FRIDAY the 18th at 9PM, FRANKIE COSMOS and PORCHES (solo) will perform at Fairchild Chapel. BUT WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ANYWAYS?



“Pop doodlebugs from a Gotham songstress on the rise.” Calvin Johnson (K Records)

Some things to know about Frankie Cosmos:

-brainchild of 20-year old Greta

-40 releases in 4 years

-self-described genre is “doggie-style”

Lo-fi indie-pop  is an easy way to describe Frankie Cosmos. But that doesn’t really express what they sound like. The lyrics are personal and private but easily relatable. The music itself is digestible and pleasant but somewhat unsettling. That is the mystery of Frankie Cosmos: Greta oozes her life + soul into her work but an air of mischief punctuates each line. Independent, needy, confident + confused. The suspense of Angel Olsen’s vocals and the minimal emotion of Arthur Russell, the jangly-pop vibe of 90’s K Records releases, the straight-forward cheekiness that is all Frankie Cosmos’s own. It’s all a dream! It never even happened!!!

Frankie Cosmos will perform with porno-gospel pirates Porches (solo). 

9 PM

Fairchild Chapel

$3 Donation

4/18 + 4/18 + 4/18 + 4/18 + 4/18

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