Winter Term Applications Are Live!

Want to get your voice on the air? Going to be in Oberlin for Winter Term? Apply for  show! Apps are open from now until January 4th at 11:59m. Email winter term general manager Sophie Kemp ( with any questions or concerns.



One thought on “Winter Term Applications Are Live!”

  1. I am a(mild mannered)DJ at wobc -though not presently until after winter term, but I used to be the leader of a famous band in the New England area named CHUCK….we won Boston music awards and launched other musicians, put out 2CD’s etc…our drummer is presently on ABC’s hit show the voice as the studio drummer (plays ALL the tunes for the contestants)
    ..but, at any rate we are having a reunion show Feb20th Near Tuft University (my Alma mater).
    Is there anyway to involve the legions of talented youth here at WOBC Oberlin, like to simulcast our reunion concert -which will be BIG stuff in Boston -here on wobc…or at the “SCO”(my band actually played the sco back in the day,during one of our tours?

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