World Workgroup’s International Label Pix

International workgroup wants to help you in your search for international music, so a few of us have decided to tell you about the international labels we love…


Bungalow Records is an international pop and electronica label founded in 1996 in Berlin by DJs Holger Beier and Marcus Lisenfeld. Some of the artists who have released albums on the label include the multilingual Berlin-based duo Stereo Total, Japanese electronic music artist Fantastic Plastic Machine, French musician and composer Bertrand Burgalat, the post-modernist Scotsman Momus, humorous and eclectic French singer/songwriter Philippe Katerine, and from Mexico, dance/rap/rock artists Plastilina Mosh and the one-man music project Mexican Institute of Sound. Check out Bungalow for an incredible collection of candy pop and electronic sounds from around the world.

Here is one of Stereo Total’s older videos from when they were on the record label:



Nonesuch Records! It’s been swallowed into the Warner Bros record label now, but it’s awesome because the point of this record was that the artists they signed and the records they collected were sold for a cool $2.50. They guy who started the record went and perused the vaults in Europe to dig up their archived classical selection and sold those records for half the price they would have been sold for in order to spread international music to different corners of the U.S. Malian singer, Rokia Traore, is on Nonesuch Records:


Finders Keepers Records is a London-based label in the business of digging up old records from around the world and remarketing them for current audiences. They’ve put out some incredible compilations, including probably my favorite ever, The Sound of Wonder, a mix of Pakistani film music from the 1960’s with some crazy Soviet synth sounds. Finders Keepers also maintains a sample library that has been used by the likes of Erykah Badu, Mad Lib, and the Wu-Tang Clan. Pretty cool! Check them out if you want to delve into some music that otherwise would have been rotting away in a pile of old vinyl.