Check it out: History!

Maybe you’ve seen them before but, check out these sketches which were included in the Report on the Proposed Radio Station of Oberlin College, submitted to the school in May, 1949!

Roger Brucker's plan for Studio A
Roger Brucker’s plan for Studio A


The proposal was written by the Oberlin Radio Group, a collective of students dedicated to the creation of a radio station on campus. The issue of “paramount importance,” at the time was to find a location for the station – the group planned to stay at Oberlin over the summer to start building the studio themselves, and needed to find a home ASAP. These drawings were crayon-ed by Roger W. Brucker, a member of the Oberlin Radio group. He planned to build the station in Burton basement, but the station couldn’t afford it and instead ended up on the second floor of the Publications Building at 32 E. College.

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