Run For WOBC Board!

Dear Station,
As of today, we are accepting statements of interest for the WOBC Executive Board of 2014-15. Please include in your statement all relevant radio or leadership experience, a description of your past involvement with WOBC, why you’re interested in the position, and pretty much anything else you think provides a convincing argument for why you should have this job. Remember, this is an election process in which the entire station participates, so be sure to tailor your statement to your audience.
Board members are paid 10 hours a week at minimum wage, although the job often demands more time.
Please send applications to this email address by Saturday April 19 by 11:59pm.
If you have questions about the application process, or would like more detail about what the jobs entail, please do not hesitate to contact one of the board members or drop in during office hours.
Unfortunately, only Oberlin College students are able to run for board positions. Staff positions, on the other hand, are open to all. Keep an eye out for those applications in the weeks to come.
General Manager – The General Manager (GM) is the spokesperson for WOBC, the chair of the Board, and is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization as a whole. The GM, in conjunction with the other Board members, oversees the Station, its assets, its broadcasts, and coordinates the activities of WOBC staff and DJs. Most importantly, the General Manager ensures that tasks set forth by the board are accomplished and that those delegated those tasks have the resources they require. The station manager keeps frequent office hours and is on call 24/7.
Current General Manager: Michael Stenovec
Contact information:

Operations Manager – The Operations Manager oversees compliance with all FCC regulations and legal agreements with copyright holders. The Ops Manager works with the Student Engineer to maintain technical equipment and ensure that station members follow proper procedures. Tasks include organizing DJ training, reviewing daily operating logs, reviewing Radio Activity logs, and completing quarterly issues/program reports. The Operations Manager is on call 24/7.
Current Ops Manager: Joseph Lubitz
Contact information: ops@wobc.orgProgram Director – The Program Director is responsible for the fair and timely creation and maintenance of the schedule of shows. The PD ensures that radio show applications are publicized widely within the broadcast area, both in Oberlin and surrounding communities. The PD is the primary contact with DJs over programming issues. The PD works to ensure that WOBC’s broadcast is interrupted as infrequently as possible, including during interim periods. The PD works with the Ops Manager to keep track of who attends or misses their shows. The PD listens to the radio often, makes suggestions to DJs and contacts those who do not attend their show. The Program Director is on call 24/7.
Current Program Director: Ali Post
Contact information: pd@wobc.orgMusic Director – The Music Director oversees the station’s music collection, facilitates the processing of incoming music, and ensures music submissions continue. A large portion of the job entails talking on the phone with promotion companies and record labels to request music for the station  and to track music the station has received. The MD organizes and oversees workgroups and the Music Blog. The MD produces weekly music charts, submits them to the College Music Journal, and posts them on the Music Blog. The MD should love and be familiar with a variety of music–more than just rock and pop. The Music Director is on call 24/7.
Current Music Director: Alison Kozol
Contact information: music@wobc.orgTreasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for managing WOBC’s finances, preparing the annual budget, and serving as the liaison with the SFC. The Treasurer purchases everything the station needs and workswith the Operations Manager and Student Engineer to maintain and replace technical equipment. The Treasurer is on call 24/7.

Current Treasurer: Jack Lazar
Contact information: