Songs that make you feel like you’re in the Summer Beach (and why):

1. Kiss — Prince: “If i could be any person besides myself i’d be prince”– Pat Sweeny
2. Kenosha— Swearin’: “idk i was born in Wisconsin which is where Kenosha is”
3. Slow Country– Gorillaz “Makes me feel like i’m stuck in a heat wave”
4. Mojave — Antonio Carlos Jobim “driving around the car in hawaii.  i needed beach music”
5. Digits — Fan 3 “the hook is hey papi can i get those digits… idk how it fit into the shark tale movie”
6. Down by the Water — PJ Harvey “it’s about water and the beach has water”
7. This is what Dreams are made Of —- Hilary Duff “i saw a drag queen perform it over the summer and it was amazing”