Japan’s thriving electronic music scene has been putting out some hot, French-influenced nudisco in recent months. Spring is in the air, and now that the snow is starting to melt what better way to celebrate than to dust off the disco and muzak samples and cut loose?



Name: マクロスMACROSS 82-99

Location: Tokyo

Track: スペースディスコ『82.99 FM』

Sounds like: what’s playing on the radio of your favorite anime character’s motorcycle during their big night out on the city.



Name: スーパーセックス永遠に SUPERSEX420

Location: Calgary

Track: ビッグはおっぱいFEELME

Sounds like: Moon Boots [French Express] if he’d grown up in Japan and smiled more often.  On why his sound is so Japanese: “I just love Japanese disco and its cool that it has such a different sound to American and European disco.”



Name: Architecture in Tokyo

Location: Tokyo

Track: ヒスイ MARBLE (ft. ULTRA ウルトラ)

Sounds like: vapory and funky all at once; a track fit for a modern day, internet-savvy Patrick Bateman



Name: KZA

Location: Tokyo

Track: Le Troublant Acid

Sounds like: a lot of French house – there’s a strong Air-esque vibe to this one.  KZA is the oldest producer on the list and has a very different sound.



Name: Seiho

Location: Osaka

Track: GOLD

Sounds like: ok, Seiho probably wouldn’t characterize his sound as disco.  That said, this cut is his most dancey release to date, with oldschool funk sounds and a straightforward rhythm.  Catch him at the ‘Sco on Friday!

Osaka Comes to Oberlin!!

If you like the tunes, these tracks and many more from the scene will be played special on FRENCH TOUCH, Thursday night/Friday morning at 1AM.  Tune in 😀