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Apply to be on next year’s Board!

Hello station!

As much as it saddens me to say it, it is the time of year where we start planning for NEXT year!
Below is info about each position. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested! Applications/statements will be due on Friday April 7th by 11:59 pm
in a separate email to 
Please send a statement of interest that includes:
  • Relevant radio/leadership experience;
  • Description of your past involvement with WOBC;
  • Why you’re interested in the position;
  • Anything else that explains why you’re an excellent candidate for this job!
  • Statements of interest will be sent out to the entire station to be voted on, so make sure you’re happy with what you write.
If you’re thinking of applying but have questions, feel free to reach out to the person who currently holds the position you’re into, via email. More info below!
Note: Student Engineer is an application based position due to the technical nature of the responsibilities, please email for more information.
Some logistics:  Each position is stipended 10 hours a week of paid work at minimum wage, although often we do more work than this. In addition, any students can apply for these positions–and we especially encourage underclassmen to apply, in order to improve the station’s institutional memory. Unfortunately, as per our charter, only college and conservatory students may apply.

Again, please reach out if you have questions — we’re so excited to start the process of passing our torches to y’all!

Love !

Arcadia, Nora, Mac, Jackie, Sunny, and Becca

Station Manager

The Station Manager (SM) is the spokesperson for WOBC, the chair of the Board, and is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization as a whole. The SM, in conjunction with the other Board members, oversees the Station, its assets, its broadcasts, and coordinates the activities of WOBC staff and DJs. Most importantly, the General Manager ensures that tasks set forth by the Board are accomplished and that those delegated those tasks have the resources they require. The station manager keeps frequent office hours and is on call 24/7.

Current Station Manager: Arcadia Rom-Frank

Contact information:

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager oversees compliance with all FCC regulations and legal agreements with copyright holders. The Ops Manager works with the Student Engineer to maintain technical equipment and ensure that station members follow proper procedures. Tasks include organizing DJ training, reviewing daily operating logs, reviewing Radio Activity logs, assisting Program Director with attendance, and completing quarterly issues/program reports. The Operations Manager is on call 24/7.

Current Ops Manager: Mac Maclean

Contact information:

Program Director

The Program Director is responsible for the fair, timely creation and maintenance of the schedule of shows. The PD ensures that radio show applications are publicized widely within the broadcast area, both in Oberlin and surrounding communities. The PD is the primary contact with DJs over programming issues. The PD ensures that programming runs as frequently and smoothly as possible, including interim periods.

The PD works with the Ops Manager to keep track of who attends or misses their shows. The PD listens to the radio often, makes suggestions to DJs and contacts those who do not attend their show, and plans events for WOBC DJs and the community. The Program Director is on call 24/7.

Current Program Director: Nora Catlin

Contact information:

Music Director

The Music Director oversees the station’s music collection, facilitates the processing of incoming music, and manages workgroup members and directors. A large portion of the job entails talking on the phone and e-mailing with promotion companies and record labels to request music for the station  and to track music the station has received. The music director organizes and oversees workgroups – they are in charge of assigning DJs to workgroups, as well as assisting and meeting with workgroup directors.

The Music Director is on call 24/7.

Current Music Director: Sunny Iyer

Contact information:


The Treasurer is responsible for managing WOBC’s finances, preparing the annual budget, and serving as the liaison with the SFC. The Treasurer purchases everything the station needs and works with the Operations Manager and Student Engineer to maintain and replace technical equipment. The Treasurer is on call 24/7.

Current Treasurer: Becca Winer

Contact information:


Arcadia Rom-Frank /// Station ManagerWOBC 91.5-FM                 Office: 440.775.8107
Wilder Hall, Room 319       Requests: 440.775.8139
135 West Lorain St. 

Oberlin, OH  44074  

Electronic Workgroup: Songs to get through finals

From our headphones2yours


Disco Steve








Good luck everyone!

In Regards to the Election

Dear Station,

Regarding the recent election, we feel that WOBC has a unique place on campus to make voices heard far and wide in a way that is needed so desperately right now. In light of this, we are implementing some new procedures so that we can be on top of things that are happening on campus as they are cropping up.
We are working on having more remote broadcasts of events, we are working on new programming that features professors, activists, and others who are weighing in on the changing political sphere.
*** Because of the importance of the immediacy of featuring news, events, and experiences we may contact you asking that we use your show time for a remote broadcast or special program. ***
We deeply respect all of your shows and programming, and so we hope you understand why the only reason we would ask you to donate your show time to one of these events is because we want to make sure we are involved and reacting to what is going on in the most active way we possibly can.
We are open to more conversation about this, and we would love to hear more ideas about ways that WOBC can make a difference in empowering voices that are threatened by the changing political climate.
If you need any assistance organizing your show in a new way, and you want to talk about logistics of resources, equipment, or inviting guests, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help!
Yours in struggle,
 the WOBC board