The CILC blogs about WOBC

The Cooper International Learning Center – find them at Peters Hall – blogged about the many international and multilingual shows on the WOBC schedule. Whether sung on record or from the mouths of DJs themselves, there are a ton of opportunities to hear languages other than English on WOBC! Check out the list supplied by the CILC below:

Dazed&ConfuciusMondays 11am – 12pmModern/Contemporary East Asian ethnic/minorities Folk music. :::: DJ KarmaKa$h
samba esquema sonsualMondays 1pm – 2pmMusic from Brazilian POC greats from the golden age of musica popular brasileira. :::: Samantha Spaccasi
Black Conciousness MovementMondays 9pm – 10pmBlack Conciousnessment Movement is a show that brings an eclectic mix of sounds from Africa and the African diaspora. The show will move across time and space and genre, from traditional African music forms like Secousse and Pantsula to modern Afrobeats to Raggae and African-American hip-hop and RnB
zazous et plusTuesdays 7am – 8amFresh French music for all. Covering a vast array of genres– from early 20th century blues inspired ‘chanson realiste’ to french rap, punk, house, & disco. The title of my show ‘zazous’ comes from the French youth music movement during WWII that incorporated flamboyant clothing style & swing/jazz music as a means of expression & political resistance, later culminating in the ye-ye pop sensation. :::: Sanjana Iyer
International Love: Boybands of the DiasporaTuesdays 8am – 9amThis radio show will play songs from the North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. It will also play songs of past decades to invoke nostalgia.
Y Todavia Sigue La TracateraTuesdays 1pm – 2pmCulturally enriching corridos and ballads heard prevalently in the rural towns and municipalities of Northern Mexico, specifically north of the Nayar mountains of Nayarit, Mexico. :::: Christian Daahir, Jorge Luevano *Broadcast in Spanish*
All Things IrishTuesday 6pm – 7pm

All Things Irish features traditional Irish music, its modern counterparts, and a little bit of malarkey.

African Jam Session ReduxTuesdays 11pm – 12aAfrican Jam Session Redux will play a variety of music spanning different time periods, genres, and styles relating to the African continent and diaspora, while also engaging listeners in current events.
Concha XLWednesdays 11am – 12pConcha XL is a spanish radio talk show with an explicitly feminist agenda. Featuring contemporary underground Latin, traditional, and urban music, we hope to bring light to the creative works of Latina women. Reclaiming and reviving Spanish radio traditions like prank calls and news, we hope to use the airwaves to bring good energy, information, and representation to our people.
Boludos AzulesWednesdays 1pm – 2pmCumbia has been described as the musical backbone of Latin America. Originating with African slaves in Colombia more than 200 hundred years ago, cumbia has gradually gained popularity through out Latin America. It’s best to dance and move around to. :::: DJ Joseph Farago
Seoul BeatsWednesdays 5pm – 6pmSeoul Beats plays a wide range of K-pop and Korean music. With the growing popularity of K-pop in the US, Seoul Beats is here to satisfy the crave for good idol music and to broaden the musical horizons of all listeners. :::: Garret Wallace, Sohyoung Lee
Griot BeatsThursdays 1pm – 2pmMusic of the African continent and the African diaspora. Swinging from Ethiopia to Nigeria, to Mali, to Cuba and back. :::: Bamako Bob
Carnival Comin’Fridays 1pm – 2pmSoca, Calypso, Pan! The evolving forms of Trinidadian music coalescing and sweating groove. :::: Noah Jonathan, Thomson Jones
Bruxxsel RadioFridays 8pm – 9pmBruxxsel Radio is retro and new, british indie rock, polish pop, french new wave, tropical beats, 80s & 90s dance, alterlatino, nordic punk, german schlager, thai disco, canadian electro, random multilingual selections from around the globe. :::: Maarceleaux
TropicáliaSaturdays 8pm – 9pmA exploration of contemporary latin psychedelic music, with a focus the music of the Tropicália movement, which was influential over American recording artists such as David Byrne. :::: Madeleine Aquilina
GermaniacsSaturdays 9pm – 10pmGermaniacs features punk and metal music from – you guessed it – Germany! While you rock out you’ll also learn about the sociopolitical conditions that led to the rise of musical movements such as Neue Deutsche Härt, and how to say ‘cream cheese’ in German!
Baklava & Apple CiderSundays 5am – 6am

Weekly chill-out show, conducted in Turkish and English. Broadcast in English during the first half of the show -talking about recent news in science, art and politics- and in Turkish during the second half -talking about politics and philosophy.