Happy Summer! New Music 6.19 ! ! !

it’s getting hot outside and our AC is working! stop by, say hi, we’re reaaal friendly.

these are some artists whose new LPs we like a lot.  they’re available for download in our station on the new music shelf.

PHOX — Slow Motion ::: omg omg, this whole album is amazing, it’s like sea salt caramel for your ear drums.


FUR CUPS FOR TEETH — Buffalo ::: a really, really solid femme punk band with pretty sparkles of electronica.


KAN WAKAN — Forever Found ::: dreamy, i-am-a-strong-independent-emotionally-complex-lady music.  loving this record.


DOM LA NENA — Golondrina ::: a beautiful, sparse, eloquent tune.  Her EP also has a National cover on it that’s preeeeetty cool.  


THE BOMBAY ROYALE — Henna Henna ::: super rad genre bending compositions with heavy bollywood influences, as well as funk, soul and electronica.  


<3 <3 <3 Sophie