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Live music shows and other events at the sco, cat in the cream, or other venues.

WOBC & The Cat in the Cream present: Stress Ape and Psychedelic Horseshit

Breaking newz: FREE SHOW!

Breaking newz: Stress Ape and Psychedelic Horseshit to totally captivate audiences at the Cat in the Cream March 16th at 10pm!

Dig? The Cat in the Cream and WOBC will be co-sponsoring the event, admission in free, bands are rad. Stress Ape hails from Oakland, CA and Pyschedelic Horseshit rolls in from Columbus. Check them out here:

The Cat in the Cream is located at 180 W Lorain St.
WOBC is located at 91.5fm, and also, nestled in yr heart.

Art Brut at the 'Sco: Nov.11.09(!!)

(some of) The British are coming! (to the Sco!)

Next Wednesday, Nov. 11th, indie favs Art Brut  bring their wry brand of punkish, angular (British) rock to the ‘Sco. Associated (by Press powers that be) with Franz F. and Bloc Party in the early Oughts, Art Brut stood apart by virtue of their ironic “it’s not irony, it’s rock’n’roll” attitude. They’re touring behind their third album “Art Brut Vs. Satan” which is pretty sweet and has songs about comic books and Paul Westerberg being pretty much old. 

The line between the charmingly self-aware/depreciating and the woefully obnoxious draws mighty thin. Art Brut, though, manages to stay on the sunny side, getting away with lines like: “I can’t stand the sound of the Velvet Underground…the second time around” and “we’re gonna be the band that writes the song that makes Israel and Palestine get along” because we feel like we’re in on the joke. (They’re talking to us, right? We understand irony and rock and roll! And having crushes on people too!)

Plus, they’re probably the kind of sarcastic British people we like, so come out to the ‘Sco as an act of reconciliation and good will. We’ll forget about that whole Revolutionary War thing, they can thank us for the Ramones and we’ll all just get on with it.

It’s fun, it’s (usually) smart and it’s only $7 with yr OC ID ($12 without).

Art Brut-Emily Kane