Finds from the WOBC Vault: March 2014

Did you know that the WOBC station houses thousands of vinyl records? 12″ and 7″, 33 and 45, pressed in 2014 and 1964, pop and rock and jazz and folk and R&B and classical and punk, world famous and unimaginably obscure. Every week, vinyl workgroup convenes to search through the depths of the WOBC vinyl vault and find some hidden gems you otherwise would never discover. Here’s a recent sampling of the best we’ve found.

Luther Allison: “The Little Red Rooster” from Bad News is Coming (1973). Arkansan blues guitarist – began by playing with Howlin’ Wolf and Freddie King in the late 50s, eventually found himself as one of the few blues artists signed to Motown in the early 70s, when he recorded his album.


Eric Burdon Band: “Funky Fever” from Stop (1971). Did you know that Eric Burdon of The Animals was, for a short time, a part of funk band War? Well if you did, you know more than all of us at vinyl workgroup. We were surprised to find that Eric Burdon went through any sort of funky phase and that, furthermore, the song entitled “Funk Fever” from his 1971 album does not actually sound particularly funky. But the fact that the record cover is in the shape of a stop sign (!!!) more than made up for it.


John Baldry: “Everything Stops for Tea” from Everything Stops for Tea (1972). Was vinyl workgroup really into the early 70s when we found these albums? Here’s British singer and actor John Baldry on an album produced by both Elton John and Rod Stewart where Baldry, for some reason, does a rendition of the song “Everything Stops for Tea” from the film Come Out of the Pantry.


Toulouse: “C’est Toujours Comme ça L’amour” from Trois Dimensions (1981). French-Canadian disco from the early 80s. Funkier than fifty Eric Burdons. Need we say more?