Radio Diaries from the Community Radio Exco


Check out the first finished assignment from the Community Radio exco!

The Last 4th Meal – Arcadia Rom-Frank

untitled – Taia Kwinter

Gnome More Loneliness – Sarah Chesire

News Director Sophie Hess and I are teaching the community radio exco this semester. For this project, we asked members of the exco to collect audio in a 24 hour time period and produce a 3-5 minute narrative piece with it. 

We were inspired by Radio Diaries, a project that gives people tape recorders to document their everyday lives – they call it “citizen journalism.”

Radio Diaries was created by an Oberlin Alum! His name is Joe Richman, check out that link he has some smart things to say about documentation, storytelling, and narration in radio (also he’s a nice guy i emailed him once and he emailed me back!!) 

Check out one of our favorite stories here:

To hear more from the community radio exco, listen to our radio show on wobc, every wednesday at noon

-Ali Post