salome and Jonsi – 20th place – Yes, that is the Jonsi of Sigur Ros fame. No, this is not his first Eurovision entry (the previous one, in 2004 was way worse). This song is a testament to patriotism, because I can’t figure out any other reason Jonsi would agree to be associated with a song like this. Listen to it in Icelandic here.

5) Cyprus: “La La Love” by Ivi Adamou – 16th place – Some of the stupidest lyrics I have ever heard in my life. Good to listen to at the gym, though.

For the curious, or for the deaf, the number two song was a group of old Russian grandmothers singing this (no, that is not a joke, Europeans and music judges actually ranked that as the second best song in the competition), third place went to a Serbian dude singing a boring ballad in Serbian, fourth place to the host country, Azerbaijan, with a boring ballad in English  and fifth place to Albania for a boring song in Albanian.

-Petra Seitz

New(ish) Music: Jedward

Just look at those pretty, pout-y faces!

If you’re like me, then the idea of attractive, young-looking, Irish man-twins launching a semi-successful pop career through various music contests and the obsessions of ten year old Irish girls is like the best thing ever. Fortunately for us, Jedward exists. Made up of 20 year old (its okay, they’re legal) twins John and Edward, Jedward rose to a mild level of fame among tween girls in the UK and Ireland after their appearance on The X Factor in 2009. They were described by then-judge Simon Cowell as being “Not very good and incredibly annoying” (which is actually how most people would describe Simon Cowell, so whatever), and lost the competition. Then they released a CD of all the songs they covered on the X Factor, and did some other stuff, including releasing another album, modeling, doing charity whatever, being real cute, and representing Ireland in the 2011 and 2012 Eurovision contests.

No, they cannot sing well. No, they cannot dance well (although they do cartwheels and handstands and stuff sometimes). Yes, you will want to mute your computer and pretend to be looking at something else when you watch the videos below and someone walks past. But, if you are like me, you’ll probably enjoy it all the same. And if you dig it, don’t worry. They have another album coming out next month.

Jedward – Waterline (Ireland’s 2012 EuroVision entry)

Jedward – Lipstick (Ireland’s 2011 EuroVision entry)

-Petra Seitz

FROM THE VAULT: Sum 41 – All Killer, No Filler

This is what all my sexy faces look like

This is an album that I completely forgot existed until it magically appeared on my new ipod. The knowledge that I did not listen to it at all for several years pushes me into a deep despair and feeling of loss that can only be rectified by listening to this album.

Unlike many pop-punk albums, “All Killer, No Filler” doesn’t try to be anything but itself. It’s not hardcore, and doesn’t pretend to be. None of the members have any sort of real life experience to write about, and it shows in the lyrics. The album was clearly fun to write (“Pain for Pleasure” was allegedly written in several minutes on the toilet) and fun to record, and because of this, is fun to listen to as well. Everything, from the joking (I hope) introduction to the unnecessary and disjointed ending track, to the continually self-depreciating lyrics contributes to a cacophony of nostalgic experiences and pure enjoyment.

Listen to “All Killer” again, and pay particular attention to “Fat Lip”, recounting the feelings of intense identification and teenage rebellion that you felt listening to the song when it first came out, even though you were like 11 years old, and the furthest you would actually go in begin rebellious was maybe not spending as long as you should have on your math homework that you were doing a couple of days early just in case. Also ignore that fact that Whatshisface, the lead singer, married Avril Lavigne. That shit’s just embarrassing.

All Killer, No Filler
01. Introduction to Destruction
02. Nothing on My Back
03. Never Wake Up
04. Fat Lip
05. Rhythms
06. Motivation
07. In Too Deep
08. Summer
09. Handle This
10. Crazy Amanda Bunkface
11. All She’s Got
12. Heart Attack
13. Pain For Pleasure

-Petra Seitz

Harry and the Potters

Harry and the Potters at Oberlin, Photo courtesy of Alanna Bennett

On April 12th, Wizard Rock band Harry and the Potters played a moderately well attended show at the ‘Sco. A household name for hardcore Harry Potter fans, Harry and the Potters (brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge, also known as Harry Potter and Harry Potter) write and preform songs about or relating to characters (DumbledoreThe Weasle), plot points (This Book is so Awesome, The Yule Ball) or general themes (Song for the Death Eaters, (not gonna put on) the Monkey Suit) in the Harry Potter series. They mostly play in libraries.

Photo courtesy of Alanna Bennett

Although neither  of the Harry Potters would ever be considered to be  great musicians (okay, they’re pretty bad at actually playing instruments and singing), focusing on these minor, minor flaws detracts from the point of Wizard Rock. Which is fun. It’s fun to be in a crowd of nerds miming Hagrid having a beard and giving really good hugs and singing along to a song about being intoxicated (my enjoyment of this may possibly have something to do with my own level of intoxication, feeling of solidarity and desire to explain to the gentleman next to me that he looked a lot like Nicholas Hoult and that this was a good thing Note: If  you are this person, or know him, contact me. Really.) It’s fun to be reminded of your first time reading the first Harry Potter book and expecting your own letter inviting you to Hogwarts. Its fun to pretend, at least for an evening or a few minutes listening to a song that your dining halls, like Hogwarts’, have good food.

Music is about having fun and enjoying ourselves, and that’s exactly what Harry and the Potters do themselves and for others. If you enjoy or enjoyed the Harry Potter books, drop aside your music pretension in favor of releasing your inner 12 year old nerd. Give them a listen.

The Harry Potter Alliance, which brought Harry and the Potters to Oberlin, will be hosting a Night of Horrid Fan-fiction at Slow Train on May 2nd, and an All-Day Prisoner of Azkaban Read-a-thon on May 13th.

-Petra Seitz

WOBC Filing Party!

Every semester WOBC hosts a filing “party” in the station, with the goal of tidying up our 35,000+ item music collection and implementing new and better organizational systems. This gathering allows the station to continue to function properly, and keeps our library in useable shape.

This semester is no exception!

On Friday, April 13th (!) from 2:30 to 6pm,  everyone is welcome to join the WOBC Board, Staff and DJs (who will be there because this is a mandatory event for them) as we explore our vaults, start putting labels on things, sort through tons of 45’s, have fun, and of course, re-file.

Snacks may be provided, and everyone who works for at least forty-five minutes will get a special gift.

Depeche Mode – Clean

Hillary Duff – Come Clean

Eminem – Cleanin’ Out My Closet

Incubus – Clean

-Petra Seitz


Alphabeat – Vacation

The first single off of Danish pop sensation Alphabeat’s upcoming third studio album, “Vacation” , may not be the perfect song to listen to during record high temperatures in Oberlin, but it comes damn near close. With 80’s inspired beats, vocals, videos, and color schemes, Alphabeat has consistently produced bubbly pop dance jams, perfect for any pool party anywhere, and “Vacation” keeps up the band’s previous successes with Hole in My Heart, The Spell, Boyfriend and 10,00 Nights. This time though, Alphabeat seem to be more comfortable to move further into the future, and away from their 80’s roots, all while keeping up a level of cutsey energy that seems almost impossible.

Although “Vacation” may not count among this year’s most technically prefect, or intellectually best songs of 2012, it must be in the running for one of the most enjoyable.(And after all, shouldn’t pure, unadulterated fun and joy be an integral part of music?)

Although there is a high bar for 80’s inspired songs about vacations (The Go Go’s and Madonna made sure of that!), Alphabeat’s riff on the same summery theme manages to stand its own, ready to be listened to with sunglasses on and a nice iced drink with a little umbrella in hand. By a pool. With flowers blooming. On a tropical island.

-Petra Seitz

Soundtap Madness 2012

All we do is win

Love WOBC? Love winning? Great. Read on.

Starting March 15th, Soundtap is launching a contest called Soundtap Madness. The contest pits the “top 64 non-commercial radio stations” across the country against each other in a quest for listener-ship, and sweet, sweet victory. In the first round WOBC is going up against WLUW, Loyola University in Chicago.

So here’s what to do:

1) Sign up for a Soundtap account ASAP. Its takes a grand total of about 2 minutes.

2) Listen to WOBC through Soundtap everyday starting March 15th.

3) WIN!

Each user can register up to 90 minutes of listening time each day, so encourage your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies and pets to sign up and listen too.