DJ album reviews: “Black Messiah” and “First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate”

We proudly present two album reviews by WOBC DJ Joseph Peek. Catch his show, “Underground Railroad,” Mondays from 6-7 pm!

D’Angelo – Black Messiah

black messiahThis is an album for any fan of D’Angelo NOT to miss, buy it a sight unseen! You won’t be disappointed. I continue to be impressed with D’Angelo’s growth, I can’t say production, because D’Angelo only puts out a major release every decade or so, so far, but his musical compilations are worth waiting for. His albums only seem to get better and this is rare as artists usually burst onto the scene with their initial hit release only to fall into their “sophomore slump syndrome” aided and abetted as much by their record co. constantly wavering search for the next pop king. In fact, some never regain their debut level of success. D’Angelo’s third release, Black Messiah, should be an exception to this rule. Although I don’t hear the one clear cut 3min 45sec. cookie cutter commercial radio hit, the entire album did not disappoint. D’Angelo’s soulful, blues & jazz influenced musicality intertwined with his patently complex yet sensuous harmonies and gospel inspired vocals, coming straight out of the African-American church and experience, what’s NOT to like!

This Album is funky and catchy yet as bright and positive as D’Angelo’s compared to Voodoo which was dark and depressing. Some people might say there is an undeniable Prince derivative to his music but Prince, in MY humble opinion, never quite gets this consistently funky and locked in the pocket over the course of an entire album. Black Messiah by D’Angelo is consistently appealing, with a song for everyone’s fancy and an album uniquely funky, as only a few in the present diaspora of African American musical performers can do (save George Clinton, Stevie Wonder and a precious few others).

Key Trax:

1. Ain’t That Easy
4. Sugar Daddy
5. Really Love:
6. Back to the Future

Funkadelic – First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate

FirstYaGottaChackTheGateThis is a real Funkadelic album, not a P-funk All-Stars or George and Friends, but a genuine Funkadelic musical sighting in the 21st century. It is hot off the press with original sounds, songs, and artwork; a three CD release with a song for every year since funkadelic dropped their last album… are you kidding me!?

Any “almost fan” should get this album, and anyone looking to get a late pass on the Funkadelic soultrain, this is as good a time as any with the release of “First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate.” Though much of the live rhythm section has been replaced by sequenced bass-n-drums, the album still manages to have that trademark Ole School Funkadelic feel.

George Clinton, one of my all time favorite musicians, incorporates the modern sound of rappers, experiments with electronics and everything from hip hop to dubstep and back again to his purest origins, an all live band “rocking out” with the best of them in hard edged classic 70’s rock forms. George STILL manages to deliver the funk as only he can, with zany lyrics, infectious hooks, and the most soulful vocals of Mount Zion Baptist Church. The gospel and blues origination of the harmonies and melodies is why even old folks will groove to this one….”Who da hell knows or cares what he’s sayin, right?!” The hits are too many to mention, as is often the case with sophisticated musicianship but some songs require a few reviews to fully peruse their genius.

*Funkadelic will also be touring this Spring and in Cleveland at the House of Blues on Friday, May 8th

-Joseph Peek

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  1. Interesting, especially the Funkadelic piece, I didn’t know they had a new album, looking to come to Ohio and maybe we can hook up and check them out in Cleveland, keep up the good work.

    Your big brother in the big apple

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